Top 10 Best Flying Schools in India

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to fly for a living? Most of us have daydreamed about taking to the skies at some point. But, becoming a pilot is not that easy and it comes with some difficulties and obligations. Pilots require a wide range of abilities, from critical and analytical thinking to the ability to make quick and sound decisions under pressure.

Fortunately, you can get the training you need at one of the best flying schools out there and fulfill your lifelong ambition of taking to the skies. The information on best flying schools in India is listed below:

List of Top Flying Schools in India

1. IGRAU (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Akademi)

Centralized at Fursatganj Airfield in the Amethi region of UP India, the IGRUA has been training pilots since 1985. Under its Governing Council, the Akademi reports to India’s Civil Aviation ministry.  The university was the first of its kind to be founded in the country, making it the pioneer in the field of commercial pilot education.

Students that are interested in a flying profession make it their first priority. To apply for enrollment at IGRUA, interested parties must first complete the organization’s online application form. After being chosen, you’ll have to take a test of your piloting skills. Those who successfully complete both phases of the admissions process will be chosen. The aircraft used by this school for training purposes include the TB-20, Zlin, DA-40, and DA-42.

2. AAA (Ahmadabad Aviation and Aeronautics)

In the year 1994, Ahmadabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ltd. opened with the goal of providing pilots with the education they needed at the time. The group is dedicated to living up to the aviation industry’s standards. At both the Mehsana Airfield and the SV Patel Airport in Ahmadabad, the facilities of (AAA) are used for flight instruction.

The club has 5 DGCA-approved aircraft, 1 multi-engine and 4 single-engine, for pilot instruction. With a fleet of four Cessna 172/Cessna 152 single-engine aircraft, AAA is the sole flying school in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The flying school offers three different types of pilot licenses: its Private Pilot License, the Commercial Pilot License (CPL), and the Instructor Rating.

3. Bombay Flying club

The Bombay Flying Club began operations in 1928 and is associated with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Mumbai University. They issued its first pilot’s certificate in February 1929 to the late Mr. J.R.D.Ta As a result, prospective pilots can make an informed decision about which schools to attend according on their financial resources and goals.

 It is important to note that getting your flying instruction from the top institute makes a huge difference in your career prospects as a commercial airline pilot.ta, considered the father of Indian aviation. The aircraft used for instruction at the Bombay Flying Club include the PIPER PA18, Cessna 152A,  Cessna 172, & Cessna 172R (with a glass cockpit similar to that seen in commercial carriers’ planes) —both single and twin engines. Several degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Aviation, are offered at Bombay flying clubs. There is a professional pilot training course available through the club as well.

4. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club

There has been a flying club in Madhya Pradesh since 1951. Before 1982, it was part of the government of Madhya Pradesh and was responsible for maintaining government jets and aircraft. When it comes to training fighter pilots, the MPFC frequently partners with Indian Air Force. The club has become one of the most sought-after flying schools in India, and passing the category I fitness test and completing the 10+2 education program are prerequisites for commercial pilot training.

5. NFTI National flying training institute

The NFTI or CAE Gondia as it is better known is the second best flying school in India. It is owned jointly by the Indian Airports Authority and CAE. It’s widely considered to be one of the best flight schools in the country. To that end, the Institute follows all regulations set forth by the DGCA and this International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Eligibility is determined primarily by academic performance in the 10+2 level and a DGCA-approved medical checkup.

6. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation academy

In Trivandrum, the “Kerala Flying Club” (now as “Rajiv Gandhi Academy “) was founded on July 14, 1959. In 1980, the name was changed from “Kerala Flying Club” to “Kerala Flying Training Academy,” and in 1981, the institution came under the direct administration of the government of Kerala. After receiving clearance from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, KATC was renamed the Rajiv Gandhi School for Aviation Technology, a Society registered underneath the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Societies Act of 1955. On 1 June, 2006, this flying school officially opened.

7. Government flying training school

In 1950, the (GFTS) opened in the city of Jakkur, Bangalore, becoming among the initial flying schools in India. The government-run flying school offers dedicated courses leading to Commercial Pilot Licenses & Private Pilot Licenses. In addition to its airstrip, fueling station, and flight training facilities (the “Training School”), the 214-acre GFTS also features private-lease hangars and maintenance areas.

8. Indian aviation academy

In India, this Airports Authority of India, the (DGCA), and (BCAS) all work together to run the Indian Aviation Academy. The Institute of Airport Management has been around since 1986, when it opened its doors in the Patterson Farm House on the grounds of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Institute has been located on its current site since 1988. The new building was dedicated by the ICAO General Secretary in December 1988. The organization was rechristened as the NIAMAR. In 2010, NIAMAR rebranded as the Indian Aviation Academy.

9. Adventure flight education Pvt Ltd. of Bangalore

Treasure Coast Flight Training’s flying school in Bangalore, India is known as Adventure Flight Education Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ghaziabad, & Pune are just a few of the cities in India where you can find one of its many branches. Mostly, it can be found in the city of Stuart, Florida (USA). Of the six pilot-based training programs offered by the institute, Commercial Pilot Training is by far the most popular.

10. Orient flights aviation (OFAA)

Mysore, India is home to one of the best flying schools in India, OFAA. The Indian government’s civil aviation authority has given its clearance. Among the top in Mysore, its training aircraft facility is top-notch. The institute provides a variety of programs, such as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation and licenses for commercial, private, & student pilots. The institute provides an education with the use of state-of-the-art technological methods. The safety of all participants is of utmost importance throughout the duration of the course.


As a result, prospective pilots can make an informed decision about which schools to attend according on their financial resources and goals. It is important to note that getting your flying instruction from the top school makes a huge difference in your career prospects as a commercial airline pilot.

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