Top 10 Best Military Schools In India

Students at military school around the world have access to state-of-the-art facilities that prepare them for successful civilian careers.

To help students develop self-discipline and other elements that lead to a healthy cycle of life, the best military schools are recognized to give a comprehensive education in a military-based setting throughout the duration of their schooling.

It is common knowledge that such institutions serve multiple purposes, from offering general education to preparing students for graduation and, finally, for service in the armed services.

In most cases, students at these military schools are given priority if they come from a military family, but regular civilians are welcome as well.

Most Indian military schools are part of the (CBSE), but others are operated by the Defense Ministry / the Indian government, or the Army Welfare Educational Society.

You need to make a well-considered decision, therefore we’ve compiled a list of top military schools in India to assist you pick the right one.

List of Top Military Schools In India

Indian Military Academy

1. Rashtriya Military school of Chail

Chail Military School, India’s oldest military institution was established in 1922, after the end of World War II. The school is proud to have the highest cricket field in the world, at 7,500 square feet.

Cadets use it for drills and recreation. The school helps students get ready for the 10th and 12th grades in the CBSE system, as well as the National Defense Academy Entrance Test.

2. Army Public school of Pune

Students in Pune attend Army Public School, which is located on huge acres of land. Students can enroll in courses of this school required by other military colleges for entry into the armed forces or other official corps in India.

The school first opened its doors in 1988 to kids of military families, but it has since opened its doors to civilians who want to pursue academic excellence on par with their military peers.

The English-only school offers classes for students in grades 1 through 12 and is connected to (CBSE).

3. Rashtriya military school of Belgaum

Belgaum Military School was renamed Rashtriya Military Schools in 2007 to better reflect its nationwide network of sister schools.

Originally established as King George’s Royal Military Schools during British rule, the Rashtriya school network was renamed in 1947. In honor of their forefather King George, the students at these institutions are also referred to as Georgians.

Only one group of three hundred and fifty students is accepted each year based on their performance in a written test as well as a medical examination.

This facility is a top-tier military establishment overseen by the Indian Ministry of Finance. The institutions that make up this nationwide network of schools are among the most distinguished in the world when it comes to training members of the armed forces.

4. Rashtriya Military school of Ajmer

The Indian Army’s highest training academy is located in Ajmer and is known as Rashtriya Military School. Over its 86 years of existence, the institution has achieved great success. Some of our alums are currently serving the country valiantly in prominent roles in the military, government, and the corporate sector.

The school’s curriculum is taught in English and it is recognized by the (CBSE). In the same way that other Rashtriya schools fall under the purview of the General Directorate of Military within the Ministry of Defense, so does this institute.

Their alums have also been given prominent posts in the military or have achieved extraordinary success in other fields. It helps fund classes for students in sixth through twelfth grade so that they can have the education they need to run things in the future.

In addition to being the oldest institutions in the country, this school predates the country’s independence.

5. Rashtriya Military college of Dehradun

Founded in 1922, it is among the first surviving academic institutions. As India gained its independence, the defense ministry became responsible for it. It’s a residential high school. Children of military and civilian personnel, as well as those under 13 years old, who have completed the seventh grade are eligible for admission.

Being a residential school in the style of a small town, it accepts approximately 250 boys from every part of the country each year based on their performance in a variety of competitive tests and interviews.

There are 250 boys from every state in India who are hand-picked based on their performance in a standardized written test, an interview, and a physical assessment housed within this mint township.

Prioritizing civilians on the basis of merit rather than their family’s military history is a positive sign.

It is the top school that sends students to the National Defense University. Many of its alums have moved on to prominent positions in the armed forces, including the Army, Navy, & Air Force.

6. Army Public school of Dhaula Kuan

The children of military personnel attend this school in Delhi. A total of four buildings, 1 auditorium, 3 cafeterias, a children’s scientific park, as well as a hostel for boys can be found on the school’s 33-acre campus. It features a giant slide, a gymnasium, a bank, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a basketball court, a football field, and a hockey rink. Many scholastic honors have been bestowed upon it.

The list of graduates (also known as Tapsites) is extensive, but it includes such well-known names as Vikram Batra, Anushka Sharma, Anuj Nayyar, Priyanka Chopra, & many more.

An auditorium, children’s science park, basketball courts, sports field, tennis courts, sports courts, a gym are, and much more can all be found on the school’s 33-acre campus, which is open to all staff and students.

7. Rashtriya Military school of Dholpur

The Rashtriya Military Academy was founded in 1962, making it the newest of Rashtriya Military academies. Located in Dholpur, Rajasthan, it encompasses an area of 1,500 acres. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art resources like Internet-connected classrooms and laboratories, state-of-the-art gym and athletic facilities, and a well-stocked library and auditorium.

The goal of the school is to graduate the most capable cadets and have them enter the Indian Armed Services as officers.

The school’s curriculum is taught in English, and it features state-of-the-art facilities.

8. Rashtriya Military school of Bangalore

It was established in 1946 to serve the offspring of military personnel and civilians. Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, the campus is large and green, with all the amenities a prospective military officer may need.

The beautiful splendor of the school’s gardens and grounds is beautiful, and the school also offers its students a wealth of modern amenities.

Luxurious dorms, a hospital, sports fields with all the necessary equipment, a cafeteria, computer labs, and much more are just some of the amenities offered to students.

Although the school primarily serves the children of military members, it also accepts civilians in grades 6-12 who are interested in applying to the National Defense Academy.

9. Army Public school of Mumbai

In 1984, it was founded with the goal of providing a high-quality education to children of military personnel. They do, however, let regular people in as well. This is a K-12 institution. The school has embraced the play-based learning approach, making it ideal for elementary-aged kids. From 1-5, there is no H.W. and no tests.

Graduates from this institution have gone on to hold prominent positions in the military or other fields of endeavor.

10. Army Public school of Dagshai

In 1986, General K Sunderji & General R S Dayal had the foresight to establish this Dagshai Army Public School as part of the Western Command’s central administration.

Only 89 learners from all throughout the country made up the inaugural class, but today the school is capable of offering assistance to hundreds.

About 40 acres in size, at an elevation of about 2100 meters, this CBSE-affiliated coed boarding school sits atop the magnificent Dagshai highlands.


There are plenty of more military schools out there worth looking at, but the ones we’ve already listed are among the most promising options. A well-rounded education includes a variety of extracurricular activities that contribute to a student’s overall growth and development and these top ones are known for this.

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