Aviation Courses After 12th In India: Career, Scope & Salary

Aviation industry is one of the highly prestigious fields and also a highly lucrative field. It is certainly up there with the top courses and jobs that are currently available in India. Aviation industry has certainly grown a lot over the years and has come a long way. Previously not much job opportunities were seen in this field but with the growth of the aviation industry and the entry of different administrative, logistics and more roles into aviation, the opportunity are ever increasing.

If you were to look back a few years ago, there were not all these plenty of courses like it is today. But there are special grooming courses these days with the help of these special aviation based courses. The aviation world is a vast one and comprises of multiple different roles which you can take the course for and make a career into. And the opportunity seems to be endless in it.

For many people aviation industry might had seemed a distant forth because of the lack of knowledge of the courses and the ways that you can get involved into it. This is where we come into play. We have compiled a list of top aviation courses that you can follow up after you pass your class 12 levels. Aviation as a career is a good pathway to go along and will provide numerous great offers and learning curve that will help you along in your life.

Join along as we look to guide you along the way into aviation field.

The Scope of Aviation Courses after Class 12

Whatever the news show or the economy says that the aviation industry is going through a bit of hurdle, it’s not always true. The demand for the aviation expert and people who can partake into aviation role is quite high and the same is going long to continue. The lure of flying high in the sky and seeing the world is quite alluring and breathtaking and many seek the same going into this field.

There’s a different aura about aviation industry which no other industry can match for. And it’s a testament to it. The world of aviation has such a lure that is equally captivating. And now that people have a clear path with proper guidance and knowledge of courses that you can take along, the popularity is also rising ahead.

These days you can go for full fledged aviation course right after you complete your class 12 exams and then make a career in this field. There are plenty of courses that you can take like pilot, cabin crew, grounds staff, aviation manager and much more. The job opportunities are also quite en large after this and then you can earn a good living of it.

What are the aviation courses that we should go for?

There are plenty of courses that you can take along in the aviation world. The major chunk of people tend to think that there are only pilots when it comes to aviation. But although that seems on the surface, there are a lot of things that goes behind when it comes to aviation world. There are courses that look into ground staff, the cabin crew, logistics team and much more.

We’ll here look to shed light into all these courses and help you guide along in the aviation courses that you can go for after completing the class 12. Read along.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Airport Management

Well to be fair, not many people know much about this course. People often think that BBA is limited to business, accounting and finance field. But the scope for BBA is wide arrayed and this course is a perfect example of that. This course looks to take on the aspect of Airport Management and delve BBA into it.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

This course like other BBA courses is of 3 year period and is divided over 6 semesters. This course looks to teach the students about administrative and managerial roles that come with the airport. Here they learn about airport management, human resource management, marketing, safety management and much more.


This course can be taken by any student who has completed the class 12 course and it doesn’t have any requirement for student to come from a selected stream. There are minimum marks criteria for this course but that differs from one college or institute to another. Still you need to have at least 50% marks in class 12. After that you have to give a entrance test and then personal interview and you can join the course.


Any person who has completed this course can go onto become part of either international or domestic airports in the role of airport managers, staff manager, safety officer or even administrator.

2. Diploma in Airport Management

This time rather than a full fledged bachelor course, we are here with a diploma course. This course is based in solely airport management and lasts for 1 year. This course helps partake knowledge in the technical field and allows you to learn about airport management and its parts with ease.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

This course looks into short and technical part rather than the full fledged detailed system with the BBA course and here a person learns about airport strategy, cargo management, safety management, staff management and more. This course is offered by many institutes and colleges around.


This course requires a student to have cleared class 12 exams and should have a completed that in any stream. The student do also need to have an eligibility criteria depending on the institute. This course runs for 1 year period.


After going for this course, a student can go for jobs in the direct front role or even the behind role in the airport like airport manager, cargo department manager, or also in assistant manager in the airport authority.

3. Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew

Next up again we have a diploma course and this time we have the course that is designed to partake in the ground staff and cabin crew management role. This course allows the students to go for the roles in the field of air hostess, steward and more. This course being a diploma course is a short period course and can be completed within 6 months to 1 year depending on the institute.

Here’s the course and scope for this course

Course details

This course is a diploma course and as we said earlier runs for 6 months to 1 year and teaches students about the skills related to cabin crew and ground staff. Here a person learns about communication skills, in flight training, food and beverages production, customer servicing and more. There are plenty of institutes that offer the course in this field.


The eligibility for this course stands as the basic being completion of the class 12 exams. The students can complete the course coming from any stream and both male and female has the right to go for this course. Also the entrance and personal interview would be conducted and then you will be given the admission.


Completion of this course allows for taking on the role of flight attendants, ground staff, officer based operator, steward and much more.

4. Commercial Pilot training

One of the most glamorous roles in the aviation industry undoubtedly goes to the commercial pilot training. Also one of the costly courses to go for, this one comes with basket full of fruits. This course helps provide the practical knowledge of flying a plane and also gives the person a license that they can proudly flaunt for.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This course allows the students to take on the journey from a novice to a licensed pilot and helps them to become a commercial pilot who can go onto land different roles as major airline pilot. Here the person learns the theoretical aspect and then proceeds to learn the practical training where they have to fly the plane. They have to learn about linear, meteorology, and much more fields.


This course can be taken up only those students who have completed the class 12 in science stream and they need to have taken the PCM group where Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics stands for PCM. There is also a minimum criteria for 45%-50% and it varies according to the different college and institute. Apart from that, there is also an Pilot Aptitude Test that should be taken and appeared for and then you also have to go for the interview selection also.


After completing this course you can go for Commercial Pilot License and then become a pilot for any private sector airlines or a government sector airline carrier or even a chartered pilot. And if you want you can also become a flight instructor after you have put some miles in your belt.

5. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

Hospitality has become a major part of the aviation industry. Without the feel of hospitality you cannot imagine a successful aviation industry. And for a proper hospitality we all need qualified and skilled persons. This is where this course comes into play. It allows you to learn about the aviation sector and teaches you the same to be a qualified person.

We here will discuss in detail about this course down below. 

Course details

This course looks into the field of adding a professionalism and suitability to the act of aviation industry. It looks to introduce the candidates into the field of communication skills, management, front office based operations, food and beverage field and more. It prepares a person fully to become one of the top qualified ones and also allows them to have a perfect career ahead. This course also runs for 1 year since it’s a diploma course and is offered by different college and institutes.


Since it’s a diploma based degree, the only requirement for students is to have completed the class 12 exams. They can pass the exams in any stream and apply for this course. The minimum marks criteria remains but that is different as per the different colleges.


After completing this course a person can go on to become roles of cabin crew, ground staff, office based operators, front office operators and more.

6. Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing Management

Aviation industry isn’t all limited to being up in the air kind of thing. There are ample ground jobs and if there’s one course and job profile that is tasked with ground duty then it’s the airfare and ticketing management group. Anyone who wants to pursue this course can go for this diploma course and learn a lot about plenty of things.

We here will talk about them down below

Course details

This being a diploma course runs from 6 months to 1 year depending on the institute. It is available in both full time and part time basis for the easiness of the candidates. A person will learn about different things like airline codes, electronic ticketing process, foreign exchange, airfare ticketing software and more. This course is offered by many institutes. Furthermore, you can also see more combination courses also similar to these also.


A student who has completed their class 12 exams and have good minimum criteria marks can surely go for this course. They need not to come from any specific stream and can go for this course from any stream class 12.


Once you complete this course then you can get the job at the airport. You can also get the front office based jobs or even the airline customer care sector.

7. Aeronautical Engineering

A major and big course when it comes to aviation world, this one revolves around designing, manufacturing and even maintaining the aircraft. This course looks into the aspect of engineering part when it comes to aviation and is one of the most respectable courses around. Many people take this course to further ahead in life and this course truly is a good career choice to make for.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This course is a 4 year program and is a full fledged course that takes on the detailed aspect of everything. This course allows the student to learn about the aspect of engineering and its use in the aviation space. It also seeks how the airlines and all take cue and form the basis for best aeronautical performance.


The eligibility criteria for this one is a bit strict than those aforementioned ones. Here a student needs to have completed the class 12 in science streams and should have a PCM group where PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The student also then needs to appear for the national and even the state based level based entrance tests. After that they can go for the admission is the known and the type of college that they want for.


This course allows a person to become an Aeronautical engineer where they tend to get hired by private airlines and then go onto have roles like chief engineer, design engineer, research engineer and much more.

8. BSc in Aviation

Who said that BSc courses are limited to being for science bases subjects only. BSc course is quite vast and the same can be seen here. Here a person can take on the BSc in Aviation and learn so much from it. They can take ample knowledge and put that to use and make it the best.

Here’s the course, scope and eligibility for this course

Course details

This course is a major course that is in the aviation industry and is taken by many students who want to make a good career in it. The students have to take on 3 year program for this one and then they can become the degree holders. They learn about aspects like air based regulation, meteorology, air traffic control, flight safety aspect, and much more. This course is offered by many colleges and institutes.


The students who want to go for this course needs to have completed the class 12 in science stream and should have PCM group which is Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can then appear for the entrance and other tests like personal interview. After that they can go for admission. There is also a system of minimum marks criteria and it is generally in the line of 50% but may differ from one college to another.


A person who wants to take this course can go ahead in life and get going with jobs in the fields of airports, air traffic controls, technical ground staff, safety management staffs and much more. They can also become airline management person.

9. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

A similar course in the mold of Aeronautical engineering this course comes along as a perfect choice for those who love the technical aspect of the course. This is a good choice for many people who have the zeal for it. This course talks about multiple aspects like inspection, servicing and much more of the aircraft and more.

Let’s see more details of this course

Course details

Since this is a full fledged course, this one comes as a 3 year program. Many people may say why  year program for engineering and not 4 year. Because this degree sees 2.5 years of theoretical coaching and then sees a 6 month long internship coaching also. It also makes sure that only once the students complete the study and the internship that they be given the title of AME.


This course also requires a person to have completed the class 12 course in science stream. They need to have completed the science stream with PCM group, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics group. After that they also should have eligible marks like 50% minimum. Although this one differs from one institute to another one. After that the entrance test and the interview and then admission will be done.


The aspect of becoming an AME will allow you to get jobs in the government and private airlines. It will also allow you to become part of the aviation organizations or the flying schools also.

So these were the top aviation courses that a person can take once they are done with their class 12 exams. These courses come varied like full fledged bachelor degree, or engineering degree or the diploma courses.

All these allows a candidate to develop and then become a good qualified person with a good career.

Aviation Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the types of aviation courses available in India?

Ans: Aviation courses in India encompass a wide range of programs including pilot training, aircraft maintenance engineering, aviation management, cabin crew training, airport management, and air traffic control among others.

Q. What are the job prospects after completing an aviation course in India?

Ans: Job prospects include becoming a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, cabin crew member, airport manager, air traffic controller, aviation safety officer, aviation consultant, and various other roles within the aviation industry.

Q. Pursuing an Aviation course after 12th is a good option? Aviation course is really good?

Ans: The aviation field is one of the most interesting and attractive fields where you could work. Most commonly, the pay is attractive and the job itself is attractive. If you are interested in aviation, then pursuing an aviation course that interests you could be the education option for you today.

Q. Aviation industry is ever-developing, is it really good to pursue an aviation course?

Ans: Yes, pursuing an aviation course is one of the best education that you could get. While aviation is a developing industry, it does not affect you in any way during your education. If there are any drastic changes, the course would be reformed according to the changes made to reflect the changes in your course curriculum.

Q. Commercial pilot training is an easy course?

Ans: The commercial pilot training course is not easy, it involves flying a plane for certain hours to meet the course requirement and to acquire a license. Unlike all the other courses, commercial pilot training and license test are not simple, the candidate has to go through more than a dozen different exams and tests.

Q. Diploma in airfare and ticketing management is a good course? If I complete this course, would it help me to get a good job in the aviation industry?

Ans: The aviation industry is not limited just to pilot, ground staff, or flight staff. There is a diverse range of job opportunities in the aviation field. Yes, airfare and ticketing management is one of the key parts of the aviation industry and the job opportunities related to this field are comparatively more than other aviation jobs. If you complete the diploma course in airfare and ticketing management, you could become a part of the commercial flight ticketing process, ticket management process, etc. Comparatively job opportunities related to ticketing are less stressful and better paying.

Q. Is there a cheapest way of becoming a commercial airline pilot?

Ans: No, when it comes to airline pilot license, there is no way you could bypass the standard procedure and processes. No recommendation or cheating could be done. Since the entire aviation industry is different from other industries, only hardworking people could enter them cracking the tests and other verifications.

Q. BBA in airport management is considered to be a good course, is it comparatively better than the diploma courses listed here?

Ans: There is a difference between a bachelor’s degree and a diploma, the course itself is different. The diploma courses mentioned here are diploma in airport management, ground staff and cabin crew, aviation hospitality, airfare, and ticketing management, all these courses are good. However, if you compare these courses with BBA in airport management, there is no clear answer to be given. Most of the airports in India are under the government, to acquire a job in these airports, certain prerequisites are present. Sometimes, a BBA airport management graduate could get an upper hand in some job positions and in the same way, a diploma holder might get preference over a BBA graduate. Everything depends on the job title and the prerequisites set.

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