Mass Communication Courses After 12th: A Complete Guide

The period after class 12 is often what defines how our lives tend to be in the long run. That is a period in life where our choices make way to how our career pans out. There are so many fields that we can go for and one of them from the lot is Mass communication. Mass communication is a course that divides opinion like no others. There are often claims like what is the scope after completing the mass communication or possibilities of job and more.

There’s a whole lot of speculation and more going about mass communication and we here look to seek the information about the course in detail. We will also look into the job details, scope and more about this mass communication. Read along.

What is Mass Communication Course?

Mass communication course is a stream of study that looks into the process of how an individual, group or any other organization transfers messages to other people or streams of organization chain. The information flow is often in a vice versa process, where the chains can be from the top to bottom reaching to the masses like in the form of newspaper, television, films and more or the way how the communication is transmitted to from the bottom chain of the office or an organization to the top. It not only studies the communication but also the aspect like opinion, behavior, emotion and more of the people who are at the end spectrum of the information.

Why is mass communication course important?

There was a time when having good communication skills and a major degree in the literature would mean that you could get into journalism with ease. But with the change in time and advancement of the technology, there has been quite a renown in mass communication. A relevant mass communication degree will help you around to begin forays as a skilled person and since there is a need for specialization, the course comes along like a good one. It has a good growth lineage once you complete the mass communication course and they also seem to be one of the highly lucrative ones. And it doesn’t require much as you can pursue the course right after the class 12 exams.

Mass Communication Courses List After Class 12

There are quite a few courses that a person can follow up after they have completed the class 12 exams. The courses can be in the form of degree courses also known as graduation courses or the diploma courses or the certificate courses. We will list along a few major courses that you can take along.

We will further look into the detail of the major job-oriented courses that you can take on after class 12 in mass communication course. Read along.

1. BA In Journalism and Mass Communication

The first of our lot is one of the most common of the mass communication courses around in the form of B.A in journalism and mass communication. This course is taken by people who want to associate themselves in the field of journalism and mass media and newspapers alike. This course is taken by plenty of people around. Read along for more details about this.

Course details

This course is a three-year degree which is tasked as undergraduate program. A person who wants to pursue this course will learn about various aspects of mass media, and the ways of integrating the journalism into working, about the aspects of newspaper columns, and much more. This course will help build the creativity and critical thinking level of people.


A person who wants to pursue this course needs to have the class 12 completed. They need to complete the class 12 from any recognized board and should have scored at least 55% marks in it. They can then apply for the course in the institute or the college that they want and then they can go for the interview session after which the admission can be done.


This course paves way for a person to go into fields like columnist, content writer, media personality, journalist and more.

2. B.A in Mass Communication

This one does seem like similar to the one that we listed above but if you look at this course then this one looks for into the aspect of mass communication. This course is an undergraduate program where a person who finds themselves keen on the mass media would probably go for. We will have a detailed briefing of this course down below for you.

Course details

This one is also a three-year course where a person can take on this course to earn a degree. The course looks into the aspect of mass media, newspapers, magazines and into the fields of mass communication. Here a person learns how the mass media industry works and how does the publications and television media perform. They are also taught to be more attuned to critical thinking and more.


This course being an undergraduate program requires a person to have completed class 12 at first. The person should have completed class 12 from a recognized board and should have 55% marks in aggregate. They should then apply for the course in the institute or the college or university where they are seeking admission. After that they can then compete in entrance test and then go for the admission.


A person who has completed this course can go on to partake in the fields of mass media, newspaper, television news channel and much more. They can earn a lucrative amount of money in the field.

3. B.A In Film Making and Mass Communication

Now we are looking at B.A in Film Making and Mass Communication. This course is a three-year degree-based program and here people learn about how to be parts of the mass media like newspapers, cinema movies, magazines and more. This one is a course which is followed by many people. We will provide details of the course down below here.

Course details

As we said, this one is a 3-year program and is a practical based course which allows people to learn about various aspects of the field like television, newspaper, magazines and much more. This also allows people to look into career aspects like making news and also to plan, manage, shoot and be part of the editing team of the movies. This career is a good choice to go for.


This course can be followed up only after completing the 12 class. The person should have completed class 12 from any recognized board and should have scored around 50% of marks on a minimum. They should then apply for the course on the institute or university that they want and they should give the merit exams or admission entrance. Once they qualify in that then they will be seen competing in the interview and GD round. After that they can do the admission.


This course has a wide scope and allows a person to go into fields like columnists, tv correspondence, radio jockey, the newspaper industry and much more. It has a very lucrative career ahead.

4. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

This course is a bachelor program course that looks into the aspect of journalism and mass communication where the students are taught in detail about these fields. The course comes along as a perfect choice for those who want to build a career in the field of mass media and printing. We will further look into detail about the course down below. Read along.

Course details

This course is an undergraduate program and is for 3 years. The course is divided into six semesters where the students are taught about the basics of the mass media. They also learn about the different aspects of software and hardware that are used along in the mass communication and print media. This helps to build the skill set required to go for better knowledge in the field.


This course as is an undergraduate program requires a person to have completed the class 12 course. The student should have at least 50% marks in class 12 and they should complete the course from a recognized board. They should also then apply via the entrance exams and then if selected go for the interview and group discussion as required.


This course has a wide arrayed scope and allows a person to become known columnists, tv correspondence, radio jockey, fashion photographers. They can also go into fields like the newspaper industry and more like magazine industry.

5. BBA in Communications and Journalism

Next up we have quite an uncommon course which not many people take around. This course comes along as an undergraduate program and is followed by many people who want to pair journalism with another aspect of leadership and more. We will look at this course down below.

Course details

This is a 3-year course with a major based on journalism and communication.This course is taken for the knowledge to be gathered which can come useful in the industrial need of journalism and fields like news reporting, advertising, PR and more. It also teaches people about the aspects of TV and film production, radio arts, editing and more. This course allows a person to harbor the skills of both communication and at the same time go for the leadership program of the BBA field.


This course requires a person to have completed class 12 course.It also requires the student to have completed class 12 from a recognized board with the bearing of minimum of 50% mark. They need to then participate in the entrance exam and after that they can for the interview and then do the admission for themselves in the university or institute.


Any person who is into this field will have a good career scope and a line going ahead. They can become one of the event managers, professors, team managers, editor and much more. They can get involved with the activities in film making and more.

6. Diploma in Mass Communications

Now at another entry, we have the diploma course in form of Diploma in Mass Communications. This course is a short period course and is suitable for people who want to learn about mass communication and then venture into the fields of working soon.

Let us talk in detail about this course down below

Course details

This course as it is a diploma course is just a 1-year course and it. This course allows a student to learn in detail about the aspects of mass communication and other fields of journalism. Here the person learns about the principles of journalism and learns more about writing, oratory, film making and much more. They also can make a good career in the writing field with this course.


Since this is a diploma course, the eligibility criteria are quite low in evident. You can go for the diploma course after you have completed the class 12 course and then you can go for the entrance exams. After that you will be selected and you can study the course.


This course allows a person to go into fields of content writing, journalism, team worker, into the newspaper industry and much more. They can also go for translator jobs.

What are the major learning aspects of Mass Communication?

A person will learn about the aspects of multiple streams of mass communication and media and we here will list them for you down below. Below are the major streams that a person who has gone for mass communication skills can learn.

  • Media for writing
  • Content writing
  • Basics of design
  • Print journalism
  • Media management
  • Indian culture
  • Media organization and management
  • Global media scene
  • Folk media
  • Still photography
  • Current affairs
  • Contemporary issues
  • Film studies
  • National and international affairs

What are the skill sets required for mass communication courses in India?

There are different skill sets that are quite a minimum if you want to excel in this area. Mass communication course is a major roundabout of enhancing the skills in the field and making it a more refined in a manner where you can hen have a successful career down the line. These skill sets are listed down below for you.

  • Strong networking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Good research skills
  • Good interviewing skills

Career scope for mass communication

Although we talked about the scopes as per the singular course in the above discussion, this section does deserve a mention of its own. With the world sensing the digitization aspect, there are quite a few demand-based jobs that are running along in the media field. For people there is quite an easy route as now once they have completed the mass communication course then they can go along in the fields like news channels, tv shows, magazines, publishing houses and more.

If you look back through the years, then in the last few years itself there has been a steep rise in the mass communication sector. Just browse through the television channel and you can sense the shows and movies growing quite a lot. All of these has seen because of the mass and media. Mass communication field is ever-expanding and reaching out to this field can help you go into the work profile as journalist, editor, technical writer, anchor, printing technician and much more.

Mass Communication Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Mass communication course is different from a Journalism course?

Ans: No, a Journalism course is a type of mass communication course, and any course that deals with courses that are related to communicating with people on a large scale is a part of a mass communication course. Advertising, journalism, video production, mass media, etc. are all part of mass communication courses.

Q. I am confused if I have the skills to pursue a mass communication course, what are the key skills this course and job demands?

Ans: It is good that you are thinking of the skills required for completing the course, get employed, and succeed. Most of the students today do not think this way, they simply pursue a course that will get them a job and salary. To pursue and make maximum use of the course, the candidate should have skills like verbal, writing, critical thinking, designing, creativity, problem-solving, cultural awareness, balanced moral compass, etc.

Q. Few of my friends and my parents are of the opinion that journalism is the only good course in mass communication, is it true?

Ans: No, it was true that journalism was one of the only best course in mass communication. However, that was 15 or 20-years before. Today, times have changed. Mass communication is diverse and journalism is only a part of it, there are other parts too. Therefore, you need not heed the opinion of your parents and friends on this, Google and you could find the job opportunities, the attractive salary packages, and the satisfaction that could be achieved.

Q. Is it true that mass communication is one of the most difficult courses after 12th?

Ans: Yes and no, mass communication courses are different from other courses. Most of the subjects covered in mass communication courses are subjective. These subjects demand critical thinking from the candidate. Most of the assignments and projects in mass communication are open-ended, which means a lot of question and solution remains unanswered as a yes or no answer might be impossible. For candidates with a lack of critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and other skills, might find the course hard to study. However, remember, while these are the obstacles in mass communication, other courses might have different obstacles. Every course out there have their obstacles and difficulty, but the course would help them overcome such obstacles.

Q. A career in mass media is good? Is it satisfying?

Ans: A career in mass media is very good if you are really interested in working in this field. Satisfaction in working in this field might vary based on the candidate. However, if you love collecting information, compiling the information, and presenting information to a mass or communicating with a mass, then, a suitable job post in the mass media field would satisfy you.

Q. Diploma in mass communication is a good course? Are they any good?

Ans: Yes, a diploma in mass communication is a good course, however, the level of knowledge and skills acquired from this course is limited. You might have to pursue a higher degree of course for better employment and job posts.


Mass communication courses are one of the booming courses and are quite lucrative in terms of career options and monetary rewards. This course helps around making sure that the people learn about mass communication and its different usage.

For those who have long thought of mass communication as something of a speculative field can rest down their claims as mass communication courses are equally filled with opportunities all around.

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