MEC Courses List and Options – A Complete Guide

MEC stands for mathematics, economics & commerce, and it is a term that is usually used for commerce with mathematics students. Many people refer to MEC Courses as graduation & post-graduation courses in the same field. You will find most commerce-related programs under MEC programs, but you will also come across some of the arts-related programs that commerce students are eligible for. MEC courses have quite a comprehensive curriculum, and there are also many options available for you.Many students also reach out to us to know what MEC Courses they can pursue after their 12th.

In this article, we have listed some of the top MEC Courses that are open for you. You can scroll through the list in the section below and determine which MEC Course should be your target.

List of MEC Courses

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Bachelor of Business Economics 3 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics 3 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Commerce 3 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor in Business & Management 3 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Computer Application 3 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Information Technology 3 to 5 Years After 12th Pass Undergraduate
Company Secretary 3 Years After 12th Pass Cerificate
Chartered Accountancy 5 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Master of Computer Applications 2 Years After Graduation Postgraduate
Masters of commerce 2 Years After Graduation Postgraduate

Top MEC Course List & Options

Below are some of the top MEC Courses. You can explore them and get an idea about these courses. The short introduction about these courses would also help you in understanding some basic facts about MEC Courses. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the details now.

MEC Course

1. BA Economics / BBE

If you have a thing for economics and if you want to pursue a specialization in economics, there have two similar options for you. One of them is BA Economics, and the second one is Bachelor of Business Economics. BA Economics is focused on macroeconomics and microeconomics, whereas BBE is mainly focused on business economics and how these two things are interrelated. Both the courses have a duration of 3 years, but admission in BA Economics are offered based on merit, whereas the admissions in BBE are offered based on an entrance test. Esteemed government universities like Delhi University offers both of these courses.

2. BA Mathematics

If you are great in mathematics and if you want to choose mathematics as your specialization during graduation, then the best MEC Course for you would be BA Mathematics. The duration of this program is three years, and the course teaches you about the application of mathematics in social science, humanities and arts. You study algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus and linear programming when you are pursuing BA Mathematics. Admission to this course is offered based on the merit of the student. Considering your interest in mathematics, you can opt for BA Mathematics as your bachelor degree.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA, also known as Bachelor of Business Administration, is one of the most popular MEC Courses. The course duration is three years, and you get to learn about business management during these three years. The entrance test is a must to get admission to BBA, and there are several universities across the country offering this course. After BBA, you can look for a job, or you can set up a business. Alternatively, you can also opt for MBA, which is yet another MEC course available to students in India. The maximum number of students opt for BBA after their 10+2.

4. B.Com

Another popular choice after BBA is B.Com. Bachelor of Commerce is also a MEC Course, and it also has a duration of three years. Apart from this, the universities offer admission to B.Com based on merit. You study subjects across finance and commerce when you are pursuing B.Com. Moreover, there two options available here. One of them is B.Com (Hons) and the second one is B.Com. After completing the course, you can get a job in banking, insurance, accounting, finance and other commerce organizations. Many technology firms also hire B.Com graduates for their finance teams.

5. Bachelor in Business & Management

BBA is an excellent MEC Course for students who wish to learn about business administration; however, one of the shortcomings of BBA is that the knowledge is not very practical oriented. To iron out this disadvantage, some of the universities launched BBM, also known as Bachelor in Business Management. The course offers excellent exposure to the students who wish to learn about business management, and it is certainly a MEC Course. The duration of the course is two years, and admission is offered based on the entrance test.

6. Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA Course Details

Many commerce students wish to be in the technology domain since that is one of the highest growing domains in India. If you are looking for a similar career, then you can opt for BCA. Bachelor of Computer Application is a three year program where you get to study programming language, operating systems, database systems, web technologies and cloud technology. All these are going to help you get a job in the technology domain. BCA is a MEC Course that is open for commerce students, and the admission is based on the entrance test.Many colleges also offer placement assistance after BCA.

7. Bachelor of Information Technology

Financial institutes are highly dependent on Information Technology, and many times, the fusion of commerce & IT roles is referred to as Fin-Tech. If you wish to work in a similar industry, one of the options you have while looking for a MEC Course is Bachelor of Information Technology or B.Com (IT). Just like all other bachelor courses, the duration of this is also three years. Apart from this, you learn about the design, implementation, maintenance and integration of IT systems with the commerce industry. The admission procedure varies from one institute to another, so it is better to check the same direction with the institute.

8. CS

CS is not a degree course, but you can call it a professional certification. It falls under MEC Course because of its nature. This course offers a great way to enter the corporate domain. In India, ICSI offers CS, and it has the proper integration of training, academics and internship. You can work as a legal advisor, corporate planner, corporate policy make and Chief Administrative Officer after completing CS modules. The approximate duration is three years since all the modules in CS have a duration of 1 year each. Overall, it is quite a popular choice for the students looking for MEC Courses.

9. CA

If you are looking for the most reputed MEC Course, then you can give a shot at becoming a chartered accountant. The course is one of the most challenging options on the list, and it is also a popular option. During the course, you learn about accounting standards, taxation, auditing, taxation and final assessment of the organization and individual. Most of the students can complete CA in 5 years, but there is no fixed duration. You can go ahead and explore more about this MEC Course if you are interested in the taxation and audit domain.

10. Diploma Courses

Until now, we have either talked about the bachelor level programs or the professional courses. For the people who are looking for short-term courses, there is an option available for Diploma courses. The diploma courses are available in multiple specializations, including taxation, accounting, economics and other similar subjects. You need to understand what specialization will fit in the MEC Course definition. The usual duration of the diploma course would be between one and two years. The admission in the Diploma Courses is usually based on merit, so you need to score well in 10+2 to get the admission.

11. MBA Courses

We have earlier talked about BBA and remains to be a core bachelor level MEC Course. If you have already completed BBA and are looking for a post-graduate level MEC Course, you can also opt for an MBA. Many options are available for MBA courses, and you can choose between the finance, marketing, operations, HR and other streams of MBA. The scope of the MBA is good, and it is a two-year program. The admissions in MBA are based on the entrance tests like CAT, GMAT, NMAT and other similar tests.

12. MCA

BCA is a bachelor level MEC Course, but if you are looking for a master level MEC Course in computer application, the obvious choice is a Master of Computer Application. This course has a duration of two years, and the course is quite excellent in terms of the expertise that it offers. The course teaches you advanced technologies, and you learn incremental subjects of what you have learned during BCA. You need to have a background in computers if you wish to pursue BCA, and the admissions are offered based on the entrance test. Overall, MCA is a popular choice among students looking for MEC Courses at the PG level.

13. M.Com

If you are looking for a core commerce MEC Course at a PG level, another good option could be M.Com (Master of Commerce). The duration of M.Com is two years, and it is perfect for the students who wish to make a career in the accounting industry, BFSI industry, or consultancies. A lot of researchers and academicians also opt for the M.Com course. There are many specializations available in M.Com, and the list includes taxation, mathematics, accounting, banking, economics, finance, computer application and business management. Admission in most universities is based on an entrance test; however, some colleges offer admission based on merit.

14. MA Economics

Economics is one of the most exciting subjects, and if you are looking for a PG level MEC Course then M.A. Economics can be a perfect choice. The course offers knowledge on the finance and economic domain. You learn about various economic theories and various patterns when you opt for the course. The duration of this PG degree is two years. Moreover, admission is offered based on merit as well as entrance test.  If you love economics, then you should seriously consider MA Economics for PG.

15. B.Ed

Some students wish to be in the teaching domain for them; they can opt for a B.Ed degree. This is a bachelor level program, but one of the important eligibility criteria for B.Ed is that you should have completed your graduation. After the course, you can be a school teacher. The duration of this course is two years, and it is available in full-time and distance learning modes. Admission to B.Ed is offered based on the entrance test, so make sure to enrol in the entrance test of the university that you are interested in. Note that B.Ed is known as MEC Course in Education, and it is a good option for the students.

16. BA English

The next MEC Course that we have on the list is BA English. This is also a three year program where admission is offered based on merit. Commerce students are eligible to take admission in the course, and you learn about the various forms of literature when you are pursuing BA English. If you wish to be in the core MEC Course, you might want to look for an alternative, but BA English also has a promising career scope. You can consider this course if you often shy away from numerical problems.

17. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication, also known as BJMC, is yet another popular MEC Course available for commerce students. The competition in this course is very stiff as a lot of students wish to pursue BJMC. The admissions are usually offered after the entrance test & personal interaction. The total course duration for BJMC is three years, and there are ample placement opportunities after you complete BJMC. If you are interested in media and journalism, then this is the course that you should opt for.

Final Verdict

We have tried to cover graduate levels and post-graduate level MEC Courses. You can find a course that interests you the most and enrol into the course. It is also advisable to check the detailed eligibility criteria associated with these courses since that can help you get admission and ensure that you are eligible to pursue the course. Most of the updated information should be available on the website of these courses. If you still have any questions about the MEC Courses, you can reach out to us, and we will be able to get you all the answers you are looking for. We wish you all the best for your future. Thank You.

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