10 Best Courses For Girls In India 2023

An individual’s growth and development are inextricably linked to their level of education. It not only alters one’s outlook on life for the better, but it also broadens one’s horizons in many ways.

Today’s girls are more than just degree holders; she is also a career-oriented expert who is unconcerned about the ceiling and is working to close the pay gap with a person of the opposite gender, among other things.

Education tailored to her abilities and talents plays a significant role in influencing her professional path, and receiving the proper guidelines in these issues can be extremely beneficial on her journey to success. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular educational courses for women in India, chosen for their potential for career advancement.

The following are some of the most inspiring educational courses for girls:

1. Journalism & Mass Communication

Become A Journalist In India

In the field of journalism and mass communication, the gathering and distribution of information to a significant portion of the population is accomplished through a variety of mediums, including publications, radio, television, and magazines. In recent years, the reach of global communication has expanded dramatically in scope. It is forecasted to grow in the future. A career in this field is a natural fit for someone who is imaginative, entrepreneurial, and dynamic.

Top college to choose

  • IIM
  • Symbiosis
  • Jamia Islamia
  • Manipal institute
  • Asian college

2. Designing

If you are interested in creative pursuits, designing training is something which you should consider taking. This is a broad field, and you can choose a course based on your interests and abilities. Whether it’s interior design, fashion design, web design or graphic design, these courses prepare women for rewarding careers in the press, ad campaigns, styling, retail, photojournalism, art direction, and other fields.

Top colleges

  • NIFT
  • Pearl academy
  • Srishti School
  • JJ school
  • Maya academy

3. Event Management

It is the application & management of the project to the creation, development, and execution of events, meetings, ceremonies, and festivals that are known as Event Management. When it comes to festivals and events in India, in which every carnival and every occasion is celebrated with great fanfare and energy, event management or organizers are in high demand. Whether it’s a marriage, child-welcoming, or a party, individuals prefer to hire professionals to make the event memorable and worthwhile for everyone in attendance.

Top colleges

  • Amity institute, New Delhi
  • Indian institute, New Delhi
  • National Institute, New Delhi

4. Hospitality

Do you have any inclinations toward the culinary arts? Do you take pleasure in making others feel welcome? Then consider taking a course in hospitality, which will provide you with a lucrative income as well as exposure to a wide range of work environments, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and more. These programs are not only excellent preparation for continuing to work in the best resorts in the industry, but they also provide you with the education necessary to start your own business in the hospitality industry.

Top colleges

  • Oberoi center
  • Hotel management institute

5. Teaching

Teaching is one of the finest professions, and it will never be out of demand. All parents want their children to receive a high-quality education; as a result, the teaching is extremely valuable. With the expansion of education being one of the primary goals of the government, there has been a significant increase in the demand for teachers. Teachers serve an extremely important function in all levels of education, from primary to higher. In addition to offering immense satisfaction and expanding one’s knowledge base, the profession is also self-rewarding.

Top colleges

  • Jamia Islamia
  • Annamalai University
  • Delhi University
  • Amity University

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6. Social Work

If you want to dedicate your life to a greater cause, you should consider taking a social work course. This course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this field. As part of this course, you will be instructed about politics and medicine as well as philosophy and economics as well as education, and everything else that will equip you with the necessary knowledge to assist in the corporate social task, community engagement, and rehabilitation, among other things.

Top colleges

  • Delhi University
  • MS University
  • Jamia Islamia
  • Madras school

7. Beautician

Every young lady desires to be attractive. And, more importantly, how does she accomplish this? She accomplishes this with the assistance of a beautician! There are girls, and there is a demand for people who could make them appear attractive and well-groomed, and vice versa. In order to increase brand awareness & manufacturing, the reach of the Indian beauty industry has expanded tremendously in recent years. Beauty consultants, nail art experts, aromatherapists, and massage therapists are just a few of the many various work profiles that a stylist can hold.

Top colleges

  • VLCC Institute, New Delhi
  • Shehnaz Herbal, New Delhi

8. Human Resource

In any organization, the human resources department is critical to the success of the organization. It is responsible for the management of a company’s most important asset, its employees. Human resources are in charge of all aspects of employee management, including recruitment, training, and retention. India’s growing workforce and the rising amount of jobs in the information technology sector make effective people management a top priority for the country.

Top colleges

  • IIMA
  • IIMC
  • IIMB
  • IIML

9. Theatre and Drama

Live entertainers and performances are used to present a real or imagined event or situation in front of a live audience in the context of theatre. In India, theatre is a traditional means of reaching large numbers of people. Not only do they act as a crucial source of amusement, but they also contribute to the spread of social, cultural, and political awareness through the enactment of stories.

Top colleges

  • National Drama School, New Delhi
  • Anupam Kher’s Institute, Mumbai
  • Delhi Film Institute
  • Film & Television Institute, Pune

10. Content Writing 

Certification in content writing is an excellent option for women who want to start their own business from home. Taking advantage of the short-term extensive content writing course will allow you to continue working while meeting your other obligations.

You can learn how to write 30 or more different content types if you have a basic grasp of the language. The courses online for girls assist them in putting their thoughts down in a way that is appealing to readers.

The trainers assist you in developing professional content writing and creative ability so that you can begin earning money by working on online projects for clients all over the world.

Where to learn?

You can choose online platform


Choosing a course should never be a matter of convenience; rather, it ought to be an incredibly motivating decision for the students making the choice. When selecting a course from the wide range of programs available in India, girls must take their, motivation, interests, and goals into consideration.

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