10 Best Courses For Teachers In India 2023

Teaching is one of the greatest ever profession that anyone can take in their life. It is one of the highly valued profession and is respected well throughout. We all know that education is vital in life. It helps in the overall development of an individual and a nation as a whole. Teachers have a great role to play when it comes to nation building and they are rightfully regarded as one of the best and noblest of the lot.

Teaching as a profession is at quite a peak and will likely go for a rise again with the times. It is quite popular among people and many people are taking the route to a teaching career. This way we see how much teaching profession is loved about and is growing ahead.

Since teaching is at such a rise, we here thought of looking into the aspects of teaching and seeing the route that will allow you to take on a teaching career. We also take into consideration the aspects like eligibility, training modules and career for teachers going ahead.

Here further you can also see the teaching courses that you can take after graduation too down here.

The value of being a teacher

A teacher commands the role that solely anyone else can command for. They are the person who educate the people, the masses and makes them a knowledgeable person. They are the source for providing knowledge to a student.

Although teaching as a profession is cited as a tough and challenging thing because of the current times, the value of a teacher will never diminish and will go long to being one of the best ones. After all teachers are second to only parents when it comes to academic, moral and emotional growth of a student.

Teaching is also a rewarding profession and these days you can gain god exposure and financial impetus in teaching field too. Some of the major reasons why going for a teaching profession is good for you are:

  • High respect for the profession
  • Helps to play a part in building nation
  • Quite rewarding in terms of finance

India and its present status of Teachers

As of now although teaching is valued so much, there is a dearth of teachers in India. As of now there is a large chunk of population that is merely into student life and to guide them you need a teacher with you. But that is not the scene and instead teachers are getting shortage these days. In fact even if you look at the ratio for teachers and students then the ratio is at pretty bad numbers.

Also since students are taking more of a professional course in life where they are seeking qualification in subjects like engineering, doctor, CA, law and more, it can caused a decline in people seeking teaching course for profession. That being said that has created a shortage of teachers in India but it is not all dull and gloomy. Any one seeking a teaching course is more likely to get opportunities from now on.

List of 10 Best Courses For Teachers In India

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education 4 Years 12th Pass
Bachelor of Science plus Bachelor of Education 4 Years 12th Pass
Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 Years 12th Pass
Diploma in Elementary Education 2 Years 12th Pass
Bachelor in Physical Education 3 Years 12th Pass
Diploma in Physical Education 2 Years 12th Pass
Bachelor in Education 1 Year 12th Pass

Teaching courses available in India

Teaching profession can be taken up after you have pursues a teaching course which will allow you to be clear for your aptitude and gain eligibility for being a teacher. It will also help you in becoming a well rounded teacher. There are different teaching courses that you can take for. And these courses can be taken up right after 12th or after graduation. It can be diversified into as:

  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate or PHD

We here will look into different teaching courses that you can take over after your academic duties to progress into a teacher. Listed below are the detailed information about the same down below.

1. BA + B.ED Integrated Degree

Initially there was B.Ed which stands for Bachelor of Education and the people used to purse this before going for a teaching profession. Later on government has started to roll out integrated courses and this specific course is also an integrated piece. It is one of the postgraduate courses and allows you to get dual degrees of Bachelor in Arts (B.A) and Bachelor of Education Degree (B.Ed) into a single piece.

Course details

This course runs for 4 years and is divided into 4 different academic years which allows you to get dual degrees at the end of the course.


Any student who has completed the class 12 can continue forward with this degree. This degree requires normally 50% aggregate in the class 12 exams but this policy may differ from college to college or institute to institute. Furthermore any student with a qualification of D.Ed can join and get the admission directly into the second year of the course.


After once you have completed the course then you can directly go to any further programs like CTET which stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test. This test will help you get the post of teacher in the schools that are run by the central government like the Kendriya Vidyala and more. You can then also go for the state level TET exams so that you can then get the job of teacher in the state level schools.

2. B.Ed + B.Sc Integrated Course

Just like the first one in our list this one is also an integrate course and is offered by the government. This course is part of the integration of the Bachelor in Science and Bachelor in Education degree and comes along as a perfect answer for those students who previously had to complete the B.Sc degree and go for the B.Ed degree separately.

Course details

This course is also a four year course and runs for 4 years which are divided into 4 academic parts.


This course requires a student to have passed the class 12 exams on science stream. Since it’s a B.Sc degree the student needs to be from the science stream. Furthermore, a student also needs to have a minimum of 50% marks in the class 12 exams for this one. And if you’ve completed the D.Ed qualification then you can directly enroll in the second year of this course.


When you complete this course then you can go along to receive further enhanced studies in the CTET field also known by as Central Teacher Eligibility Test. This test once you have passed will allow you to get jobs in the government schools like Kendriya Vidyala and more. Furthermore, you can also take part in the state level TET tests if you want to get a job in the state run schools.

3. B.EL.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

This course is a specific course which is designed for the elementary teachers. It is a program where you can learn and then grow to become a teacher in the elementary level of school. It is quite a mixture of theoretical application and practical exposure so that the students learn the best way possible. This course is pretty much a good one for those who wants to go for a teaching career.

Course details

The course runs over a four years which is bifurcated into 3 years of theoretical planning and 1 year of practical exposure.


Any eligible student who want to pursue the course can seek the same after class 12 exams. A student with an aggregate of 50% in subjects that are specified by the institute. A student can take this course and take on the journey to become a teacher.


This career option after the student has pursued can come along for the future studies and can go towards CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test. This exam once cracked will allow you to receive the jobs in government run central schools. Also if you want to go for the state level schools then you can go for the State wise TET exams.

4. Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed)

This D.EL.Ed course is one of the best courses for people who want to pursue the cases of elementary teachers. This course is a Diploma course and is one of the best alternative to the B.El.Ed course. This course can be taken by students and they can further become an elementary teacher in life. This course is almost similar to B.EL.Ed and bit smaller to the bachelor degree and can be taken up quickly.

Course details

This course since it’s a Diploma degree so can be taken up within 2 years and can be completed within 2 years by the students.


Any student who wants to take a Diploma degree can start the journey to make the career into the Diploma course right after the class 12 exams. Any eligible students need to complete the class 12 exams in any stream and need to complete the exams with aggregate of 50% marks. The minimum criteria does change from one teaching institute to another one.


The students who pursue this course can go further into life becoming a teacher.A student can take the CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test after which the students can go for the Central Government specified schools and take the teacher role there. Furthermore, other people can go for the State wise TET levels school after clearing that then they can go for state level schools.

5. Bachelor in Physical Education (B.P.Ed)

This course is also known by as the BPE course and is one of the undergraduate degree that you can take for. This course can be taken by a student who desires a valuable degree in the Physical Education degree. This course also has quite a lot of scope going ahead and is one of the good courses around.

Course details

This course is one that runs for 3 years and is one of the most preferred courses for people active in the physical education.


A student with completion of class 12 exams can go for this course and then they can go for the career ahead in this line. This requires on a aggregate of 50% of marks and the students can go for the career in teaching.


After one student complete the course then they can go for the further career in the line of physical education based teacher or any physical education instructor. This career comes along with a good opportunity to become a good physical education teacher.

6. Diploma in Physical Education (DPE)

This course is more of a Diploma course of the previous physical education course that we talked about earlier above. This course stands for DPE which is Diploma in Physical Education. This degree is an undergraduate based Diploma certificate program and helps to gain the knowledge on the Physical Education. This degree will help gain the foothold into the physical education.

Course details

Since its diploma degree this one runs for 2 years. This course can be taken by students and they can complete in 2 years time to gain a proper Diploma in Physical Education.


Any student who has completed the class 12 exams can come forth into this field and go for a good career in life. The students need to secure an aggregate of 50% marks and then you are good to go.


The student who complete this Diploma degree can then go further to achieve more in the field of physical education or sports. The Diploma holders will get the opportunity for getting jobs in the fields of physical education.

7. Bachelor in Education (B.Ed)

Most of us know about B.Ed degree. It is one of the qualifications that is must for being a teacher. This course is a post graduate course and now can be taken up by people who dream of going into a teaching career. Any student who wants to complete this course needs to complete a Bachelor’s Degree and then they can proceed into this one. Since this course is a post graduate degree so you have ton go for the degree only after completing the Bachelor’s degree.

Previously this degree was a 1 year degree but not has become a 2 year degree. This course went through revision and is now one of the important ones to reach for the teacher job at secondary levels and higher secondary levels. If you want you can also pursue this course after going for the postgraduate course.

Course details

This course comes along as a 2 year program and a student can take this course once they finish a graduate course. This course can also be taken up after post graduate levels.


A person willing to for this degree needs to have achieved a level of BA, BSC or even BCOM degrees. The person who has a bachelor degree is further eligible to reach for this qualification. The minimum marking criteria for this course is different based on different college and university. You also need to achieve pass in the entrance test.


A person who has completed this course can go along to become a teacher and they can further go for the course like Central Teacher Eligibility Test that stands for CTET and after that they will receive an opportunity to go for jobs in the central government schools. If you want to make a career in the state level school then you have to appear for state level TET exams and need to crack it.

8. Other Diploma Based courses that you can go for

Apart from the aforementioned ones there are further more courses that you can go for in terms of Diploma and more if you want by taking these courses and going ahead. These are the list of courses that you can take for:

  • Basic Training Certificate (BTC)
  • Nursery Teacher Education (NTC)
  • Primary Teacher Certificate (PTC)
  • Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)
  • Teachers Training Certificate (TTC)
  • Diploma in Education (DED)

These courses are all diploma based courses and can be done in just 2 years. Furthermore these courses allow you to reach the job profiles of teacher and will allow you to get a job in the profiles in the teacher role in elementary schools, primary schools and more.

9. Other Advanced courses for Teaching Career

There are quite a few courses that you can take for when it comes to progressing your career in teaching career. These courses will help you achieve further growth in the career. This will also help you to reach to go to the levels of teacher for higher levels. These courses are:

  • Masters in Education (M.Ed)
  • Phil. in Education
  • Sc in Education
  • Masters in Arts in Education

10. Other Special Education courses

There are also some special education courses that come along where you need to attain these courses and then you can go on to become a teacher.Thus course helps to take care of students who are more like into special case and so having a special education course will help you gain the role of teacher is special children school.

These are the courses that will allow you to gain that special education:

  • Ed Special Education course
  • BA B.Ed Special Education Course
  • Ed Special Education Course
  • Ed Special Education Course

After going for these courses, the people can go for role in different roles as teachers for primary special schools, elementary special schools, secondary special schools, or even more role. All over it is the best course for Indian housewives.

Modern day challenges for a teacher

Teaching as a profession is quite a tough ask when it comes to seeing the modern day basis. There are times when you have to make forth with different adaptation in order to grow ahead and make a difference in the life. It doesn’t happen overnight but needs ample purview. These days with the growth in technology and more, teaching has become easy and tough both ways.

Furthermore, the need to make sure the students learn not just academically but also in terms of moral and social conduct makes teachers open up different points and seek a more rounded approach to teaching.

Finally, teaching career is one of the most noble career ever and is one of the best career options for people. All we need to do is take proper course after finishing the class 12 exams and then we can go for a career in teaching. We hope this post helps you out in getting the right career choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the suitable courses for a teacher?

As a teacher, you have comprehensive courses. It would help if you tried to avail any of the courses. It will help to do better in your career. The most demanding teacher courses are BTC or Basic Training Certificate, PTC or Primary Training Certificate, NTT or Nursery Teacher Training.

  • What is the basic eligibility for pursuing a teacher training course?

It is essential to see that the candidate has completed her graduation from a noted University. It would help if you also scored a minimum percentage of marks for getting admission to this course. It is mandatory.

  • What are the skills required to become a good teacher?

You must also possess some essential skills and qualities to become a good teacher. You must have good speaking power. It is also vital to see that you possess patience while dealing with the kids. It is much required to become a good teacher. You must have a passion for teaching. Your love for teaching will make you unique before the kids.

  • Is teaching a stressful job?

It will be correct to say that no job is stressful if you have a love for the subject. Similarly, a teaching job is fascinating in the sense that you can come across various students.

  • What is the cost of the course?

The cost of the course depends on the college or institute in which you are enrolling. However, the price varies from INR 50,000/- to INR 1, 00,000/-. You must take proper information about the course before making the admission.

  • What is the average salary of the teachers after completing the course?

The average salary of the teachers may vary from INR 2, 50,000 to INR 6, 00,00 per annum. It will increase with your performance and experience.

  • What is the role of D.EL.ED course in a teaching career?

It is an introductory course that you can pursue to make better in your career. It is a two-year course. Anyone who has completed a 10+2 course with a minimum mark of 50% can pursue this course. After completing the course, you can pass the Central Teacher Eligibility test and get a job in any central school.

  • What are the other special education courses for teachers?

In addition to this, you can take ED special education course, ED special education courses. All these courses are eligible and perfect for getting jobs in any primary school or special secondary school.

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