How to become a Lieutenant in the Indian Army

The Indian Army ranks as the 3rd largest all over the world. It involves more than 1,400,000 troops who are active and around 2,225,000 reserve troops. The main objective of the Indian army is to give its best for national security and also to protect the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the country, India.

The Indian army is responsible for guarding the country against external aggressions and threats. It is also responsible to support civil authorities during natural disasters and calamities.

Here is a complete overview of the Indian army lieutenant, his rank, responsibilities, and ranking portfolio. But before starting, you must know the Indian army is divided into 3 main segments. This includes,

  • Army
  • Navy
  • And, Air force.

The supreme commander of all these three services is an Indian president. The headquarters of the army is situated in Delhi, which is under the supreme command Army staff chief. He has the rank of 4 stars general and he is also assisted by 8 lieutenant generals.

If you are wishing to join the Indian army as a Lieutenant, then this article will help you in different ways. Let’s read further

How to become a part of the Indian army as a Lieutenant

How to become a Lieutenant in the Indian Army

The UPSC is responsible for conducting an NDA examination every year for selecting the candidates for joining the Indian army. Though, salary, allowance, and perks are not the ones that attract candidates for joining the army. It is their love and passion towards their country that makes them ready to appear for the NDA exam, to join the Indian army.

However, the Indian government takes care of the complete professional development of the aspirants and offers good monetary compensation to Indian defense officers around, that join the Indian army after getting selected through NDA examination.

The candidates, who are selected through the national democratic alliance exam, are paid a salary of Rs 56,000 every month in the beginning, during their training period.

Soon after completing the training, the candidates are commissioned as a lieutenant and he/she starts earning around 56000 to 180,000. Further, according to the promotions, they keep on getting increments in their salary.

Things to know about the NDA exam to become a lieutenant

  • The NDA exam is conducted by the UPSC.
  • It is a national level exam
  • One can appear for this exam soon after completing class XII
  • This exam is organized twice a year
  • This exam is conducted offline
  • The duration of this exam is 5 hours which includes subjects like Mathematics, and General ability tests.
  • For the general ability test, a candidate has to answer 150 objective questions, while in a Maths test; one has to answer only 120 questions.
  • You can give exam in both English or Hindi

For more information related to the NDA exam, you can visit

Every year, the Indian army organizes various examinations like NDA, Army College Cadet, CDS, and many more for recruiting aspirants in different branches. If you are not willing to give any of these exams, but still want to become a lieutenant in the Indian army, then please have a look.

How to Join army after class XII through technical entry scheme?

Soon after completing your class XII, you can be a part of the Indian army through an available technical entry scheme. For applying to this, you should be 12th passed from the science stream. Soon after completing your course of technical entry scheme, you can be appointed on the Lieutenant rank directly.

The only thing to consider is, only male candidates can get entry through this scheme. This course lasts for 5 years. The notification of the technical entry scheme in the Indian army comes twice a year, in January and July month. And the notification gets issued in November, October, June, and May.

For applying in this technical entry scheme of the Indian army, an aspirant has to qualify for his/her 10+2 examination with a minimum of 70% marks in Maths, Chemistry, or Physics from a recognized board of education.

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What is the age limit to become a lieutenant?

The age limit set for becoming a lieutenant is 21to 27 years.

Selection criteria

The selection of aspirants is done based on SSB interviews. The candidates who crack Stage I, are only authorized to go for stage II. The ones who fail in Stage I, are returned on the very same day. The tenure of the SSB interview is of 5 days.

University entry scheme

Apart from the technical entry scheme another option to become a lieutenant in the University entry scheme. Under this, the final year students of engineering can enroll themselves for permanent commission in the field of the technical army.

The Indian army also hires candidates through campus placements. For getting selected, you need to appear in an SSB interview first and then go for a medical test. Once you qualify for both rounds, you can be sent to Dehradun to the Indian military academy for rigorous one-year training.

Who can become a lieutenant in the Indian army?

Any person who has the following skills and passion can be a lieutenant in the Indian army.

  • A passion to serve your country India selflessly
  • Have the leadership qualities
  • The ability to make the right decisions even at the last minute
  • The ability to withstand mental and physical pressure
  • A true fighting spirit
  • Love for accepting the toughest challenges

 What are the perks enjoyed by a lieutenant?

  • It is one of the most disciplined and highly respected careers.
  • The perks are excellent in terms of pay and also include various benefits like education benefits for kids, subsidized accommodation, medical benefits, and much more.
  • A job as a lieutenant in the Indian army is full of adventure and there is no chance of monotony at all.

What is the work of a lieutenant in the Indian army?

Some of the responsibilities and duties of a lieutenant are listed below:

  • A lieutenant in an Indian army is a company-grade officer. It is the lowest rank in most of the armies around the world. He is responsible to command a small unit called a platoon.
  • They are commissioned at the age of 22 through a Technical entry scheme or national democratic alliance. It is a young age just for taking command.
  • Without a lieutenant in the Indian army, there is no life in any of the army units.
  • A lieutenant is called the baby of the army unit, but he is not given perks at all.
  • He takes care of the troop’s documentation, family welfare, and hygienic environment.
  • He can be employed in station administrative duty or on battalion administrative duty.
  • He has the responsibility to finish different boards of officers as members or presiding officers that are subjected to board needs.
  • A lieutenant not only trains his army troops for operational purposes, but he also sweats out on the ground along with them.
  • He trains and motivates the troops for a different professional course.
  • He leads his troop in the formation level and also in professional sports competitions on the battalion.
  • He makes sure of the readiness and maintenance of equipment and weapons of the war.
  • During any war, a lieutenant takes advance part of troop ahead and then takes a defensive location, until the company commander arrives with the main troop.
  • A lieutenant goes on a special operation like patrolling and even ambush with the army troop.
  • On the other hand, he looks after the ration quality, food, and hygiene factors as well.
  • During mobilization, he makes sure that the vehicle with which they are going is ready to take them.
  • A lieutenant works under the command of the company commander and according to the vision of the company commander. Under him, few JCOs and other men work.

Salary of a lieutenant

A lieutenant in the Indian army can earn up to Rs. 25,000 every month whereas a lieutenant colonel on a middle level can earn around 70,000 every month. He/she can enjoy various perks like free medical treatment, subsidized house, insurance of army group, subsidized food from canteen stores & also the departmental facilities.


One must become a lieutenant in the Indian army as it is one of the most respected and prestigious careers. You can easily fulfill all your professional expectations by joining the Indian army as it is full of adventure, excitement, and challenges.

Your inner motivation is one of the internal drives that can help you in achieving the goal that makes you work. Pride and personal satisfaction is also one thing that makes you happy because it offers you an opportunity to do something for your motherland.

Saving lives is a satisfaction that can be achieved only if you join the Indian army as a lieutenant.

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