How To Join The Indian Army / Air force / Navy For girls – A Complete Guide

Have you ever desired to be part of our country’s three defense pillars – Army, Navy, and Air Force? In this modern century, women also serve their country as a fighter. But whenever we think about these three pillars, it is the men who probably dominate in the respectful uniform.The surprising thing to know is, before 1992, women could not enter the armed force. Infect, the women can’t cross the men’s territory. But in this era, all three pillars opened their doors for women. So, if you want to serve this country, then read all highlights to learn, how to join the armed forces.

Indian Army – Overview and How to Join

Here we are going to discuss how women can join the Indian Army-

The woman who wants to join the Indian army can follow the scheme of the Short Service Commission. As you know the Indian Army is the jewel of the Indian Armed forces. Infect the Engineering, law, medicine students can also apply for Army force. Nowadays, the Army has been admitting women candidates as well.

Indian Army For Girls

How you can join the Indian Army

Here are mentioned three different ways through which you can join the Indian Army-

  • UPSC ( Non- technical )
  • UPSC ( technical )
  • Non- UPSC

UPSC (Non- Technical)

Eligibility Criteria:  the female candidates must be unmarried at the time of applying. The age group for candidates is 19 to 25 years. The female must clear her graduation in any stream from a sanctioned university.

The women candidates who have non-engineering background go under the category of Non- technical in SSC (Short Service Commission). The selection process for Non- technical can be done through written examination, which is conducted by UPSC twice every year. The qualifying candidates are called for a personal interview which is conducted by SSB (Service Selection Board).

UPSC (technical)

Eligibility Criteria: The female candidates must be unmarried at the time of applying. And the minimum age for applying is 20, and the maximum is 27 years. The female candidates also clear the Engineering with satisfying grade.

The Technical way is for the female who holds a graduate degree in Engineering Stream. The selection for Technical is done based on merit. There is no written examination, and the merit holder candidates, which are shortlisted through a cut-off, can be applied for the UPSC Technical.


There are two other ways to enter the Indian Army. Both methods are going to help you take a direct entry with ease and you can start preparing at an early age for these options. Any candidate who doesn’t want to opt for UPSC can consider these options –

  • Judge Advocate General ( JAG )

Eligibility Criteria for JAG – The female candidates must be unmarried, and the age criteria are 21 to 27 years. The female candidate must hold the LLB degree with an aggregate of 55% and be enrolled in the Bar Council of India. The candidate must have cleared their LLB from a recognized university.

The Position of JAG is to deal with military affairs, particularly helps in military laws, court- martial’s and do settlements. For applying you need to have a 3-year or 5-year law degree.

  • National Cadet Corps ( NCC )

Eligibility Criteria for NCC – Apparently, there are other ways to enroll yourself for defense services. There is NCC special entry option that might be a great choice for you.

The female candidates must be unmarried, and the age criteria are 19 to 25 years. The aspirants must be graduates in any stream with a minimum aggregate percentage. You can also obtain a B grade in the C certificate exam in NCC Senior Division Army.

NCC is an organization that promotes youth progress. The active female volunteer who had been interested in military training and parades can join the Indian Army.

The women candidates can apply online through the official website. The shortlisted aspirant receives a letter for an interview by the Short Service Commission. The qualifying candidates go for the medical test which is done by a specified military hospital. After the declaration of a medical test, you go for the training at the officer training academy.

Indian Air Force – Overview and How to Join

The female who is willing to fulfill the wish of flying can join the Indian Air Force. Firstly, you need to crack the AFCAT (Air Force Selection Board) exam which is held twice a year. After clear the exam, you are called for a personal interview. The qualifying candidates receive the official letter after clearing the medical test. Through AFCAT you can choose the flying branch, technical and Non- technical branches. Air force not only feels thrilling but it also offers plenty of amazing perks to get your attention. Most women trying for Indian Air Force want to be pilot and learn the ways to increase defense for the country.

Branch of Flying:

Eligibility Criteria for Branch of Flying: The minimum age is 20, and the maximum age is 24 to join the flying branch. The candidate must be a  B.Tech  degree or complete graduation in any stream with an aggregate of 60%. the candidates also hold Math and Physics as a composure subject in class 12th with 60%.

The female aspirants can apply in the branch of flying for SSC (Short Service Commission). In this category, you can be a part of flying fighter planes, cargo aircraft, and many more.

Special Entry for NCC Candidates: As a part of the National Cadet Corps, you can apply to Indian Air Force with the help of a C certificate as a Wing Senior Division. At the time of commencement of the course, you have a valid license as a commercial pilot.

Technical Branch

The female candidates who fulfill the age criteria which is 20 to 26 years can join the technical Branch. In the technical branch, there are two types-

For Mechanical Engineer:  the female candidates qualified the 4-year degree course with an aggregate of 60% marks and out of 18 subjects clear at least 8 subjects.

You should clear an additional exam which is conducted under Aeronautical Society of India or Associate Membership of Institution.

For Electrical Engineer: the female candidate qualified the 4-year degree course with 60% from an authorized university.

You should clear the exam of Aeronautical Associate Membership of Institution of Engineer or graduate membership exam of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

For Non- Technical Branch:  The candidates who are graduates and postgraduates and fulfill the age criteria can join the Indian Air force. The Non- Technical branch covers the Administration, Accounts, human resources, and Meteorology department.

Indian Navy – Overview and How to Join

The women candidates are directly selected in the Indian navy under SSC. The interested candidates are invited through newspapers and advertisements. Such advertisements are based on the number of Vacancies and requirements of new employees. The shortlisted candidates have called for the SSB interview. The JEE cut-off and higher education qualification decide the merit list which is prepared by DMPR or Integrated headquarters of the Ministry of Defense.

 The candidates also join the different branches which are covered under Indian Navy-

ATC (Air Traffic Control Officer): The work of the ATC officer is to control and navigate the aircraft. The B.Tech degree holder who should in the age bracket of 19 to 25 join the Indian Navy as an ATC officer. The candidates must have scored the aggregate marks in Physics and Math in class 12th.

Branch of Education

The candidate’s age limit is 21 to 25 to join the branch of Education. The female candidates who had a degree holder in engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science) can be a part of the Education Branch.

Naval Architecture:  Candidates who had been covered the 19 to 25 year age criteria need to score an aggregate of 60 % in B.Tech or any other stream.

As an Observer Officer: the officer operates the sonics, radars, communication device, and many more types of equipment in the ship. The women candidates who fall in the age area of 20 to 24 with a B.Tech degree can join the Indian navy as an Observer Officer. You can also score the minimum aggregate in Physics and Math in class 12th.

Pay scale, salary, Allowances in Indian Army

The Indian Army salary, pay scales depends upon the rank and position of candidates. The 6th pay Commission has increased the Army Officer Salary and may Provide the various allowances. The 7th salary structure has made different changes to improve the packages for the Armed forces and provides more benefits as well.

The starting package is 25000 per month, and the amount will increase according to the pay scale and grade pay. The maximum salary is 1, 30,000 per month. More experience and more potential will increase your salary.

Allowances you will receive

The below-mentioned allowances are the basic allowances which are-

  • Transportation Allowance
  • Housing Allowance
  • Lifelong Allowance
  • Kit Maintenance Allowance
  • Special forces
  • Annual leave for 2 months
  • Parachute Pay
  • High Altitude Allowance
  • Study Leave up to 2 year
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 days

And many more

Pay Scale, Salary, Allowances in Indian Air Force

The salary of an Air Force officer is according to the 7th pay commission. The pay scale for men and women during the entire duration of the training and after qualifying for the AFCAT exam is Rs 56,100. Military Service pays a salary is 15,500 per month. As a flying officer, you will receive 1,77,000 per month. The salary is distributing according to the position.

Allowances to Air Force Officers

  • Furnished Accommodations Allowance
  • Medical Cover for self and Dependents
  • Leave Travel Concession
  • Insurance Cover
  • Loan at Subsidized rates

And many more

Territorial Army Entry

The other option which can come in handy to join the Indian army is Territorial Army Entry. It is one of the great ways to get direct entry, and women can join the army in this manner also. All those candidates who are willing to be in the armed forced to serve the nation, but want to have a private job can consider this option.

Pay scale, Salary, Allowances in Indian Navy

The salary and pay scale in the Indian Navy is according to the list and position-

Indian Navy Officer: the salary structure for an officer is 15000 per month, and the maximum salary is 70,000 per month.

Indian Navy Sailor: An average salary package for a Sailor is 25000 per month.

Indian Navy Civilian: Minimum Salary for Navy Civilian is 50,000, and the maximum is 5 lakh.

Allowances: Free Travelling

  • Retirement schemes
  • Medical allowances
  • Pension
  • Transportation
  • And many more

These are some of the key advantages that you get after joining the Indian navy. No doubt that the salary packages are great enough to start, and if you want to serve the country, there is no better way. Except for these options, some other quotas can help in direct entry with the simple requirement in the eligibility criteria.

The Final Verdict

The introduction of women in the officer cadre started in 1992. It was one of the remarkable days for the Indian army. Training women for officer cadre was taken by the officers’ training academy. The number of women officers in the early days was 1200, and the number skyrocketed. Lady officers are serving in several arms and services in the Indian Army. From General to Lieutenant, there are several posts for applicants. There is also Territorial Army entry that you can choose as if you want to keep a private job along with an option to serve the country.

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