How to Join NCC in India: Step By Step Guide

NCC stands for National Cadet Corps, and it is the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces. You might already be aware that the Indian Armed Forces is the largest voluntary force in India. Similarly, NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization in India. The NCC headquarters is located in New Delhi, and you can join NCC voluntarily. The membership to NCC is available via Schools and Colleges. Just like the Indian Defense Forces, there are different wings in NCC as well. The NCC has Army, Air Wing and Navy. Any cadet who joins NCC gets military training, and they are taught about the small arms and parades. You should note that the officers or cadets of NCC have no liability to serve in active military services even after they complete the NCC course.

Facts about NCC

We have shared some of the necessary information about NCC, but we would also like to share some more exciting NCC facts. In this section, we have covered some of that information. Check out the points below.

  • The motto of NCC is Unity & Discipline, and the program aims to develop the character, discipline, brotherhood & spirit of adventure in the youth.
  • NCC program also helps bring up the leadership quality in the youth, and it can often be considered the first step for joining Indian Defense Services.
  • The skills acquired during NCC are also beneficial in personal life and other lines of professions.
  • NCC was incepted under the National Cadet Corps Act XXXI of 1948.
  • There NCC crest is of gold colour, and it is encircled of seventeen Lotus. The background has a colour of blue, light blue and red. The red depicts the arm, whereas the blue depicts the Navy, and the light blue depicts the air force.

NCC In India

Benefits of Joining NCC

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with the membership of NCC. In this section, we have listed more information about the same.

  • NCC is known to be the second line of defence, and it is a very reputed body. Students willing to make a career in Indian Defense Forces can benefit from NCC as NCC cadets get a lot of weightage while joining the forces.
  • The NCC is connected to the ministry of defence, and the learning curve is impressive. The cadets are also entitled to receive a benefit of Rs 700 for their membership.
  • NCC helps the candidate in the development of skills that are very necessary for life. These skills include discipline, dedication, honesty and selflessness. The candidates enrolled in NCC can develop exceptional leadership skills that help them in life.
  • NCC is known for hosting camps across India, and in such a case, the candidate would get to travel to different places.
  • During their NCC training, the candidates will also get to participate in many adventure activities that include parachuting, aviation course, arms training and paragliding.
  • ANO receives different allowance in NCC. Below are the details of the same.
    • Outfit Allowance
    • Outfit Maintenance Allowance
    • Messing Expense
    • Monthly Honorarium
    • Rank pay During Camps
    • TA & DA Allowance
    • Travel Allowance

What are the different activities undertaken by NCC?

The activities can be categorized into different types. We will first talk about the camp activities for NCC, and after that, we will talk about the activities which NCC undertakes.

Camps at NCC

  • Annual Training Camps
  • Centrally Organized Camps
  • Leadership Camps
  • National Integration Camp
  • NauSainik Camp
  • Rock Climbing Camp
  • ThalSainik Camp
  • Vayu Sainik Camp

Activities Undertaken by NCC

  • Adventure Activities
  • Air Wing Training
  • Attachment Training
  • Camp Training
  • Career Counselling
  • Certificate Exam Conduct
  • Institutional Training
  • Naval Wing Training
  • Personality Development
  • Republic Day Camps
  • Remount & Veterinary Unit Training
  • Social Services
  • ANO Training at OTP Kamptee and OTA Gwalior
  • Youth Exchange Program

Eligibility to join NCC

In this section, we have listed the eligibility criteria associated with joining NCC. You can check what the age limit and other criteria associated with the program is.

  • For the junior wing, the minimum age limit is 13 years, whereas the maximum age limit is 18.5 years.
  • For joining the senior wing, the candidate can join NCC until he turns 24 years old.
  • Apart from the given age limit, the candidate should also be a citizen of India or Nepal.
  • The candidate should be enrolled in an educational institute as the membership is offered via educational institutes.
  • The candidate should have prescribed medical standard to join the NCC.
  • The candidate should have a good moral character, and he should be able to support the same with a character certificate.

How to join NCC?

We have shared many details about NCC, and we are sure that you would want to enrolin this course. In this section of the page, we have listed the information about joining the NCC. Check out the details below.

  • For joining the junior division, the student needs to approach the headmaster for the application process. The headmaster will process the membership of the student to join the junior wing of NCC.
  • Students who wish to enrol in the Senior Division should reach out to the commanding unit officer, and the officer will be able to share information about the same.
  • The total course duration is five years, and there is no fee that you need to pay for the training.

Syllabus during NCC Membership

There are multiple things taught during NCC. Below are the details of all those subjects and topics that you will learn. It should be noted that the course is not limited to these subjects, and you will also learn about the courses related to the specialization you choose.

  • Adventure Training and Obstacle Course
  • Civil Affairs Management
  • Civil Defense Organizations and their Duties/NDMA
  • Drill and Similar Activities
  • Environment Awareness and Conservation
  • Field Craft and Field Techniques
  • Freedom Struggle & the Nationalist Movement in India
  • History of India & Defense Forces
  • National integration & Awareness
  • Personality Development & Leadership Program
  • Role of NCC during National Hazards/Disaster
  • Social Awareness & Community Development
  • Small Weapon Training
  • Traffic Control organization & anti-drunk driving

Jobs after NCC

As mentioned earlier, it is not compulsory to join defence forces after the completion of NCC. You can choose to join the forces, but it is voluntary. You can choose any of the private organization as your employer, and the list is expensive. The salary range also depends on what you are doing and at what level you are pursuing the job.

Final Verdict

NCC is undoubtedly a very reputed organization, and it enables the impressive development of skills in students. Many parents are interested in enrolling their children in NCC because of the exposure their children get. In our opinion, you can also talk to your child, and if he is interested in joining NCC at an early age, then it would benefit him a lot in future. For all those students reading this article, we urge you to join NCC because of the experience and exposure. You will also learn about essential survival skill during these camps. So, go ahead and give it a try.

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