Astrophysics Course Details: Eligibility, Career, Syllabus, Fees, Scope

Astrophysics is a fascinating course and career for those students who are in love with physics and are charmed with astronomy.The course basically teaches about the relation between Physics and astronomy. For the students who are willing to make a career in Astrophysics and earn a better salary and reputation in public.

In India, we have courses for Astrophysics for both undergraduate and postgraduate categories. And if you are looking for a diploma course, there are a few institutes that offer the diploma along with certificate courses. So, if you are looking forward to make a career in Astrophysics, you can choose the field right after completing your schooling.

In the article, we are going to talk about the different courses available for the students interested in Astrophysics and talk about the scope after completing the course. So, be with us until the end of the article and know everything about the Astrophysics courses in detail.

Astrophysics Course Details

Astrophysics Course India

Talking about the specific courses for Astrophysics in India, you can opt for the degree course or Diploma right after completing your school. There are multiple options for the undergraduate degree course and you can easily choose the best one according to the availability and fee structure.

After completing graduation, you can opt for the postgraduate degree or certificate course to enhance your knowledge about the field and earn a better opportunity to get a better job in a reputed firm.

In other words, there is a lot of possibility with the Astrophysics course and you can easily choose the right one according to your current level of education. Whether you are a student who has just completed his schooling, or a graduate with a degree in Physics, there is a course for you that can help you learn about the outstanding world of Astrophysics.

Astrophysics Course: Eligibility and other prerequisites

Astrophysics is a vast field to learn about. The cosmos, physics theories that relate to the universe, and many other things make it an exciting course for the students who are willing to make a career in the field of Astronomy.As said, Indian universities have different courses for the students interested in the field. And this makes it a worthy course for every student. Here in the section, we will be talking about the different eligibility criteria for the different courses in India. Have a look at it and you will be able to choose the right course.

For the undergraduate degree courses in the Astrophysics field, you need to clear your 12th with science stream and minimum marks of 55% from a recognized board.

The same eligibility criteria go with the diploma courses. You can either choose to go with a degree course or a relatively cheaper diploma course after completing your 12th.

For the postgraduate degree, you will need to have a graduate degree with you. Different universities and colleges have different minimum marks criterion for admission. Some ask for 55% and some require 60% in graduation. So, be sure to check the exact eligibility criteria from your college and you will be able to find the most perfect course for yourself according to your education level.

Astrophysics Course: Syllabus

Depending on the college and course you have chosen for yourself, the syllabus varies a lot for the Astrophysics course. And this is what we are going to discuss here. Though there are numerous subjects and specializations depending on the college, we are listing some of the subjects that you are going to learn about in the Astrophysics course. Go through them and know what are the different things to learn about.

  • Physics
  • Spatial Relativity
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Properties of Matter
  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology
  • Optics and Quantum Mechanics
  • High energy Astrophysics

Along with these, there are several other subjects and core topics that you are going to learn about during the course. For the detailed syllabus and subject list, we suggest you to consult the college administration or previous college students enrolled in the same course. This can help you get more detailed information about the exam pattern of your course.

Astrophysics Course: Colleges

Colleges play an important role in the Astrophysics course. No matter which course you choose for yourself, it is important to go with a reliable college that has better placement records, tutors, and facilities for the course. This will help you get better opportunities after the course completion and you are going to get better job profiles at a better firm.

For the Astrophysics course, numerous private and government colleges in the country provide better facilities that can help you grab a better career after completing the course. Some of the best colleges you can opt for the Astrophysics courses are Osmania University, Indian Institute of Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, St. Stephen’s College Delhi, and others. You can either opt for one of these prestigious colleges or go with the private colleges in your city. Depending on the reputation of the college, the course and admission fees may differ. SO, choose a perfect Astrophysics Course college and grab the best opportunity for yourself.

Astrophysics Course: Duration and Admission Process

Depending on the course you are taking admission in, the duration and admission process differs. In addition to the minimum educational qualifications, you may need to clear the entrance exam depending on the college and university you are taking admission to.

Here are the detailed duration needed for the different Astrophysics courses available in India. Have a look at these and you will be able to find a better course for you.

  • Sc. Astrophysics


  • Tech Astrophysics

4-years. B.Tech in Astrophysics needs the entrance exam to be cleared before entering the engineering college.

  • Sc. Astrophysics


  • Diploma and certificate courses

6 months-1 year

Other than these courses, you can also opt for the Doctoral course in Astrophysics that has the variable duration according to your research topic and guide.

Astrophysics Course: Fee Structure

Now, once you are well aware of the different courses for Astrophysics, it is time to know about the fee structure. Though the exact fee structure can only be told by the college administration, here we are going to discuss the rough estimate that can help you choose a better college and course.

The undergraduate degree course can be done in roughly around 2-4 lakh per annum. On the other hand, you can also opt for diploma and certificate courses under 1 lakh. This amount can also be a lot lesser if you choose the government colleges for the diploma.

In case you are looking for PG courses, the fee would be roughly around 60,000-80,000 per semester. One more important thing that differs the fee a lot is the college reputation. Private college fee is much higher than the government institutes and you can easily choose the right college accordingly.

Astrophysics Course: Future Aspects

Depending on the course you are choosing for your graduation and/or post-graduation, you can easily get perfect job opportunities right after completing the course. Talking about the job profile to opt after the Astrophysics course, you can opt for varied career opportunities. Some of the job profiles you can opt for are

  • Stellar Astronomers
  • Solar Astronomers
  • Spatial technicians
  • Technicians
  • Research Assistants

Apart from these, you can also opt for choosing to work as a teacher or professor in a reputed college and university.

By choosing the right career and course for yourself, you can easily get the starting salary package of 5-8 lakh per annum. So, choose the right career option and get a good salary and a satisfying professional life after course completion.

Astrophysics Course: Should you opt for it?

Now, the question that you were looking for, whether you should opt for the Astrophysics course or not. The simplest and most straightforward answer would be YES. Regardless of the course you are opting for, Astrophysics is a worthy choice for you. This is a great course that not only provides you outstanding knowledge of the field but also offers a great career opportunity after course completion. So, whether you are after a good-paying job, or are looking for great knowledge, the Astrophysics course is going to be an ideal choice for you. And as there are numerous courses available in India, you can easily get the best course according to your qualifications and interest.


In all, if you love astronomy, want to earn knowledge about the subjects and the core topics of cosmic astronomy along with physics, the Astrophysics courses are primarily tailored for you. Try your handson different types of courses according to your needs and educational qualifications. With the excellent course structure and brilliant colleges in the country, you can easily get the best career opportunities and salary according to the skills you have and the firm you have applied to. We will suggest you to enroll in the best college in your range that can help you get the best knowledge of the industry and get brilliant career opportunities.

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