Which Stream is Best for IAS After the 10th?

It may be the dream of many students to become IAS officers. Indian Administrative Service is one of the most lucrative jobs. If you want, you must try to prepare for the examination after completing Class 10. This will give you better scope to know the subject and make a good position in the test. Lakhs of aspirants from different corners of India come and appear before the test. As a student, it will be great to have a dream to become an IAS officer. You can select specific subjects after completing class 10.

Which is the best stream to pursue after completing class 10?

If you select specific subjects after class 10, it will be a good decision. After class 10, the streams are divided into three parts. They are science, humanities, and commerce. You can select the subjects as per your choice. But to become an IAS officer, you need to follow and learn specific issues. If you elect humanities, the topics can help you to do well in the IAS examination.

If you appear before the IAS examination, you will get questions from specific subjects. These subjects are Physiology, economics, history, geography, political science, English, and public administration.  It is necessary to see that you have thorough information and concepts on these subjects. These are the essential subject of the IAS examination, and you need to know them in a better way.

When to start the preparation for the IAS examination?

There is an old saying that the earlier you start the better you can do. Cracking an IAS examination is not that easy. So it would help if you started the preparation right from the beginning. It is okay if you start it from class 10. It will make a much stronger base.

Almost all the humanities subjects are related to the IAS examination. It would help if you dedicated specific time for each topic. It is okay if you also make a routine and follow it accordingly. Apart from all this, it would help if you grew the habit of reading daily newspapers. This will keep you updated about the latest updates and news. You will get many questions that are based on the current affairs of the country. This is why you need to follow the information from time to time.

Sometimes small things and habits can bring good changes. If you follow this routine, you can do many things.

Suppose you have good academic background, your chances of cracking the examination increases to a great extent. It is necessary that you clear all the class 10 and 12 examinations with a good percentage of marks. Soon after completing the 10+2 level, you must enroll in a good course. You must complete your graduation with a good subject. This will help you to do better in the examination. Another thing you must remember while appearing for the test is your passion. You must never lose it in any situation.

Other tips to crack an IAS examination:

On the other part, you have to follow and maintain some steps.

  • It would help if you tried to grow some extracurricular activities. This should start right from the beginning. You must remember that during the interview round, you might be questioned about your actions. It would help if you answered it boldly. This will increase the chance of getting the job.
  • Whenever you get a break try to read books and magazines. This will enhance your knowledge to some extent. You will have updated information’s and news. Reading should be a habit for the IAS aspirants. It is necessary to maintain that.

A complete overview of the IAS examination:

It should be your dream to crack the IAS examination and get a prestigious job. You need to have complete information and clear concepts on traditional subjects like economics, physics, geography, political science, English, Philosophy, and other subjects. It will be great if you have completed a law course. This will increase the chance of cracking the examination to some extent. You should have strong English background. It is okay if you have a flair in English writing. This is why it is advised to practice regular reading and writing of English.

IAS examination is classified into three categories. One is the preliminary stage. The second one is the Main examination, and the last or the third one is the interview round. If you qualify for the main examination, you can only appear for the interview round. The interview round is the most crucial round for the job. It would help if you were bold and confident while appearing for the interview round. The questions are asked from different fields and backgrounds. It would help if you were well-prepared for the interview round. Your selection will depend on how you will appear and face the interview round. The first part of the examination is multiple-choice question based. You have to put a tick on the correct answer. The next round is the descriptive round. In this part, you have to write explanatory answers to the questions.

In both the papers, you have a negative marking of 1/3rd. You must answer only if you have a clear and confident answer. Else it would help if you left the question from getting negative marks. You should prepare the general papers. A good number of questions come from these papers. It is also necessary to see that you score 25% in each piece to get elected for the final round. You have to write the answers on the sheets provided by the UPSC board. However, no extra papers will be provided for writing the answer. This is mandatory, and you should maintain it.

The interview round is based on some specific things, and they include subjects like critical thinking, analytical thinking, the ability to become a leader, crisis management skills, and many other points. It would help if you were confident in whatever answer you are providing to the interviewer. It would help if you remembered that the interviewer will also assess your confidence level during this round.

Final Note:

The job of an IAS is not only lucrative but exciting at the same time. You will be working as a leader and look after the welfare of the people. You will be vested with essential responsibilities and duties. If you have the passion for becoming an IAS, you must try to become it. The dream should be present right from a tender age.

In the present time, you have ample options to get the job or crack the examination.  Many coaching centers prepare the students from class 10 onwards. You can enroll in such places to do better in the test.

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