Top 10 Best PG Courses in India 2023 [Post Graduation Courses]

Gone are the days when the Graduation was considered to be a huge milestone. Today, the sky is the limit, and each one of us needs to pursue post-graduation. With the help of PG, you can secure a better job, and it opens the door for a lot of other opportunities too. There is a substantial increase in the pay scale, and the learning curve certainly improves too. The PG Course can also help you in changing your stream or to gain intra-domain experience. One example of this is the engineers who opt for an MBA degree in their post-graduation. This opens up the door for the managerial roles, and it eventually helps them in climbing the ladder to higher management roles.

Another advantage of opting for PG Courses is that you can specialize yourself in the field. You will be able to get the domain knowledge in greater depth. We always recommend the students to go for a PG Course. According to us, you can complete your Graduation, work for a couple of years and then go ahead with the PG course. The work experience often prepares you for the PG course by providing you with the right exposure. Many colleges also give preference to the candidates with a work experience. In such a case, the work experience will further help you in getting your dream college.

Many students reach out to us with the queries about the PG Course. They often have the same question about which course they should pursue after completing their Graduation. Instead of answering the queries one at a time, we thought of compiling an article to list the best PG Courses. You can go ahead and check out the top 10 best PG Courses in India in 2022.

List of Best PG Courses in India 2022

PG Courses Duration Eligibility
MBA / Business Courses 2 Years 3-Years in any stream after 10+2
M.Tech / M.Sc / M.Arch 2 Years Graduate in B. Tech/ BE
MCA / Computer Courses 2 Years Bachelor’s degree in BCA or equivalent
Post-Graduation in Economics 2 Years Graduation with a degree in B.A.
Masters in Arts / Hotel Management / Tourism 2 Years Bachelor’s degree in BA or equivalent
Post Graduate in Cyber Law 2 Years Bachelor’s degree in any stream
M.Com (Master of Commerce) 2 Years Bachelor’s degree in
Masters in Medical Science 2 Years Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Sciences
PG Diploma Broadcast/Journalism 1 Year Bachelor’s degree in any stream
Masters in Design/Fashion 2 Years Bachelor’s degree in any stream

Here are the top 10 best PG Courses in India in 2022. Please note that these courses are not listed in any particular order. All ten courses are equally popular. We do not want you to be influenced by the rankings here, and we would like you to pursue a PG course according to your interest. So, go ahead and check out the options that you will have after completing Graduation.

1. MBA or Business Courses

MBA Courses

MBA is one of the most popular PG Course in India. You can pursue MBA after engineering, commerce course or even a medical course. There is no entry restriction in MBA, and there are various domains available as well. The common domains available are Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Communications, IT & even Telecom. Pursing MBA will help you in gaining knowledge about running the business. You can choose the specialization according to your interest or according to your interest. The course if of 2 years and the general examinations to get admission in MBA are CAT, GMAT and NMAT. Some of the universities have individual examinations. Our recommendation here is to pursue an MBA from an elite institute as this will enable you to get admission with ease. If you are not interested in the MBA, then you can also pursue other management or business related courses, and that would offer you a similar experience or exposure.

2. M.Tech or M.Sc / M.Arch

We have talked about the MBA, but what if you are inclined towards science and technology? Well, in that case, you can opt for M.Tech or M.Sc in the domain that you love. These two are quite popular courses in India. The admissions for M.Tech are usually through GATE exam, and for M.Sc., there are entrance exams as well as admissions on merit bases. Delhi University is also top-rated for B.Sc. as well as M.Sc. If you would like to pursue M.Tech from an elite university, then you can also go ahead and choose IIT. It certainly takes a lot of hard work to get into the IIT. If you are pursuing M.Tech, you will get a chance to teach the class of B.Tech student, and if you wish to study more, you can pursue a PhD as well. The same growth path is for M.Sc. as well. Since the M.Tech and M.Sc. are the specialized courses, it is easy to find a job in that particular domain. If you have done a course in architecture, then you can even go ahead and pursue M.Arch as your PG Course.

3. MCA or Computer Courses

Best Computer Courses List

Many times, students develop affection for computer programming. If you also developed such affection and if you pursued BCA then you can go ahead and opt for MCA as your PG Course. The duration of MCA is two years, and once you complete it, you can quickly get a job that any B.Tech Developer would do. If you do not wish to pursue MCA, then you can even choose a PG in any other IT domain. Cyber security remains to be in the highest demand. With a PG course in computers, you can tap the Indian IT Industry. The growth curve is also quite remarkable in this industry. We recommend you to research about the MCA and other computer courses as this is one of the most employable PG Course available in India.

4. Post-Graduation in Economics

Bachelor in Economics has gained a lot of popularity, and people who love economics as a subject would surely be willing to do a PG Course in Economics. For them, there are multiple options available as well. Delhi University and a lot of other reputed university offers a PG Course in Economics. It is easy to find a job after completing the course. In addition to this, you can also study for administrative positions with the government of India. A lot of banking and insurance jobs also hire students who have completed the PG Course in Economics.

5. Masters in Arts / Hotel Management / Tourism

If you have completed your BA, then you can also opt for a Masters in Arts. You can choose your domain according to your interest. Apart from this, there are Master courses available in the hospitality sector as well. These courses will bring you close to being a Subject Matter Expert. You can even start your travel agency by pursing a course in Hospitality or Tourism Industry. The margins are usually very high, and you can count on your fixed client base for the regular income. All the courses in this field are in high demand. People do not look down on humanities anymore, and they know that these courses have endless potential.

6. Post Graduate in Cyber Law / LLM

Cyber Security Course

In India, there is a lot of potential in the legal domain. If you have completed your LLB, then you can go ahead and pursue LLM. This will open a new horizon for you. If you are not interested particularly in LLB, then you can also go ahead and pursue other courses in the law domain. One of the trending domain here is cyber law. With digitalization, cyber frauds are always on the rise, and many people are in search of lawyers who understand technology. Understanding technology is an add-on while you are trying to make a career in law. The field offers a lot of respectable jobs, and the good thing is that a lot of corporate houses also employ lawyers that have specialization in cyber law or that have a PG degree in the field.

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7. M.Com

If you have completed your B.Com, then you will have a lot of opportunities available to work. You can easily find a job, but it is always better to go ahead and pursue masters as well. If you would like to stay in your field, then you can pursue M.Com. M.Com stands for Masters of Commerce, and it is a two-year course. The course will help you in gaining specialization in the field, and you will be able to enhance your pay scale easily. If you want, you can even pursue M.Com from an open school, and this way, you will gain your PG degree while you are earning money. So, you can choose between a full-time course and a correspondence course.

8. Masters in Medical Science

If you enrolled in MBBS for your Graduation, then we are sure that you would be aware of the host of options available to you for post-graduation. You can do your MD in any particular field that has your interest. You can also opt for foreign universities for residency courses. There are many advantages of pursuing Masters after MBBS. The first advantage is that you get specialization, and this helps you in being the master in your field. The second benefit is that you can continue your masters while treating patients. This means that you can fund your education, as you will continuously be earning while studying. Moreover, you will be doing a noble job by serving society. If you are a dentist, then you can even go ahead and pursue masters in the same field.

9. PG Diploma Broadcast/Journalism

The Bachelor Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication are always in huge demand. You can quickly get a job after the bachelor program, but what if you wish to grow further? Well, in such a case, you can go ahead and pursue a PG Course in Journalism, Mass Communication or Broadcast. You can even do this course after pursuing a course like English Honors. The field is open for people from multiple backgrounds, and it has roles for almost everyone. If you are fond of media and if you would like to make a career in the field then we would recommend you to choose a PG Course in Journalism, and you can pursue this course while working at a media house. You can even pursue an MBA in Mass Communication as many institutes in India offer this kind of course as well.

10. Masters in Design/Fashion

Fashion Designing

If you have been through our article where we talked about the best undergraduate courses available in 2021, you would have noticed a section for Fashion Designing and Designing Courses. If you already have a Bachelor degree in Design or Fashion, then you would surely be aware of the magnitude of the industry. You would know the kind of opportunities and demand in the industry. To polish your skills further, you can pursue a masters, and it will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge of the industry. There are a lot of options available for Masters and a lot of people also prefer pursing these courses from European Universities or British Universities. Even in India, you have a lot of options, and it is worth researching a little about prospects. You can certainly make a very successful career in this field, and the PG Course will enable you to take a step ahead.

PG Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it true that post-graduate courses could help a great deal to improve a person’s skills and also job title?

Yes, most of the postgraduate courses are indeed designed in such a way that they could improve the candidate’s skills and knowledge. In general, most people peruse postgraduate courses as it could help them move on to higher positions and also the skills and knowledge acquired are required for work.

  1. Are post-graduate degrees worth the time and money?

Yes, of course, even if it might not help you very soon. In the future, a PG degree could serve you to get a promotion in the field you work. Remember, while a UG degree is a mandatory requirement for most companies to decorate some job titles, some job titles also demand a PG degree. So, having a PG degree could help you in the future.

  1. Is PGDM considered a PG course like all the others?

Yes and no, there are some companies and experts who consider PGDM as a post-graduate course. However, you must know that there is PGDM and there is MBA. When compared to MBA PGDM is easier and today industries have started to accept PGDM as a PG degree. But, in fact, PGDM today is not inferior or superior to other PG courses. But, in terms of syllabus, PGDM is easy to learn and pass.

  1. How many years does PG after MBBS take?

In general, to take MD, the minimum course duration is 3-years, most of the PG courses related to the medical field have the same course duration.

  1. Is there a higher degree than a Ph.D.?

No, as far as we know, there is no higher course or degree than the Ph.D. degree. In simple words, while a diploma is the lowest degree, a Ph.D. is the highest degree in India as of now.

  1. I am working in a manufacturing company as a senior engineer, if I peruse and pass the PG course, would I get promoted and get more salary?

Most commonly, while working in a company, perusing and passing a PG course could enable you to get promoted to higher job titles. However, it is not mandatory, the company could neglect to promote you. This is why you need to talk to the company management and make sure if perusing the PG course could get you promoted. Remember, if you are not planning to switch to another company if they do not promote you, then it could be a waste of time and money.

  1. Part-time PG courses are good?

Yes, as long as UGC allows universities and colleges to conduct part-time PG courses, it would be good. However, if you compare part-time PG courses with regular PG courses, it might not be very good. For example, online or part-time MBA is considered to be inferior to regular MBA courses. Most of the companies also tend to feel the same.


By now, you know about the options that you have after completing Under Graduation. You can think about these options, and you can narrow down the list. Once you narrow down the list, you can research the best colleges for the course that you are interested in. You can also explore the eligibility criteria, admission process and the average fee for the course. This way, you can prepare yourself for the future. If you are presently working in an organization, then you can even start saving money for your post-graduation. Saving money for the post-graduation will help you in reducing the burden of student loan as well.

Many students also have a question about what they should do after post-graduation. Well, you can select an institute that offers placement and this way, it becomes a lot easier to find a job. You can also start your enterprise and generate employment. If you are interested in research or academics, then you can pursue a doctorate course. You will get a chance to grow further, and you will also earn a stipend while you are pursuing a PhD. So, the choice is yours, and you can build your future depending on your interest and your expertise. With this, we will conclude the article, and you can reach out to us if you need more clarification about any course.

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