List of Best Diploma Courses after Graduation in India 2021

The industry has become very competitive, and in such a case, you can find it challenging to get a job because of the rising competition. You can say that graduation is not just enough, and you can opt for a diploma after graduation to make yourself ready for the job market. This makes you better prepared, and it gives you an edge over the competition. There are too many options available in diploma courses, and you may find it challenging to find the right option for yourself.

In such a case, we decided to step up and help you with choosing the best diploma course after graduation in 2021.You can choose the diploma course according to your field of interest and look out for the colleges that offer these courses. Let us move on to the next section to learn more about the available options.

Diploma Courses after Graduation in India

In this section, we have listed the best diploma courses that you can pursue after graduation. We have also listed a short description of the course to help you understand a little more about the available option.

1. Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course India

With the rise of social media, there is also a significant dependency on digital marketing. It is easier to reach out to customers using social media content as compared to TV. Another advantage digital marketing offers is that the mode of communication can be interactive, and you get a lot of data for the analysis. In such a case, you can opt for a diploma in digital marketing. Having a background in product management or marketing will help you with this course. The course certainly offers excellent value to the students, and the growth is excepted to be exponential.

2. Diploma in Graphic Designing

The next option available to you is the diploma in graphic design. You can pursue a diploma in graphic designing directly after the 12th, or you can even opt for the course after graduation. The duration of this course is usually two years, and the course teaches you about the various tools used for graphic designing techniques. Apart from this, the course is excellent for creative people. It allows you to work as a freelancer, and it also allows you to work in design firms.

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

Data has become the core of every business, and many business decisions are based on data and analytics. If you are interested in business management and good with number crunching, then we recommend you opt for a course like a postgraduate diploma in business analytics. Colleges like ISB offers PGD in Business Analytics, and the admission is usually based on the independent entrance test conducted by the college. The total duration of the course is between 1 year and two years.

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science

Similar to the business analytics course is a course called postgraduate diploma in data science. The course is directed more towards technology and development of the algorithms for complex problems. You can also gain knowledge of big data when you are in this field. The duration of the postgraduate diploma in data science is between 1 year and two years. The course is quite promising in terms of the job opportunity that it offers. If you are interested in technology and have an interest in data crunching, then PGD in Data Science should be your choice.

5. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

Even management may sound easy, but it is not easy to manage corporate and personal events. You need to understand in and out of the trade to have a satisfied client base. If you are looking for a course that can help you specialise in the event management space, you can also opt for a postgraduate diploma in event management. It is a one year program, and graduates from any field can pursue this course. Many event management organisations hire graduates after PGD in Event Management.

6. Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing

If you have completed a graduate course in fashion designing or are interested in the fashion industry, how about choosing a PGD in fashion designing course? The course is for people who would love to be in the fashion domain. You learn about merchandise manufacturing, marketing and branding. You can choose to work for a brand after the course, or you also have an option to serve your clients by opening your boutique.

7. Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts is a popular option for students, and if you have completed the graduation, you can opt for PGD in Fine Arts after the BA. The course helps you specialise in one of the fields, and you also learn a lot about the traditional and new techniques. Many students work in schools as a teacher after PGD in Fine Arts, or they work in private institutes to help the students gain the required skills.

8. Post Graduate Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management

The rate of growth for restaurants, micro-breweries and vineyards have been exponential in the last few years. If you plan to be in a similar field, you can opt for PGD in Food & Beverage Service Management. The program teaches you about working in the industry, and it also teaches you about customer management and other important aspects of the service management industry.The duration of the course is between 1 year & two years. Apart from this, the admissions are usually offered on a merit basis.

9. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

The hotel management industry has also become very competitive, and if you wish to get a specialisation after graduation, you can opt for a postgraduate diploma in hotel management. This is a two-year course, and it helps you gain specialisation in hotel management. You can enrol in PGD in Hotel Management if you have a bachelor degree in any field. Some preference is given to the candidates from the hotel management background. The total duration of the course is two years, and you can find a job in the hospitality industry after you have completed the course.

10. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

If you are interested in human resource management and have a commerce or science background, you can opt for PGD in human resource management. The course offers great value to the students who wish to work as HR in the corporates. The course helps you learn the various aspects of HR and the duration of the course is two years.

11. Post Graduate Diploma in International Business

The international market is very different from the international market. In such a case, many institutes offer a PGD in International Business. You can opt for this course if you would like to work in a consultancy firm that offers advice on international business, or you can opt for this course if you are planning got expand the reach of your family business to a foreign land. The course will prepare you and teach you about the culture, regulations and other important aspects of international business. The course duration is two years, and most institutes offer admission based on an entrance test like CAT.

12. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Communication

If you have a specialisation in journalism and mass media, we recommend you opt for PGD in Journalism & Communication. The course is open for graduates from other fields as well. The course duration is two years, and you get to learn a lot about the media industry. You can work in this domain after the course, and the admission in this course is usually based on a merit basis.

13. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Management, also known as PGDM, is the most popular option after graduation. This course is equivalent to an MBA degree, and you get to choose between the various specialisations available. PGDM is a two-year program, and the association of Indian universities accredits the course. Many outstanding colleges like IIMs offer PGDM, and you can pursue the same from a good college. The admission in PGDM is via entrance tests like CAT, XAT, GMAT and other similar competitive exams. The course helps you to be on the management side of the business.

14. Post Graduate Diploma in Operations

One of the required fields in everyday business is operations. They help in customer management, backend operations and even front end operations. If you have an interest in the operations side of the business, then you can opt for PGD in operations. The field is quite a popular option, and it also has a lot of job opportunities. You can opt for PGD in Operations or opt for PGDM with your specialisation in operations. Along with this course, you can opt for professional courses like PMP, and they will improve the job opportunities for you. The total duration of the course is two years.

15. Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering

If you have done a B.Sc. level course in Software Engineering or IT, you might be looking for an additional course that you can pursue after graduation. In such a case, you have an option of a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering. Many students who cannot secure admission in MCA also opt for this course, and hence you can keep the option open. The duration of this course is two years, and you can opt for Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering if you have an interest in the IT industry.

16. Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain

With increasing dependency on e-commerce, the growth in the supply chain industry has been phenomenal. If you are interested in supply chain management & logistics, you can opt for PGD in Supply Chain or PGD in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. The course is quite a fantastic option, especially for you if you have good management skills. Students with a specialisation in management can also opt for this course. After the course, the students can get a job with logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing organisations. The duration of PGD in the Supply Chain varies from 1 year to 2 years.

17. Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation

Taxation is a famous domain in a country like India, and if you are interested in taxation, then go ahead and opt for PGD in Taxation. The course teaches you about the technical and the conceptual aspects of taxation. You need to be good with accounts & mathematics if you wish to pursue PGD in Taxation. Having a good knowledge of economics will also help you in the course. PGD in Taxation is a good option for students who have a financial or commerce background. The total duration of the course is between 1 and 2 years.

18. Post Graduate Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Travel Tourism Course

There are many bachelor level courses available in the travel & tourism sector. If you have completed a degree in travel & tourism or are interested in the sector, you can opt for PGD in travel & tourism. The total duration of the course is two years, and you have a lot of colleges offering the course. You are taught about the domestic and the international tourist destinations, and you are also taught about the culture of the places. After this course, you can associate yourself with a travel agency, or if you have enough capital, you can start a business as well.

Finally, These are some of the best available options for you after graduation. You should note that you can pursue some of these courses directly after the 12th, but the postgraduate diploma courses are only restricted to the students who have completed graduation. You can check more information about these courses as the eligibility criteria, and course content would vary from one university to another. If you still have any queries about the diploma courses, you can leave a comment, and our experts will reach out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In what ways are degrees and diplomas distinct from one another?

The curriculum for a diploma program allows students to gain more hands-on experience in the subject matter of their choice. Degrees are more in-depth than diplomas when it comes to a particular course. When compared to a diploma, it opened up more possibilities.

  1. List the two types of diplomas?

The following are the two most common types of diplomas:

Master’s Degree with Distinction

A certification that is equivalent to an undergraduate degree

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

A certification that is being practiced following the completion of a bachelor’s degree program

  1. What is the Diploma of Higher Education and how does it differ from a degree?

A credentialed professional qualification, such as a Diploma of Higher Education, makes it highly sought after by employers in the United Kingdom and around the world. A (DipHE) is closely related to Higher National Diploma in that it is focused on higher education (HND).

  1. In what way does a Diploma of Higher Education serve a purpose?

The DipHE is an outstanding entry point into several different careers. It is a quicker and much more prompt route into professions such as healthcare or counseling, and it takes only two years rather than 3 or 4. However, it still provides you with the knowledge and experience that is required for the position.

  1. What are the advantages of enrolling in a diploma program?
  • Completed in a relatively short period
  • When compared to a degree program, the costs of studies are lower.
  • Adaptable class schedules
  • Concentrate on the fundamental skills needed in the field.
  • Expertise gained through hands-on experience
  • Making contacts to find future employment opportunities
  1. Which one Should You Choose Between a Degree and a Diploma?

Nowadays, individuals are much more anxious about their higher education than they were in the past. Selecting a degree or diploma course can be a difficult decision; both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Finishing a degree course requires twice as much time as completing a diploma program. Because diploma courses are much more skilled and centered than more comprehensive degrees, this is the case. As a result, they focus primarily on practical as well as sector skills than degree programs, which benefit both conceptual academic knowledge and students who are more holistic in their approach.