5 Major Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a DUI Case

Regardless of the situation, if you’re facing a charge for driving under the influence of an illegal or addictive substance, it’s crucial to get a lawyer. Not getting a lawyer immediately will most likely make the situation worse.

Attorneys also provide legal guidance and assist in tasks regarding the DUI charges. If the matter gets to court, it’ll be almost impossible to survive without a lawyer, especially if the other party has a lawyer of their own.

Here’s how a lawyer can get you through the process of a DUI charge.

Why Do You Need a DUI Lawyer?


Simply put, a DUI lawyer helps their clients understand their situation and the charges they are facing. They also plan out a legal strategy for them and represent their client in court. But not just that, they can be helpful in several different factors, including:

Handling DUI Charges

In most cases, the services of a lawyer can help with clearing a DUI charge entirely or at least plea bargain for a lower penalty. Their legal support will help you avoid questions from police officers that might come back to bite later on.

Law firms like Trey Porter Law have professional attorneys who can also help collect and explain opposing evidence to the court.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

Attorneys have years of experience and practical knowledge for working with prosecutors and knowing what you need to say to get what you want. They negotiate with prosecutors to find an alternative penalty to jail time and reduce the plea bargain so the client won’t have as much of a burden.

Helping Avoid Conviction

One significant way that lawyers can assist you in a DUI case is by helping you avoid conviction. The lasting effects of a DUI conviction include making it difficult to find employment opportunities or even use credit. Your DUI lawyer can get the conviction expunged from your record, so it has an overall less harmful effect on your future.

Understanding the Law

Since laws change pretty often and different states have their own set of rules to follow, hiring a DUI attorney that is well-informed on the latest changes in DUI law is imperative.

It’s also not a good idea to represent yourself in court when the law can be confusing. You might say something you shouldn’t have that could be used against you and backfire ultimately.

The stakes and consequences of taking a DUI case head-on are devastating, and numbers show that hiring a lawyer dramatically increases the chances of success.

Knowing Useful Defense Tactics

You might think that a DUI case would have no defenses since driving under the influence is entirely illegal, right?

Well, not really; although it’s still illegal, attorneys are well-versed in defense tactics for every possible situation, and they can most likely help you avoid conviction.

An average person who hasn’t studied law will obviously not be able to hold an argument using defenses like these, even if they’ve read a few paragraphs on the internet about it. There’s no one better to do it than the person whose literal job is to do so.

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