12 Best Computer Courses In India For High Salary 2023

Obviously, it will be a great achievement in your life when your parents will smile a proud smile after hearing the news that you have received a high salaried job after doing a computer course. Yes, this is not the case only for you, this is the case for all parents.

Unemployment is one of the worst crusts around the world. Lots of educated students spending their days with frustration. But modern science and technological advancement have solved this problem in a greater way. When a student, after doing his or her graduation in a general stream, is crying for a government job, a computer student after completing his or her computer course may easily obtain a high salaried job and may maintain a lavish life.

As a fresher, you may be puzzled to look for an institution that provides a higher salaried job after successful completion of the computer course from that institution. This site will help you by offering a step-by-step guide for searching the best computer institute with its full detail. This is an extensive market research-oriented article that guides you with more information.

High Salaried Job Oriented Computer Courses List

S.No. Computer Courses Name Duration Eligibility
1 Big Data Engineer Course 6 Months B.Sc. degree in computer science
2 Data Scientist Course 6-12 Months B.Sc. degree in computer science
3 Computer and Information Scientists And Researchers Course 2-3 Years Any Bachelor degree
4 Computer Programmers Course 1-2 Years 12th from any stream
5 Video Game Designer Course 2 Years 12th from any stream
6 Network Security Administrator Course 2 Years Any Bachelor degree
7 Computer Systems Analysts Course 3 Years B.Sc. degree in computer science
8 Systems Software Engineers Course 4 Years Bachelor degree in software or computer system
9 Mobile Application Developer Course 6-12 Months Bachelor degree in software or mobile computing
10 Website Development Course 6 Months 12th from any stream

Below, is an outline of the highest salaried job-oriented computer courses in India with required qualification and a brief opportunity that you will receive after successful completion of the course. If you have completed your 12th standard examination or graduation from any discipline and looking for a successful career then go over the article and apply for a course that you are adept at.

1. Big Data Engineer Course

Extensive research for the highest paying job in the computer will be Big Data Engineers. At present, almost every company is trying to be more dependent on user data. This is why the companies are looking for a skilled person who will help the company to gain more data about the customer’s mind. If you have any dream to be a big data engineer for a reputed concern, this is an ideal course for you as it will provide you an in-depth knowledge of the position.

How to become a Big Data Engineer: If you want to be a Big Data Engineer you should have a B.Sc. degree in computer science, computer or software engineering. Real-life knowledge is also a pre-requisite for an entry-level position.

Salary of a Data Engineer: For a junior-level Data Engineer salary varies between $81,000-$160,000 and the salary for a senior level the varies between $103,000-$194,000 yearly.

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2. Data Scientist Course

Data Scientist India

The second high demand computer course that provides a high salary is the Data Scientist course. Like a Data Engineer, the position of Data Scientists also has high demand and every enterprise ready to pay a big buck on them. As the growth of any business largely depends on data, the data scientists enjoy the highest paying computer job for all time. If you have the necessary skills for this course, no need to waste your time-apply for the course to get the highest-paid job.

How to become a Data Scientist: If you want to be a successful data scientist you should have a B.Sc. degree in computer science. Real-life knowledge of data analysis is also a pre-requisite for an entry-level position.

Salary of a Data Engineer: For a junior-level Data Engineer salary varies between $87,000-$157,000 and the salary for a senior level the varies between $89,000 – $163,000 yearly.

3. Computer and Information Scientists And Researchers Course:

This course helps to solve computer hardware and software related problems. After successful completion of this course, a candidate gathers in-depth knowledge and understanding in business, engineering, and scientific & technological fields. The candidate may also lead governmental agencies, academic institutions, engineering firms, private software firms as an integral member of the research team.

How to Become a Computer and Information Scientists And Researchers: Any Bachelor degree student from the science stream with more than 50% in total is eligible for the course. But to become a ‘computer and information research scientists’ master degree in computer science is a must.

Salary of a Computer and Information Scientists And Researchers: Salaries for this post varies between$77,000 to $125,000 per year.

4. Computer Programmers Course

This is also a lubricating post in the software industry. Each software needs to write programs and this work is done by the Computer Programmers along with software engineers. A computer programmer utilizes programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. to develop productivity, invent debugging functions, and other functions. A computer programmer updates, modifies, repairs and expands existing programs using different engineering tools for particular applications, computer program, and other computer functions.

Who can do a Computer Programmer course: A 12 pass student of any stream with good marks can enroll his or her name for this course. But a student from a science background is the best suit for the course as in many cases the programming language is based on the mathematical concept.

Salary of a computer programmer: The annual earning of a computer programmer varies between $53,000-$90,000.

5. Video Game Designer Course

If you are a creative minded person and want to prove your creativity, then Video game design may be a good option for you. A video game designer must have a passion for gaming and love to learn the up to date programming languages and art and also have sufficient production skills in media, then never think a course apart from video game designing. The video game designing industry has a wealth of job opportunities depending on your interests & employment goal.

If you be a video game designer you can choose any one of these three options- Game Programmer, Game Artist, and Game Designer. If you be able to prove yourself as the best in any one of these three options, then you will earn a lot of money from this $100+ billion-dollar industry.

Who can do this course: Generally, a 12 pass candidate of any stream is suitable for this course. But remember the creativity, your passion, interest, and hard labor is the last speech for this course.

If you want to be a video game designer then a college degree in game design or if you have creative writing skill then video game designer is the best course for you.

You may become a video game programmer if you have any one of these qualifications

  • College degree in ‘video game development’.
  • Degree in computer science and software engineering.
  • Sufficient knowledge and a degree in mobile app development.
  • Degree in a programming language.

If you have a degree in game art or in traditional art then you may opt for the video game artist course. Along with this qualification, you must have sufficient knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Flash, etc.

Salary of a game designer: An experienced game designer may earn $1,00,000 annually.

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6. Network Security Administrator Course

When a hacker is going to ready to hack your valuable data, a network security administrator may destroy his goal. This course is in high demand at the present time because of this only reason. He or she manages everything for computer network security. Primarily a network security administrator ensures that the network is totally secured from any security threats whatever it may be internal or external threats.

A network security administrator may design & implement an effective network policy for total security of the network system. He or she must have in-depth knowledge of total security of the network system and he or she works with a network engineer to ensure total security in the network system. As without the help of a network security administrator,

Who can do a Network Security Administrator course: A graduate student of any stream with good marks can enroll his or her name for this course. But a student of science stream is good for this course.

Salary of a Network Security Administrator: An experienced Network Security Administrator earns $68,000 to $88,000 annually.

7. Computer Systems Analysts Course

This is also another good career for a candidate who is looking for a high salaried job in the computer industry. A computer system analyst is responsible to analyze the present computer system of the organization and design the total information system in such a way so that the organization can handle its computer system more efficiently.

An expert computer system analyst is the only person who can your business & information technology together only by understanding your crying needs. He or she conducts an in-depth test and analyze the valuable information and thereby increase the performance of your system so that your system works efficiently.

If you be an expert computer system analyst, you may easily be absorbed in the finance & insurance industry, governmental organization, computer system design service field, etc. A computer system analyst works with a software engineer, programmer, network security specialist and also with the management team to make the computer system more effective.

Who can do Computer Systems Analysts Course: A candidate who has B.Sc. degree in computer science or completed any one of these courses information systems, information science, applied mathematics, BBA (Bachelor in business administration), etc.

Salary of a computer system analyst: A Computer systems analyst may earn a salary of $58,000-$96,000 annually.

8. Systems Software Engineers Course

If you be a student from science stream and want a high salaried job in the computer industry, then the system software engineers course may be one of the best choices for you. A system software engineer can test, design and maintain the software system which runs the computer. A system software engineer has the ability to develop any operating system, business applications, middle ware, computer games, databases, and network control system.

A system software engineer maintains an intranet system that connects different departments of any organization. A system software engineer works on a broader scale as compared with a programmer. He or she is the blue eye of any organization. He or she may work as an employee or work independently.

How can do this system software course: A candidate who has a bachelor degree in 1. Software, 2. Computer systems, 3. Mathematics is eligible for this course. Along with this requisite qualification, he or she must have the requisite experience in computer system and application.

Salary of a system software engineer: An experienced system software engineer may earn $73,200-$114,000 per year. He or she may more money if works as a freelancer or establish a business.

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9. Mobile Application Developer Course

If you want to involve your self as an employee in the world fast-growing industry, then prepare yourself as a mobile application developer. As smartphone and tablets changing its functions every day, the mobile application developer plays an important role to develop different applications to meet the increasing demand of the fast-growing industry.

The knowledge in different programming languages is a pre-requisite to becoming a mobile application developer. He or she may develop a mobile application using C, C++ or Java programming language. A mobile application developer works on the Google Android platform or Apple iOS platform. A mobile application developer may work as a freelance or may start as an Application Development business.

Who can do this Mobile Application Developer Course: To be a successful Application Developer a candidate should 12th pass with a good academic score. But if the candidate comes from a science background, he or she may adopt the course very well. However, to be a mobile application developer, he or she should have a bachelor degree in 1. Software engineering, 2. Mobile computing, 3. Computer science, etc. Strong programming knowledge provides an added advantage to become a successful application developer.

Salary of a mobile application developer: Annual salary of an experienced application developer may vary from $1,00,000 to $107,000.If he or she works as a freelance application developer, may earn more annually.

10. Website Development Course

Website Development Course

This is another high demand course with a high level of salary. At present most of the business organization want to advertise their products on the internet. So, they need a website that can work as an advertising platform on behalf of the company. To develop a website the company hires a web developer.

A web developer is a programmer who is experienced in developing application relating to the WWW (World Wide Web) or distributed network application that runs protocols like HTTP from any web server to the client browser using programming languages like C#, HTML or CSS, PHP, etc. Remember, a web developer and web designer are two distinct people of which one develop a website and the other design that site.

Who can do a Web developer course: A science graduate with a good academic background is suitable for this course. With this qualification knowledge in Photoshop, Flash and the knowledge of other multimedia software will offer an extra advantage.

Salary of a web developer: The average annual salary of a web developer is approx. $73,000.

11. Data Modeler Course

This is another high salaried job in the computer industry. A data modeler is a system analyst who works with the team of the architect who develops physical, logical and conceptual data models for the computers. A Data modeler devises the processes that separate the mass amount of data in the computer system to reduce or redundant data that will improve the data transfer between the systems.

Who can do a Data Modeler Course: To be a data Modeler one should have a bachelor degree in computer or in information science on in applied mathematics.

Salary of a Data modeler: The annual salary of a data modeler varies between $75,000 to $103,000 per year.

12. Blockchain Developer Course

If you want a high salaried job in the computer industry Blockchain Developer Course may also be a good choice for you. A blockchain developer uses blockchain technology along with programming languages to overcome problems of any firm. A Blockchain developer creates web services for blockchain payments. He or she also develops back-end services for financial transactions and enables payment system online.

Who can do a Blockchain Developer Course: If you have the following qualification you will do this course-

  • Bachelor degree in computer science,
  • Master degree in Information Technology.

If you have strong programming skill in C, C++, C#, ASP .Net and similar programming languages you will get an extra advantage in the job field.

Salary of a Blockchain Developer: The average annual salary of a Block chain developer varies between $122,000 to $179,000.

The above-mentioned courses are not only the high paid job in the computer industry. There are many other courses that also offer a high salary. Some of them are Web Editor, Software Architect, QA Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Java Developer, IT Operation Analyst, Full Stack Developer, Electronics Engineer, Application Developer, Hardware Engineer, etc., etc.

One thing you should remember that not all courses are suitable for all students. So, before choosing a course take detail information about the course, think twice whether it is suitable for you or not, then take admission and enjoy a high salaried job life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any benefit of pursuing computer courses?

Yes, you can come across various computer courses that are offered to the students after 10+2. It will be good to continue with those courses because they have vast opportunities. You can quickly get a job in any company after completing the computer course.

  • What are the best computer courses that you can pursue?

You may come across ample computer courses but the most demanding ones are big data engineer course, computer programmer course, video game designer course, website development and many other ones.

  • Are these jobs paying high salaries to the candidates?

Yes, some of these jobs are very good, and they pay handsome salaries to the candidates with a better future. It can also give great scopes through which they can earn a lot of money.

  • How can one become a big data engineer?

If you dream to become a big data engineer, it is possible with a B.Sc degree in computer science. However, you can also try some other short-term courses that are related to this subject. This will help you to become a successful data engineer in the future.

  • Who is eligible to do a computer programmer course?

You must be eager to know about the matter of who can pursue a computer programmer course? You have to complete your 12 classes from any stream and pursue this course. But passing 10+2 is essential. Many believe that a student from a science background is best suited for this course. This is because the course is based on mathematical concepts.

  • What is the significance of the video game designer course?

It is another exciting course that you must pursue. Through this course, you can design various cartoon characters. This will help you to create animated stories. The demand for video designer courses is gradually increasing among the students as they want to pursue them. As a video game designer, you must have the passion and love to learn and update various programming languages. These skills are required in the profession.

  • What are the job opportunities of a video game designer?

You may have the option to serve in many companies that look for designers. Many website development companies also search for video game designers. You can also work as a freelancer and earn a lot of money. If you want to make as a video game designer, then the sky is the limit.

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