Computer Courses After 12th Science Stream: Career, Scope & Job

‘What shall I do after my Higher Secondary Examination’—this is the most important question to almost every student. Class 12 is a turning season to the students as after this class students become adult and they begin to think about their future.

After passing 12th standard they want to choose such a course that will stabilize their future and they may get a better way of earning. Computer courses must be a good option after passing 12th science stream. A professional computer course may offer them a dream job with a higher salary and certainty of the future.

To build an established career in computer, students look for the best Computer Courses After 12th Science Stream. Almost all students prefer computer courses as they love modern technological advancement and they easily adjust themselves with such courses. Students want to develop their knowledge, their skills in computer.

There are lots of computer courses along with computer institutions in the market, but which institution is the best and offer 100% job oriented career courses is a question. Here is a guideline about various computer courses along with their career option, scope and job availability.

Generally, a student with higher merits loves science as they know there are multiple career options after successful completion of the 12th standard examination. Computer courses are the best option for them as how much tough the syllabus is, they can easily adjust to this course. So, they make a successful career after doing such a course and they may be absorbed with a higher salary.

Computer courses after 12th Science stream

There are lots of computer courses with different levels of scopes and facilities. They can easily take admission in courses like Multimedia, VFX, 3D Animation, Graphics Design courses if they have a passion for creativity. They may also choose Digital Marketing Course as their future option if they wish to become themselves as a successful digital marketer.

After passing out in 12th class they may also become a Web developer and designer and for that Web Development and Web Designing may be the best option for them. However, there are certain courses that are specially designed for the students who successfully pass out in 12th examination.

These courses are divided into two categories like Bachelors’ Degree Courses and Diploma Courses. Each course has a different academic session, different scope, and facility.

These courses are like—

Bachelors’ Degree Courses:

  1. B.E./ B. Tech. in ‘Computer Science’- 4 Years.
  2. B.E. / B. Tech. in ‘Computer Engineering’- 4 Years.
  3. B.E. / B.Tech. in ‘Software Engineering’ – 4 years.
  4. B.E. / B.Tech. in ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ – 4 years.
  5. B.E. / B.Tech. ‘Computer and Communication Engineering’ – 4 years
  6. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) – 3 years
  7. B.Sc. in ‘Computer Science’ – 3 years
  8. B.Sc. in ‘Computer Engineering’ – 3 years
  9. B.Sc. in ‘Software Technology’ – 3 years

Diploma courses

  • Diploma in ‘Computer Engineering’ – 3 years
  • Diploma in ‘Software Engineering’ – 3 years
  • Diploma in ‘Computer Technology’ – 3 years
  • Diploma in ‘Computer Hardware Technology’ – 3 years
  • Diploma in ‘Hardware and Networking’ – 3 years
  • Diploma in ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ – 3 years

Apart from the above-mentioned courses, certificate courses and vocational training courses on the computer are also available in certain institutions. Students who have successfully completed the 12th class examination can continue the above-mentioned courses.

A candidate after successful completion of any Diploma Course may enroll his or her name in Bachelors’ Degree Course in the 2nd academic year of B.E. or B. Tech.

Career prospect of the above-mentioned courses: A candidate after successful completion of any course mentioned above may be absorbed as a Software engineer, Software developer, System admin, Consultant or IT officer in Software companies or MNCs or IT companies or banking sectors or Educational institutes or Government departments, etc.

B.E./B.Tech. Computer Science and Computer Engineering Course

Both computer science and computer engineering are favorite among students because both these courses offer decent employment opportunities after successful completion of 12th level. However, here you will get a complete idea about course syllabus, course duration, who are eligible for the course i.e. the eligibility criteria, job opportunities, etc.

This is a  4 years course which is divided into 8 semesters under 6 months duration of each semester. Each semester has theoretical as well as practical subjects. A student under this course learns everything about computer sciences, almost all programming languages, software development & testing, networking, etc.

Detail about the course: Each semester has different modules but all are practical oriented and have Industry-specific usage.

In 1st & 2nd semester, students learn Engineering subjects with lab session & workshop. However, the subjects in these two semesters are-

  • Engineering Mathematics.
  • Engineering Physics.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Elements of Electrical Engineering.
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Mechanics of Solids.
  • Basics of Civil Engineering.
  • Engineering Graphics.
  • Computer Programming & Utilization.
  • Environmental Science.

However, after the 2nd session i.e. from 3rd to 8th session, the course contains the following subjects.

  • Electronics & Semiconductors.
  • Data Structure & Management.
  • Logic Design.
  • File Structure.
  • Database Management.
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) using C++.
  • Operating System (OS).
  • Microprocessors.
  • Computer Networks.
  • Graphics & Multimedia.
  • Algorithm Design & Analysis.
  • Programming using Java.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Advanced Processors.
  • Theory of Computation.
  • Web Technology & Web Scripting.
  • Compiler Design.
  • Operating System Design & Development.
  • Soft Computing.
  • Advanced Java.
  • Web Data Management.
  • Management.
  • Software Quality Testing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Remember that along with these subjects the industry-related practical classes are also available.

Eligibility Criteria: A science student who has passed 12th class board examination with Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry and state-level ‘entrance examination’ are eligible to take admission in this degree course.

Scope, Salary and Job opportunities: After successful completion of the course with good academic results may be absorbed both in Government as well as Private Sectors under the following posts-

Apart from these job opportunities, one may also start his or her own business in programming & software development and remain self-employed and may earn a lot of money as profit from the business.

Salary: Rs.3,00,000 – Rs.5,00,000 per annum with multiple levels of facilities.

Bachelor of Computer Application/BCA course detail

This is a 3 years course and each year is divided into 2 semesters and each semester is of 6 months. Students may take admission in Government colleges or Private colleges. The admission procedures are different in some colleges. The good college emphasis on entrance examination based ‘merit basis’ admission. Admission fees for this course may vary between 50k-100k every year.

BCA Course Curriculum: There are little differences in courses in different BCA colleges. However, the basic courses that almost all institutions follow are-

  • Programming in C (Basic & Advanced level)
  • Communication Skills.
  • Networking.
  • WWW (World Wide Web).
  • Data Structure.
  • DBMS/Database Management System.
  • Mathematics.
  • Multimedia.
  • RDBMS.
  • Software Engineering.
  • OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) using C++
  • Visual Basic.
  • JAVA.
  • Oracle.
  • Programming using PHP.
  • Operating Systems (OS).
  • Web Scripting & Development.
  • Internet Security & Cyber Laws.

Eligibility Criteria: A candidate who has passed 12th from any recognized board with 40-50% marks is eligible for this course.

Career scope, salary and Job Opportunities: After successful completion of the course with good academic results may be absorbed both in Government as well as Private Sectors under the following posts-

  • Software Engineer.
  • Software Tester.
  • Database Management system professional.
  • Project Manager.
  • Information Security and Information Management professional.
  • System Administrator.
  • Software Architect
  • Project Manager, etc.

A candidate may also be self-employed by becoming freelance software developers or software consultants or software security expert, etc.

Salary: Rs. 1,80,000-Rs.3,00,000 with multiple levels of facilities.

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B.Sc. Computer Science course detail

This is also a 3 years course of which each year is divided into 2 semesters i.e. the whole course is of 6 semesters. Admission is done on the basis of the marks that a candidate has obtained in the 12th class examination or on the basis of the merit list of the entrance examination.

Course Curriculum: Both government colleges and private colleges are available for admission in this course. However, there are certain differences in course fees, admission procedure, and syllabus. In general, almost all institution follow these subjects-

  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • C Programming.
  • Physics and Mathematics with Calculus (Advanced level).
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Theory of Matrices.
  • Object-Oriented Programming through C++.
  • RDMS (Relational Database Management System).
  • Differential Equations.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Data Structure.
  • Theory on Graph.
  • Software Engineering.
  • Computer Networking.
  • Java.
  • PHP Basic.
  • Operating System
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile Computing Basic.
  • Data mining & Data warehousing.

Job opportunities and career prospects: After successful completion of this course a candidate may be absorbed as a software developer, Software engineer, IT Officer or System admin in software companies, IT companies, Banking Sectors, Educational Institution, etc. The candidate may also start his or her own software company or may work as a freelancer.

Salary: Rs. 1,50,000-Rs. 2,00,000 with multiple levels of facilities.

These are no doubt the best computer courses for science students who have successfully passed 12th class examination. Successfully completion of these courses has a bright career opportunity.

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