How To Become a Software Developer in India?

Being a software developer seems like one of the most fascinating jobs. Lots of candidates who are interested in developing programs, tools, games and other digital interfaces love this profession. It is one of the demanding field and lakhs of students enrol in top universities for software development course. Even though this field seems interesting, there are lots of logical things to learn about. Learning computer language is one of the typical things which takes dedication, passion and a keen interest.

Do you have an interest to learn C, C++, Java, Dot Net, and C# languages? If yes, then you should pursue a software developer course. Software engineering is an appropriate course for those aspirants who have creative thoughts and unique ideas. It is a technically-driven field. Software developer course promotes the principles of mathematics, computer science and engineering in designing and creating software. The candidates who wish to pursue the same must have a technical degree in the respective field.

The course is usually specialized in science engineering and IT (Information Technology). If you have a good command of the programming language then you can go for the software developer course.

How To Become a Software Developer in India

Software Developer – Overview

A software developer can learn the process of writing and maintain the source code but in a broader sense. Also, you should go through various processes like conceiving, programming, documenting, testing, and maintaining applications, frameworks and create software components. The concept of the desired software is to be planned and teach the whole process. A career in this field is not only productive but also the highest demanding one. Software developers are known as the creative person who is responsible for the user’s task. In this field, you need to be more confident and passionate.

Benefits of becoming a Software Developer:

Those working in the domain of Java and Dot Net will receive high salary packages and incredible placements. The qualifying candidates work in the IT sector or non-IT sectors. Apart from this, the job role includes developing internet applications, video games creator, testing and running new networks. Moreover, than that, developers check the software programs, do research and present creative design. After becoming a software developer you can work with UX designers, developers and international companies. You should also train new users after completing the course.

Eligibility for doing software developer:

The candidates who are willing to pursue the course must have to fulfil the under mentioned criteria-

For Undergraduate Courses:

  • Aspirants must have cleared their 10+2 or any other equivalent examination from an authorized board in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • The candidate must have achieved an aggregate of 55% marks in 10+2.
  • For pursuing B.Tech / B.E. in software engineering or diploma course, a minimum of 55% marks in 10+2 or equivalent is compulsorily required.

For postgraduate courses:

If you are seeking admission in a master course, a bachelor’s degree must be attached.

  • The candidates must have a passing certificate of graduation level with an aggregate of 50% marks for M. Tech admission.
  • Furthermore, you have a valid scorecard of any of the required entrance exam for taking admission in UG, PG, diploma, and doctoral programs.

You can take admission to UG programmes based on JEE Main. Everyone knows it is the national level exam that is conducted in April or May. There are so many universities and institutes that organized their entrance exam for providing admission.

You can also apply for the GATE exam to take admission for master’s course like M.Tech.

Top reputed Entrance Exam:

Here are mention the following entrance exams. For deep detail check the exam syllabus and exam date-

  • JEE Advanced

Preparing for these exams to enroll in a top institution is possible. Make sure you start prepare for these exams as early as possible to enroll directly.

Becomes software developer after 10th and 12th:

This option is also available for those who don’t need to study computer programming at university. With the right help, training and support you could go for a junior engineer. There is no qualification for beginners. A software development certificate can bring a lot of opportunities for you. You can boost your knowledge and no need to tense about the skills gap. Some of the popular certificates are mention here-

  • Oracle (APEX) authorized by Oracle
  • Scrum authorized by Scrum Alliance
  • Salesforce authorized by Salesforce. Com
  • Puppet authorized by Puppet labs
  • Oracle Java Certification authorized by Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure authorized by Microsoft
  • AWS certificate developer authorized by Amazon Web Services
  • CCDH authorized by Cloudera

Besides certificates, there are numerous programs offered by trustworthy institutes and organizations like Microsoft. Isn’t it is a great opportunity?  There is no better kick start than taking a certification course. You might find job opportunities or collaborate with big companies. The full time working offers you an impressive pay scale and massive respect.

Skills to require for becoming a software Developer:

You have to be a master in Real-time JAVA, C, python, and C++ and have a knowledge of all important programming languages. A non-degree holder in CS, ECE can learn about computer software and programming tools. You should have practice knowledge about the language and at least you can work in real-time with these tools. For this, you can look for a coding dojo.

Another skill is coding. You should also learn about the skill set. You can go with online material to gain knowledge. Several students choose self-learn coding and know-how coding works.


If you are not ready to invest your money in a software development course, you can be a part of the learner, or be a freelancer. Proficient websites like LinkedIn is a good place to start find freelance opportunities. You can pick a full-time job experience as a software developer. With this option, you are upgrading yourself as a phenomenal software developer. The work opportunities for software developer are available in various companies and sectors. There are many employment opportunities below mentioned for software developer:

IT Companies, Start-Ups, NON-IT companies, Insurance, Finance, MNCs, Banking and more

Learn the software tools and Programming Languages:

Every aspirant should expert at least in one or two languages. The developer is responsible for creating website applications that decide the success of the user. You should learn Python, JAVA, Ruby, SQL, PHP, Refer guru 99 and many more language programmers. You should be aware of several other concepts that every software developer should learn.

 The software developer also knows about machine concepts, artificial intelligence, full-stack developments and blockchain


For Information Technology:

  • Introduction to IT
  • Programming and Data Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Design and Implementation
  • Network port System
  • Programming
  • Computer Communication Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis
  • DataBase management
  • Object-oriented Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Application

Business management :

  • Introduction of Management Functions
  • Management Support and Systems
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Accounting and Management control
  • Organizational Behaviour


  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Probability and Combinatorics
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Statistical computing

Topics as per week:

The candidate should follow the following topics and weekly schedules.

Week 01: Course introduction

Week 02: file IO, Exception handling

Week 03: Object-oriented Programming and Data Structures

Week 04: Inheritance, Interfaces

Week 05: logging, Debugging

Week 06: Multithreading basics

Week 07: MID Exam

Week 08: No classes

Week 09: Advanced Multithreading

Week10: Unit Testing, Regular Expressions


Week12: Sessions, Coolies, Jetty, Servlets

Week13: SQL, JDBC, Databases

Week14: Final Exam

Week15: Comprehensive Example

Week16: Special Topics

Weel17: final Project Interactive Grading

Interactive grading for the final projects will be conducted during the final weeks.

College and institutes for software developer course:

Some of the top software development institutes are as follow:

  • Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram- 10,800 average annual fees
  • Alagappa University, Karaikui- 4,500 average annual fees
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai-7,300 average annual fees
  • Ramanujan College, New Delhi- 28,000 average annual fees
  • MZU, Aizawal- 5,100 average annual fees

Types of a software developer:

There are different types of software developers. Some of mentioned are here-

  • Data scientist
  • Full-stack developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Desktop Developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back- end developer
  • Game Developer
  • Graphics developer
  • Big data developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • CRM developer
  • API developer
  • Embedded system developer

Top Recruiting Companies:

There is a huge demand for this profession. The job and salary package for software developers is quite good. IT sectors, MNc hire software developers. Some of them are-

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • HCL technologies
  • Mind Tree
  • Oracle Financial Services
  • Juniper networks
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Apple
  • Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
  • Cisco

These are some of the reputed companies that offer great salary packages every year. Getting recruited in any of these MNCs can provide you a range of advantages.


Based on the research, excellent packages, and skyrocketing growth, software development is an excellent field to opt after. In case you want to follow your passion for developing software, tools, games, or other applications, then considering this field would be a great choice. We hope this post helped you in gaining essential details.

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