List of Different Types of Management Courses

Management courses in India have great scope for students from different fields. And that’s the reason why this is one of the most popular categories of courses among the students and that’s the reason we have enlisted the all different types of management courses in India. Regardless of the level of education you have, you can take admission in the management courses to make your future more secure than other courses.

Unlike other options, management courses have the facility to be chosen at any level of education. You can opt for the graduate level courses after you have completed the schooling, or opt for the PG management course after you have done your graduation. Also, there are some universities that offer you to do graduation and post-graduation by enrolling in one course. These courses are called integrated courses and have a longer duration than the normal graduation courses.

In all, if you are fond of management skills and are looking for a secure future after completing the studies, you should once consider management courses for yourself. In the article, we will be talking about the different management courses in detail so that you can decide which one of them is a better choice for you.

Scope for management courses in India

Management courses are great for the student seeking great career opportunities and a stable future. After completing the management course in the respective field, you can apply for the management position including the manager and supervisor for the field. Depending on your graduation and people handling skills you can easily get a great reputation in the firm and secure a good position in the company.

Management Courses India

Depending on your college and skills, you can easily apply for the government jobs and apply for the job abroad. So, if you are after scope and opportunities, you should not overlook the management courses.

Also, as the management courses in India are available for different stages of the education level, you can easily enroll in the courses at any stage, after completing your school or after your graduation.

Like other professional courses, management courses also have the entrance exam for them, and it is essential that you crack them with better marks to get assured of getting a better college with the best possible scholarships.

So, choose the best course according to your interest and get the best opportunities in the future to live a stable life.

Types of management courses and their complexity

Depending on the level of education, management can be divided into three/four major categories. These along with the courses in each category are described briefly below. Have a look at them once and then decide which one of them is the right choice for you.

  • Undergraduate courses

The first category of management course that we are going to talk about here is the under-graduate management courses. These courses offer basic knowledge of the field in comparison with all the management courses and are meant for the students who have just completed their schooling. There are a few entrance tests for the under-graduate courses too, and depending on the university you are looking to opt-in, you should clear the exam with the desired score.

There are numerous colleges offering the degree in the BBA (Bachelor in Business Applications) that make it an easy choice for the students who have just completed their schooling and are searching for a course that can help them build a better base for management skills. Once you have completed the graduation with management course, you can either choose to work for a management firm in your area or choose to study more and get a post-graduate degree in management.

With the rightly chosen college and university, you can be assured of choosing the right path to achieve a successful. So, regardless of the course you have chosen for you, try finding the best college/university in your preferred city.

  • Post-Graduation courses

Post-graduation is the next step for achieving a perfect life after the course completion. Along with better job opportunities and job prospects, post-graduation in management makes it a worthy choice for students. So, if you are looking for better opportunities and are want to get more knowledge of the field, we will suggest you to go with post-graduation.

For the post-graduation for a management course, we have an MBA. The MBA is a full time and part-time post-graduation course that offers students detailed information on all the subjects of the course. Generally, the MBA can be enrolled after giving the entrance test. So, if you are willing to do post-graduation after completing your graduation in management or other streams, you need to clear CAT or other dedicated entrance tests for the post-graduation management course. Your score will help you choose a better college for better placement after course completion.

After completing the post-graduation, you can directly apply for the position of a senior manager in a company and get a better salary package for yourself. This makes these courses a worthy choice for the students who are looking for better job opportunities and secure life after joining a company.

  • Diploma courses

For the students who are looking for a management course and better placement, but aren’t willing to invest too much money in education, the diploma courses can be a better option to go with. Though the course is not too intense like the MBA or BBA. Diploma courses can offer practical knowledge of the subjects in much lesser time than full-time courses. They are not only cheaper than the normal courses but as the companies also choose the Diploma students for them, you can opt for the Diploma courses as well.

Though the salary is relatively less than the MBA or BBA students, still you can hold a good position in the company after completing the diploma. Like the regular course, the diploma courses are also available for postgraduate level students. SO, choose the best courses for yourself and get the best placement opportunities.

The best thing about the diploma management course is you can opt for them while working in a firm too. Like if you have started a good job after your graduation and still want to earn a higher degree the postgraduate diploma in management will be an ideal choice for you. So, think about it and then make the right decision.

  • Integrated course

Another option for the students who have just completed their schooling and want to enroll for the management course that can help them get a Master’s degree in a go is the integrated management course. Here, the total duration of the course is five years, where the first three are dedicated to the graduate level subjects, and the other two years are for the subjects that are usually taught under post-graduation course. This way, the students get complete knowledge of the course without searching for the different colleges for both of them. This is a worthy course for the students who are looking for a better value for money and lesser duration for completing the post-graduation.

Whether you should opt for the management courses after your schooling?

Management courses are great for knowledge and getting the best career opportunities after course completion. So, whether you are after the knowledge or the future prospective, the management course can be an excellent way to achieve them.

Additionally, there are numerous colleges and universities in India that provide different management courses. And you can easily choose a better course and a brilliant college for your course. In order to choose the best business school for yourself, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind. And these points are placement history, teaching staff, and facilities. So, be sure to check these before finalizing the college for yourself.

This simple step can help you buy a highly reliable management college that can help you achieve better placement and career opportunities after completing the course from college.

Skills you should get better job opportunities after course completion

Along with the degree and better project handling, there are a few more skills that you need to possess to get a better job opportunity and get an ideal pay scale after course completion. Some of the ideal qualities that the companies often look for in a job aspirant are better pressure handling, a way to tackle people, calm nature, and powerful decision-making abilities. With these abilities, a student becomes an ideal candidate for the company. So, if you lack these abilities, we will suggest you to go through the grooming course too while doing the management course. This will not only help you be a better person in all, but will also enhance the chances of getting a better job in a more reputed company than you have expected.


So, this was the complete information about the different management courses available in India. Now once you are aware of the available courses, you can easily choose a better course according to your education level and fee structure of the course in the preferred college.

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