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These days people have shifted their focus from the traditional courses and are looking for new-age courses in a bid to make a career in that field. It is why we’re seeing the adoption of different educational curriculum and courses in India for the past few years. One such course that has become one of the preferred options is the printing technology course.

Printing technology courses have a different allure to them, something that other courses cannot offer. And the way the world is gravitating towards, the need for experts and people with knowledge from this field are much needed. There are plenty of printing technology-based courses in India that students can look up to. We will here take a look at some of those courses and brief you on them. Read along.

What is Printing Technology Stream?

Printing technology looks at the aspect of reproducing the images on paper or any other surface with the help of a press. The press is also known as the printing press and is vital to the entire operation of putting the image onto the surface. This is a course that is branched out of the science and engineering stream with a dedicated degree for those students who want to build a career in it.

Printing Technology Course

The printing technology stream focuses on subjects like physics, electronics, mechanical, mathematics, computer science, and more. The practical application of the printing technology course is explored in the fields of printing, press, publishing, print media, and more. The course is offered by plenty of universities and institutes across the length and breadth of the nation.

Scope of Printing Technology Courses

Although the digital printing era is already on the rise, the scope for printing technology isn’t likely to go down. With the advancement in technology and the rise in population, people need print materials whether it’s a book or newspaper, or anything in print media. For that to function smoothly, people with expertise in printing technology need to be groomed. The opportunities for printing technology students is quite vast and is still untapped if we were to say.

A student who qualifies and is awarded a degree in this field can go on to take prominent roles in workplaces and environments like the printing press, ad agencies, packaging and designing industries, publishing houses, digital print media companies. They can take roles like trainees, service engineers, press operators, press officers, publication supervisors, publication assistants, and more.

Courses on offer in Printing Technology

There are many courses offered in the field of printing technology starting from the certificate courses to the undergraduate programs and post-graduate degrees. Let’s find out details about the courses offered in printing technology.

1. Diploma in Printing Technology

Starting our list with the first entry is the diploma based course offering in printing technology. This one is a first entry course into the field and allows students the learning and know-how of the basic working mechanism and more. Let’s find out about this course, its details, and scope in brief down below:

Course details

As aforementioned above, this one is an entry-level diploma program designed for students who have completed their high school and are looking to stake a foot in the printing technology field. The course runs for 3 years, unlike other diploma courses that run for only a couple of years. This course is divided into semesters with each semester defining six months. There are a total of six semesters in this course. The major modules taught in this course are printing process, advertising, offset printing, English and communication, packaging technology, and more.


Since this is the very first level entry course, a student can pursue this after completing high school. They can apply for the course if they have completed their +2 or high school with at least 50% marks from a recognized board.


Students have the option to continue their education and take part in the graduation course or go for the practical work experience. They can join fields like publishing houses, print media, agencies, newspapers, and more.

2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc in Printing Technology) 

Now coming up next we have the undergraduate level courses available in printing technologies for you. There are only a few undergraduate programs under printing technology of which we’ll discuss one of them here and the other one in the next point:

Course details

This undergraduate program is a part of the Bachelor of Science offering with a major in Printing Technology. It has a duration of three years. This course is a top ranked-choice for students looking for a stable career pathway in this field. It allows a person to develop skills and knowledge about modern printing practices, technological aspects of printing, decision making, and process making of the publishing, packaging, distributing, and marketing of the printing materials. It also offers an insight into digital media printing and gives the idea to stay intuned with the new age methods. This course is offered as part of the graduation course by many universities situated in India.


Since this is a branched out course of Bachelor of Science, the eligibility criteria are a bit strict. Students who want to build a career in printing technology and pursue this course should have academically cleared off their high school with a minimum of 50% marks. It is also mandated that the student should have taken the major subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics during high school.


The career potential is enormous and vast once students complete this course. They can get into fields with roles like graphic designers, proofreaders, digital printing operators, assistant print managers, and more.

3. Bachelor of Technology in Printing Technology (B.Tech in Printing Technology)

The third course on our list is another undergraduate program offered to students who have completed high schools. This is a well-regarded course among students and is often marked as the one to pursue. Let’s find out the syllabus, scope, and eligibility for this course.

Course details

This is an undergraduate course program offered in printing technology. The course is offered as the name Bachelor of Technology in Printing Technology and is provided for four years. The course is a highlight of many universities with plenty of students opting for admission into this. The course deals with the aspects of the printing press and its working mechanism. It also looks at the aspect of fundamentals of computer programming, English and communication, electrical technology, printing processes, digital electronic circuits, and more. A student will have to undergo a semester wise examination in this course with each semester running for six months.


B.Tech in Printing Technology requires a candidate to comply with all the eligibility criteria to be counted as suited for the course. The eligibility criteria revolve around securing good academic marks with a minimum of 50% in the high school, completion of high school from a recognized board, and the mandate of major subjects physics, chemistry, and mathematics during high school.


Having taken this course, it is likely that you will receive a campus placement with many top companies offering you the job. You will likely get an offer in the fields of professor, printing officer, marketing manager, screen room manager, and more.

4. Masters of Science in Printing Technology (M.Sc in Printing Technology)

We have already taken a look at two of the graduate-level programs offered in printing technology. The next step in the career for anyone after graduation is the further study of the post-graduation course. So we’ve come up with a post-graduate course here down below.

Course details

M.Sc in Printing Technology is an advanced level masters program or post-graduate program available for students who have completed their graduate programs in a similar field. This course helps to scale the knowledge and build hyper-targeted skills into the candidate so that they can make a good career down the line. A student is likely to learn aspects like hand-operated printing, steam-powered printing option, laser printing, 3d printing, and more. They will also learn about the use of digital print and its purpose in the modern day time. The course is offered as part of a two-year syllabus.


Any students who after completing their graduation wishes to be part of the master’s program in printing technology can apply for the course provided that they have already completed their undergraduate course. There is also an academic marking cut-off which means a candidate should have scored at least 50% marks in the undergraduate program in a similar domain.


The scope of this course speaks of all great choices for students. A student with a master’s degree in printing technology is likely to get the managerial level position going ahead. He/she will be offered job opportunities by the likes of print media, advertising agencies, publishing houses, editorial, and graphic designing.

5. Master of Technology (M.Tech in Printing Technology)

This is another highly regarded master’s program for students in the printing technology field. Students with a prior graduation degree will have a great career path going ahead with this course. Let’s find out the printing technology course syllabus and the details about the course down below.

Course details

This is a master program that is offered by the top universities spread across the length and breadth of India. The course is offered in two year program which helps build the requisite skills and knowledge in the individual to handle and take managerial steps into the printing field. This course is well placed to be one of the highly esteemed ones across the entire program offerings for printing technology. The modules that a student will learn and build knowledge on the basis are typography and typesetting, flexography, gravure technology, printing ink technology, offset technology, book publishing, quality control, and more.


This is a post-graduate program that is highly acclaimed and hence has a strict set of eligibility criteria. Any candidate willing to apply to this course should have academically cleared their graduation in B.Tech or similar course with at least 50% marks. The course also mandates that the students should have pursued their graduation from a recognized university.


The job profiles and roles on offer for an M.Tech in Printing Technology are pretty high and comes with options like printing manager, printing supervisor,  screen room manager, publishing manager, editor, quality assurance manager, and more.

Apart from the aforementioned courses, you can also find different courses like certificate courses in printing technology which runs for 6 months to 1 year. We hope that you can find the course of your choice and make a good career decision with the help of these details.

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