What Is PCMB Subject? Career Options, Scope & Jobs

PCMB is an excellent field for those students who are willing to take advantage of both PCB and PCM fields and are willing to have the career fields open after completing graduation. IN all, if you are willing to have Biology in for 11th and 12th and aren’t too keen to give up on Mathematics concepts, PCMB can be a worthy choice to go with. Along with being an extremely reliable course stream for better career opportunities, the PCMB course stream also lets the student learn the concepts of Mathematics and Biology that make them more efficient than the students of any of these fields.

In case you are also planning to take PCMB as your course stream after the 10th, this article will be extremely helpful to know all the necessary things about the stream, career opportunities, and benefits of choosing the course over the other streams available in India. So, stay with us until the end and then decide whether you should opt for PCMB or go with a more conventional PCB or PCM.

Benefits of choosing the PCMB over other streams


First of all, let’s talk about the benefits that you can avail by choosing PCMB over the other course streams popular in India. Here are a few benefits that you can avail by choosing the stream over others. Have a look at these benefits and then decide whether it is a worthy option for you or not.

  • You will get a good knowledge of both Math and Biology fields

The first and most talked about the benefit of choosing PCMB over other course streams popular in India is that you will have knowledge of both Mathematics and Biology. This will help you choose the right career option and further studies.

  • You can try both Engineering and Medical courses

One more benefit that you can avail of after choosing for the PCMB stream is to choose any of the streams related to the course. Yes, you heard it right, you can go with Engineering, or go with the BSc in Genetics along with many other similar graduation/postgraduation degrees. In all, PCMB offers brilliant career opportunities to the students.

  • There are exclusive Biotechnical courses that you can opt for

Apart from the Biology and Mathematics field, you can also opt for the exclusive Biotechnology and Genetics field. In India, Engineering in Biotechnology is a popular choice for students. This is a great course if you are interested in Biology and are looking to include technology and concepts of Biology. Also, you can opt for the different courses related to genetics. So, if you are after exclusive courses, PCMB would be the first step for you to enter this glorious field.

  • There are lots of government as well as private job options that you can try on

Another reason why you should go with the PCMB course stream is as this is a relatively new and less common field, there is a great scope in both the private and government sector. You can easily grab a respectable job in a private firm or go with a government job after completing graduation. So, if you are after a field that has less competition and great career opportunities, PCMB can be a worthy choice to make.

So, these were a few benefits of choosing the PCMB course for 11th and 12th.Apart from this, this is an extremely helpful field for those students who are looking to have some extra career opportunities than other students. So, if you are willing to avail of these benefits, we will suggest you to go with PCMB course stream.

Subjects that you are going to learn in two years

If you are looking forward to choose the PCMB course stream for the 11th and 12th, then it is extremely important to know about the subjects and topics that you are going to learn about in these two years. Here is the list of topics that you are going to learn in your school after opting for the PCMB stream. Have a look at these to understand the base of how the subjects learned here can help you achieve a better career after completing graduation/postgraduation.

  • Biology

Biology and Human Welfare

Human Physiology

Biotechnology and its applications


  • Physics

Laws of motion



Electromagnetic waves

  • Chemistry

Structure of atom

Chemical kinetics

Organic chemistry

Redox reaction

  • Mathematics


Permutation & combination

Differential and Integration

As you can experience, the course has both mathematics and biology in great detail. This makes it a worthy choice for the students who are willing to have knowledge of both Mathematics and Biology.

Eligibility of having PCMB in 11th

Another important thing that you should care for while choosing a course stream is eligibility. Like the PCM stream needs the students to score better in Mathematics, and the PCB needs better marks in Biology, PCMB requires students to score equally well in Mathematics and Science. And as you will be learning about the core topics that will help you decide about further studies, you should have clear basic concepts of both Mathematics and Biology.

Though the eligibility of the courses majorly depends on the board you are in, but here are the common criteria that most of the boards along with the CBSE and ICSE boards typically follow. Have a look at this and then decide whether you can opt for the PCMBor not.

The student must have an aggregate of 60% in 10th along with 60+ in both Science and Mathematics. If you have such a scorecard, you can easily apply for the PCMB in your desired school.

Courses you can opt for after completing 12th with PCMB

Another thing to consider while choosing the subject after 10th is the scope of the course stream. After PCB, you can choose MBBS and other medical courses, after PCM, you opt for engineering courses. So, what are the courses you can opt for after completing school with the PCMB branch? In this section, we are going to talk about the different courses along with the eligibility and duration that can be chosen after the 12th with the PCMB stream. Have a look at them and then decide the right field for yourself.

  • Science

BSc and MSc are great options for the students who are done with schooling and are looking for affordable courses that can be completed in lesser time. The B.Sc. in Biotechnology, B.Sc. in Genetics, B.Sc. in Veterinary Science are a few courses that you can opt for. They usually have 3 years duration and you can enroll in them after college-level entrance tests are conducted by the private colleges.

  • Engineering

Engineering is another option for the students who have completed their schooling with the PCMB stream. There are engineering streams like Biotechnology and others that are solely designed for PCMB students. These are 4-year undergraduate courses that you can opt for after cracking the Engineering Entrance Tests.

  • Research Field

Another field you can choose after completing your graduation is the research field. As said, the PCMB is a new field, there are lots of things that are unexplored. You can invest time finding and researching to provide mankind a better knowledge of the field.

Along with these fields, there are plenty more course options that you can choose for. Do some research and get a perfect course that can help you achieve better career options to go with.

Career options after completing PCMB

Like the PCB and PCM streams, PCMB also has great career opportunities after completing graduation/postgraduation. After completing the degree courses related to the PCMB, you can easily get a perfect job profile in both government and private sectors. So, by choosing the right course for yourself, you can easily choose the best perfect career field for yourself. Some of the most talked-about career options are

  • Biotechnology engineer

Biotechnology is a great choice for students who are looking forward to abetter career. After completing your Engineering, you can easily work as a biotechnology engineer. There are numerous pharmaceutical companies and government sectors that recruit Biotechnology engineers to their firms.

  • Research Analyst

After completing your graduation, you can also opt to become a research analyst. By choosing the right specialization and research topic, you can help mankind to know more about the field.

  • Pharmacy

You can also opt for the pharmacy field after completing graduation. Numerous pharmacy companies hire students with PCMB and related graduate programs. So, after completing your graduation, you can easily opt to work for a Pharmacy store.

  • Government/Private hospitals

After completing your graduation, you can work for Government and private hospitals. There are numerous firms and hospitals that hire graduates with better academics and skills.

  • NGOs as a medical assistance

After completing your graduation, you can also opt to work for an NGO as a medical assistant. There are numerous NGOs that work for the well-being of people, you can serve there and gain better recognition.

  • Professor/Tutor

In addition to the above-listed professions, you can also opt to teach the students about the subjects you are an expert in. You can work for a college or medical institute as a professor to teach the students about their course subjects and help them achieve a better future.

If you are a graduate with a PCMB branch, you can easily start your career with a salary of 5-7 lakh per annum. And with better skills and wisely chosen specialization, you can easily get a high-paying job and stable life, and financially secured future.


So, this was all the information that you are going to need in order to choose the right course stream after the 10th. Though the stream is still new in India and there are not many schools (if you are in tier 2 or 3 cities) that provide students to choose the PCMB. So, check whether your school has the facilities to provide you a good infrastructure for the topics and subjects that you are going to learn in the next two years, or not. Choosing the right course stream along with the better school will help you get better opportunities after completing the graduation.

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