How to Join DRDO? Eligibility, Exam, Syllabus, Salary, FAQs

Defence research and development organization is an integral part of the nation’s defence system. DRDO plays an important role in designing and manufacturing several high-end machines and tools that could help the Indian army, navy, air force, and special forces to work efficiently.

DRDO is an R&D wing that comes under the ministry of defence and therefore any job in this organization is central government employment. The DRDO focuses more on developing aircraft, battle tanks, artillery guns, drones, UAVs, anti-ballistic missiles, machinery, etc. In simple words, DRDO is the backbone of the Indian defence system. Most people do not know that DRDO is the feeder service of the ISRO.

If you are looking for a job in this organization, then the basic thing you should know is that, in DRDO, the job vacancies are spread over 4 divisions or categories.

  1. Scientist
  2. Technical staff
  3. Admin and allied
  4. Research fellow

The enrolment process, application, and eligibility for joining each division are different. Now, let us not waste time and start with details on how to get a job in any of these divisions, eligibility, syllabus, and salary.

DRDO Scientist ‘B’ –

To become a scientist in DRDO, the candidate should pass a written test and then go through a screening.

How To Become a DRDO scientist?

How to Join DRDO

To become a scientist in DRDO, the candidate should go through the recruitment and Assessment Centre (RAC). The candidates that are employed through RAC are DRDO scientist ‘B’.

How to apply for the job –

  1. Visit the official RAC website, or click here
  2. On the website, click on apply online and then register with the appropriate details online.
  3. Upload the documents and pay the application fee as requested.
  4. Save the application as a pdf file on your computer and then apply online.

Eligibility –

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen by birth
  • The age of the applicant should not be more than 28-years for the general category, not more than 31 for OBC, and not more than 33 for SC/ST.
  • If an engineering graduate, his/her aggregate marks should not be less than 55%.
  • If the candidate is from IIT or NIIT, his/her aggregate marks should not be less than 80% in the EQ degree.
  • The candidate should have attended and passed the GATE/NET exam.

What is the selection process of DRDO RAC for a scientist –

  1. The RAC conducts both screening test and personal interview
  2. First, the RAC screening test (descriptive exam) would be conducted for only those candidates who have attended and passed GATE or NET exam.
  3. If the candidate passed the descriptive exam (screening test), he/she will be shortlisted for a personal interview. The personal interview would be conducted in a ratio of 1:5.
  4. There would be two descriptive exam and personal interview, with 300 marks for each.
  5. Descriptive exams are conducted at Delhi and personal interview also, attending both and passing is mandatory.
  6. If the number of the applicant for RAC descriptive test is high, the allotment for the test would be based on GATE/NET score.
  7. Placement as a scientist in DRDO would be strictly based on the GATE/NET score, descriptive test score, and personal interview outcome.

DRDO Scientist ‘B’ RAC syllabus –

The syllabus for different scientist post is different, here are some of the common branches and their syllabus.

1. Civil engineering –

Paper 1 –

  1. Solid mechanics
  2. Design of steel and structures
  3. Building materials
  4. Structure analysis
  5. Contraction practice, planning, and management

Paper 2 –

  1. Flow o fluids
  2. Environment engineering
  3. Water resource engineering
  4. Geotechnical and foundation engineering
  5. Surveying
  6. Transportation engineering

2. Mechanical engineering –

Paper 1 –

  1. Fluid mechanics
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Turbomachinery
  4. Power plant engineering
  5. Heat transfer
  6. Renewable sources

Paper 2 –

  1. Engineering mechanics
  2. Design of machine elements
  3. Mechatronics and robotics
  4. Engineering materials
  5. Manufacturing, industrial, and maintenance engineering

3. Electrical engineering –

Paper 1 –

  1. Engineering mathematics
  2. Material electrical
  3. Electrical and electronic measurement
  4. Electric circuit and field
  5. Computer fundamentals
  6. Basic electronics engineering

Paper 2 –

  1. Control system
  2. Power system
  3. Electrical machines
  4. Power electronics devices
  5. System and signal processing

4. Electronics and communication –

Paper 1 –

  1. Basic electrical engineering
  2. Basic electronics engineering
  3. Network theory
  4. Analog and digital circuits
  5. Electronics measurements and instrumentation
  6. Material science

Paper 2 –

  1. Analog and digital communication systems
  2. Advanced communication topics
  3. Computer organization and architecture
  4. Control systems
  5. Electromagnetics

The salary scale of a DRDO Scientist ‘B’ –

The salary of a scientist could start at around INR 50000 per month to a maximum of 2 lakhs per month. The increment from INR 50000 to 2 lakhs would be based on the promotions and the job title.

DRDO Technician ‘A’ and senior technical assistant, and Admin & allied –

The selection of DRDO technician, senior technical assistant, admin & allied is done by the Centre for Personal Talent Management (CEPTAM). CEPTAM is an integral part of the DRDO recruitment agency.

The eligibility criteria and application process of each job title are different, let us look into all of them.

Technician ‘A’

How to become a DRDO Technician ‘A’?

To become a Technician in DRDO, the applicant should pass the test conducted by the CEPTAM, and attend the CEPTAM exams. You need to be eligible for the job. Before going into the details, here are the various technician fields in DRDO that you could apply for.

  1. Automobile
  2. Carpenter
  3. COPA
  4. Bookbinder
  5. Electrician
  6. Machinist
  7. Fitter
  8. Medical lab technology
  9. Mechanic
  10. Motor mechanic
  11. Turner
  12. Welder
  13. DTP operator
  14. Draughtsman

Eligibility –

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen by birth
  • He or she should not be of age above 28-years. There would be age relaxation for reserved categories based on the existing government rules and policy.
  • The applicant should have passed 10th standard from a recognized board and with a minimum of 65% marks for the general category, 55% for SC/ST.
  • The applicant should have completed an ITI diploma in any of the above-listed technician trade.

If the applicant has a degree above the ITI diploma, he/she will not be allowed to write the exam.

How to apply for DRDO technician ‘A’ –

  1. Check the DRDO official website regularly
  2. When the notification is released, the link to apply for the job would be activated.
  3. Click the link, register with all the details, upload the requested documents, pay the application fee, save the application as pdf, and then submit the application.

What is the selection process for Technician ‘A’ DRDO?

  1. There will be two tests conducted by the CEPTAM, tier 1 Computer Based Test (CBT), and tier 2 (trade test).
  2. The tier 1 exam is divided into part A and part B sections
  3. part A would cover general English, general intelligence, reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and general science.
  4. Part B would cover the trade syllabus of the specific job title trade
  5. The tier 2 exam consists of only the section that covers all the trade syllabus of the specific job title trade.
  6. Tier 1 exam would carry a total of 270 marks, 150 for part A and 120 for part B.
  7. Tier 2 exam would be conducted for a time period of 60 to 120 minutes.

The syllabus for DRDO Technician ‘A’ –

Tier 1 –

  1. Quantitative ability – analogies, space visualization, spatial orientation, analysis, judgment, none-verbal series, figural classification, arithmetic number series, coding, and decoding, etc.
  2. Quantitative aptitude – number series, quadratic equations average, time and work, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, percentage, HCF and LCM, bar graph, etc.
  3. Reasoning ability – Venn diagrams, non-verbal series, decision making, input and output, problem-solving techniques, coding, and decoding, etc.
  4. General awareness – current affairs, sports, books and authors, important days, science -invention and discoveries, budget and five-year plans, abbreviations, economic news, etc.
  5. English language – synonyms, sentence error, fill in the blanks, sentence arrangement, comprehension, cloze test, antonyms, etc.

Tier 2 –

Tier two syllabus is different for different job trade. In simple words, part B of tier 1 would cover the theoretical part of the job trade and tier 2 would cover the practical part of the job trade.

DRDO Technician ‘A’ salary scale –

The minimum monthly salary of a DRDO Technician ‘A’ is INR28000 + allowances. The salary could increase based on performance and promotions.

Admin & Allied (Non-Tech)

The Non-Technical vacancies listed as Admin & Allied in DRDO are as follows

  1. Stenographer
  2. Clerk
  3. Vehicle operator
  4. Fire engine driver
  5. Firemen
  6. Store assistant
  7. Administrative assistant
  8. Halwai

Eligibility –

When it comes to Admin & Allied jobs, the eligibility criteria depend on the specific job title that comes under it.

  1. Stenographer –
  2. Should have passed 12th from a recognized board
  3. Should have a minimum of 80 words per minute typing skill
  4. English transcription time of 50-minutes
  5. Clerk –
  6. Should be 10th pass from a recognized board
  7. Accurate typing speed of minimum 30 wpm English and 25 wpm Hindi
  8. Vehicle operator –
  9. 10th pass from a recognized board
  10. Valid Indian government driver license
  11. Fire engine driver –
  12. 10th pass from a recognized board
  13. Valid Indian government heavy-duty vehicle license
  14. Firemen –
  15. 10th pass from a recognized board
  16. Physical fitness and the capability to handle risk and manage strenuous duties.
  17. Administrative assistant/store assistant –
  18. 12th pass from a recognized university
  19. Typing speed of 35 wpm English or 30 wpm Hindi
  20. Halwai-cum-cook –
  21. 10th pass from a recognized board
  22. Two years of experience in cooking in semi-government or government organizations.

How to apply for DRDO Admin & Allied job –

  1. Check the eligibility criteria for the specific job vacancy from the list
  2. The remaining application process is the same as that of applying for all other jobs on the DRDO website.
  3. Wait for the vacancy notification and then apply for the job.

What is the selection process of Admin & Allied DRDO jobs –

  1. CEPTAM conducts two exams for the selection of Admin & Allied DRDO jobs
  2. The tier 1 and tier 2 exams, the tier 1 exam is split into two, section A and section B.
  3. Tier 2 is a practical exam based on the specific job title.
  4. Tier 1 exams has a total of 270 marks, 150 for section A and 120 for section B. Tier 2 exam is conducted for 60 to 120 minutes
  5. Tier 1 exam is conducted as a Computer Based Test, and tier two practical test.

The candidates are allotted for the job vacancy based on the performance in these exams conducted.

The syllabus for DRDO Admin & Allied jobs –

The syllabus for the tier 1 exam of this job is the same as that of the test conducted for the Technician ‘A’ job. When it comes to tier 2, the syllabus is almost the same. It will cover the practical side of the specific skills required for the job title.

DRDO Admin & Allied job pay scale –

The pay scale of Admin & Allied jobs in DRDO is based on the job title, performance, and promotion. The pay could range from INR 19900 to 81100 based on the job title.

Research fellow or multitasking staff –

When it comes to research fellow, they are selected as multitasking staff and the selection process is general for this job title. DRDO commonly has more than 15 such job titles.

Eligibility –

  • The candidate should be an Indian citizen
  • He/she should have passed 10th standard or 12th standard from a recognized board
  • The applicant should not be of an age group above 18-25-years.

The selection process for multitasking or research fellow in DRDO –

The selection for such job titles is done by CEPTAM itself, the selection process is the same as that of the Admin & Allied jobs. However, tier 1 and Tier-2 exams cover general topics only. Based on the performance on tier 1 and tier 2 exam results, the allocation is done.

The syllabus of DRDO multitasking staff –

This job post does not require any specified qualification, however, the tier 1 and tier 2 exams cover general topics like reasoning, aptitude, general knowledge, current news, mathematics, communication, etc.

How to apply for multitasking jobs at DRDO?

  1. Check the official DRDO website regularly or click this link
  2. Once the notification is published, the application link would be activated.
  3. Click on the link to register for the job and pay the application fees.
  4. Save the application as a pdf file for future reference.

DRDO multitasking pay scale –

According to the 7th CPC pay matrix, the pay scale of multitasking staff or research fellow in DRDO is around INR 18000 to 56900 + medical expenses and other allowances.

The pay scale and the number of vacancies for each job could vary based on each year, you must keep checking the DRDO or CEPTAM website regularly. Remember, while submitting the application and while filling the application, make sure the details are accurate and not illegally furnished.


Q. What is DRDO?

Ans: The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is an agency of the Government of India responsible for the development of technology for use by the military.

Q. When was DRDO established?

Ans: DRDO was established in 1958.

Q. What is the primary role of DRDO?

Ans: DRDO is responsible for developing and enhancing technologies for military applications, including missiles, radars, electronic warfare systems, and more.

Q. How is DRDO organized?

Ans: DRDO is organized into various research and development laboratories and establishments, each specializing in different areas of defense technology.

Q. What are some notable achievements of DRDO?

Ans: DRDO has been involved in the development of several key defense technologies, including the Agni series of missiles, Prithvi missile, BrahMos cruise missile, and the Tejas light combat aircraft.

Q. How does DRDO collaborate with the Indian Armed Forces?

Ans: DRDO works closely with the Indian Armed Forces to understand their requirements and develop technologies that meet the defense needs of the country.

Q. Can civilians work for DRDO?

Ans: Yes, DRDO recruits scientists and engineers from various disciplines. Job opportunities are regularly advertised, and interested individuals can apply through the official DRDO website.

Q. Is DRDO involved in civilian projects as well?

Ans: While DRDO’s primary focus is on defense research and development, some of its technologies have civilian applications. For example, technologies developed for defense purposes might find applications in fields like agriculture, healthcare, and disaster management.

Q. How can I stay updated on DRDO’s latest developments?

Ans: DRDO releases official announcements and updates on its website. Additionally, reputable news sources often cover major developments in defense technology.

Q. What are some ongoing projects of DRDO?

Ans: Ongoing projects may vary, but historically, DRDO has been involved in projects related to ballistic missile defense, advanced radar systems, electronic warfare, and the development of indigenous defense platforms.

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