How to become an Online Tutor in India?

A tutor act as a solution to eradicate vast problems of subjects, help in clearing doubts, and teaching the right to learn new things. Teaching is one of the fun jobs that require plenty of skills in communication, a better understanding of a subject, and teaching with the right method. From sharing tests to completion of assignments, a teacher is always responsible for the progression of students. It helps students and parents in several ways.

How technology can unlock the potential for each of us to become a fabulous teacher. According to educational experts, online platforms have not just given the feeling of being a tutor but also feel glad that you should try to bring management skills. Teaching is not perceived as very easy even among professional teachers, but online teaching has established various solutions.

Through this, you can deliver sessions to students from different places at the convenience of students in various topics and times. In this modern world, private tuitions were a costly affair but at the same time, online tutors/ teachers carry their classrooms on laptops and teach their students whenever they want. Not even at one place, you can take classes from anywhere.

Who can be a Tutor?

Online Tutor

A person does not need to hold a year of experience to become an online tutor/teacher.  If you are the kind of person who has technical skills, you should carry a teacher’s position.  For online tutoring, you have good communication skill and specific subject knowledge. This one is the only profession that doesn’t want any type of investment. If you are pretty confident, then you can become a successful online tutor.

How to become an online tutor?

Over the past few years, this profession brings many opportunities for the teachers and students. Thanks to modern technology, online classes’ popularity is gaining day by day. So it is not hard to find job opportunities in online teaching. If you are seeking online websites that pay well, then just go and explore Google. You can get a permanent earning source through online teaching without doing a single time investment.

Some steps to follow to become a good online tutor:

As you all know, 2020 was a drastic year. The pandemic has obliged people to use online platform for learning and writing. For upcoming years, online learning has become a permanent choice for everyone and definitely, it takes a special place in between other professions. So we are mentioned few steps to become an excellent online tutor.

Step: 1 Search Online teaching websites:

First of all search online teaching websites. In India, there is a various online website available that offers lucrative salary packages with teaching. For online visiting, you just need a top-notch network connection and a device where you can search. After exploring the online platform, you can register your details and qualification proofs without going anywhere. It is a fast and simple search way that can be used to find the list of tutors of a particular region which mean students can save their time. It is the best example of work from home. Furthermore, the student can find tutors from across the country. Before involving in a tutor job just ensure about the modern technicalities. Here we have mentioned some famous platforms that can provide online tutoring opportunities-

  • Vedantu
  • Udemy
  • Indeed
  • Buddy School
  • Chegg
  • Freelance online teacher

And more


The very first site in this list is Vedantu, where a large community of teachers and students connects. By using Vedantu you can teach various subjects like Bio, Physics, Mathematics and many more.  You can also teach professional courses like- JEE, NEET, CLAT and more. At present, moreover 50,000 students using this website every day. As a teacher, you can easily earn more than 30,000 per month. Just set your fee standard and earn stably. is one of the prominent online websites in India. Just like other websites, it promotes better connectivity between tutor and students. The main motive of this website is to increase competition among the students and gives them the right path.Also, they provide their software to organize essential training concepts for the students.


This is the only site that promotes video formatting in between learning. Through this platform, the teacher explains different concepts with ease and flexibility. You can upload videos according to your connivance.


Indeed is another brand online tutoring job site. From all over the world so many teachers are applying for the teaching post. The teachers are selected based on online built resumes. If you add something special qualification to your profile then you may be selected easily.

Buddy School:

In India having online tutoring jobs without investment is too much easier. You can follow few steps to create a profile in BuddySchool. You can get various benefits through this website by mentioning course and degrees details. Along with this, you can decide your fee structure according to as per class. This is the right platform to showcase your experience and skills.


This online platform comes with various unique features. You can create your profile as a subject expert at Chegg. Most importantly, you get paid as per question and answer. With several subjects, this is the only online platform where no drawbacks are describing.

Freelance online teacher:

Freelance online teaching is a little bit different from regular online teaching. Such tutors are getting hired for a specific session and for a particular time. In case you have less experience in teaching, then you would be work as a freelancer and find the best sites to work as a freelance tutor. Here we are recommending some top freelance online tutoring sites-

  2. Times Job
  3. Up work and more

Step: 2choose your proficiency in a particular subject

If you are good at a particular subject then obviously you can earn more than expected. The purpose of choosing any proficiency subject is to find out whether you have good command in that subject or not. To be an online tutor, you have to adopt new learning tricks and techniques. Nowadays, a new process of learning has changed the entire scenario with innovative advancement to help students to become independent learner. However, the biggest question is how you choose your subject proficiency. You must have a basic understanding and have advanced knowledge in a particular subject which you teach. Suppose you are a Mathematics teacher but you have fluency in English subject, then you should go with both. The Subject proficiency may increase your chance to highlight your profile at online tutoring websites. Although, you can earn better by the profile presentation that you can give to the students.

Step: 3 go for teachers training course

A good tutor must have academic knowledge and teaching skills. For that, you can for teacher training course to enhance your technical skills. Such a course plays an important role to become a good tutor. There are several institutes and websites available in the country that offering these types of training to candidates. These courses are not flexible with timings. It depends upon you whether you complete the course in a month or a year. After completing the course, a certificate will be fabricated by your name that enhances your tutor career. Your name is enough catchy as well to attract students across the world. Apart from this, you should take suggestions from several home-based tutors who help you to become an ideal tutor.

Step: 4 Additional requirements

It is necessary to make the right estimates to grow your income and become an outstanding online tutor. Here are some additional requirements mentioned that you can follow to make realistic assumptions.

  1. Firstly, decide on suitable durability that you can give over to the students.
  2. Choose your medium that you are going to teach the students.
  3. buck-up your comfort zone with advanced technology.
  4. Enhance your communication skills.
  5. Improves your confidence level.
  6. Make sure you have maximum experience in teaching.
  7. Make a minimum list of students.
  8. Improves your pronunciation.

The above-mentioned factors will help you to measure the income that you can get from this profession. If you can earn more then put more efforts and set a competition for yourself.

Advantages of becoming an online tutor:

In this era, everyone prefers online in almost everything. Whether you go for shopping or for learning all just happens by using cell phones, laptops etc. we are mentioning some benefits why children these days choose online classes-

  1. An online learning is reliable and cost-effective.
  2. More than 50 languages are available at various sites.
  3. You can`t go anywhere to teach.
  4. Become an expert accordingly to your knowledge.


Some so many people choose this career as a part-time or a full time. By using your name you can get employment as a teacher and achieve a successful life.

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