How To Become An Interior Designer In India

Are you fond of decorating your house? Do you like to give a new look to your home? There is a solution to your problem. A course on interior designing can provide complete information about the subject. The concept of interior design is unique because it can add new flavors and look to your house. Your dream house can get a different and peaceful look. A career in interior design is always the right choice for those who wish to make their home attractive and unique.

The taste of an interior designer is different from that normal people. They have the actual knowledge of adding extra beauty to your room. If you are passionate about this profession, you can start preparing right after completing the 12 standards. An interior designer’s demand will never descend because some people will always like to give an excellent look to their rooms. In the last decade, a significant demand for interior designers has increased in India. Interior designing is the art or work of designing the space of your house. These open spaces can improve and enhance the beauty or glamour of the room to a great extent. A close relationship exists between an interior designer and an architect because they work with each other during a project.

Educational qualification to become an interior designer:

Interior Design Courses

You require specific educational qualifications to become a successful interior designer. Here are some of them.

  • If you have completed your 10+2 with a science background from a reputed board, you can easily apply for this course.
  • If you have completed your graduation in science, IT, engineering, you can also pursue this course.
  • You have to complete 10+2 from any medium, and it is the minimum requirement.
  • You should conduct your Bachelor of Fine Arts to become a renowned interior designer.

Skills required becoming an interior designer:

Apart from all this, you should possess specific skills to become an interior designer.

  • As an interior designer, you should have a creative touch. This will help in adding a new look to the house.
  • You have to develop your portfolio. This can help immensely in this field.
  • It would help if you were well-aware of the local codes and laws. It is essential for a peaceful working process.
  • It would always help if you always had a good eye for color. Instead you should always have a better color conception.
  • You should always be ready for multi-tasking works.
  • Always try to understand the taste and demand of the clients. Once you can understand it, you can carry out the work peacefully.
  • Try to develop a positive attitude. It can help you in the profession.
  • Be a good listener and a lovely speaker. Your words should attract clients. Try to develop soft-spoken words.
  • Always deal with the clients with a happy smiling face. It is one of the essential criteria for an interior designer.

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What is the work of an interior designer?

Before entering into this profession, you must be well-aware of the work pattern that an interior designer has to perform. Here are some of them.

  • As an interior designer, you have to focus more on developing new clients and companies.
  • You have to prepare briefs, sketches, plans, and quotes as per the project requirements.
  • You have to create a timeline for the project.
  • You have to evaluate and assess the client’s requirements.
  • You have to meet the client regularly and keep him updated about the latest developments of the project.
  • You have to prepare drawings and sketches with the assistance of new software.

Various types and categories of interior designing:

You must know that there are various categories of interior designing concepts available in the market. Before entering into the profession, you should have a clear conception of the multiple styles. The interior design industry is gradually changing. You must be well-aware of the recent developments and updates. Some of the latest and trending interior design styles are Arabian, shabby chic, American traditional, Art Deco, Southwestern, Japanese, Medieval, industrial, shaker, Chinese, Spanish, Moroccan, Vintage, Zen, Gothic, French country, and many others. It depends upon the clients which one they would prefer.

Training required becoming an interior designer:

You have to undergo a complete training session to become an interior designer. Many colleges and universities provide the introductory course on Interior designing. It is called as a BSc in interior designing and decoration. In the degree program course, you will be taught about the course’s theory and practical part. They are trained how to draw sketches; make 3D models by the use of CAD software.

They are provided with basic information on furniture theory. The best way to utilize the space is also taught to the students.  After this, you have to attend several workshops to get a complete idea of interior design.

Main courses related to interior designing:

Suppose you want to pursue your interior design career or wish to become an interior designer, you have to follow a course related to this subject. Here are some of the terms in interior design.

  • BSc in interior designing and decoration is a three years course.
  • A Diploma in interior design is a 1-year course.
  • Undergraduate Diploma in interior design is a three years course.
  • A Post-graduate diploma in interior design is a two years course.
  • Post-graduate diploma in interior and spatial design is a two years course.

These courses will give you a complete idea of the subject. If you are eager to make a better future with interior designing, you can always go with the post-graduation programs. They are always better and will furnish you with detailed information about the subject.  You can be a specialized interior designer in corporate, residential, industrial, healthcare, hospitality or recreation, institutions, and many other sectors.

Steps to be followed to become a renowned Interior designer in India:

At this part, you must know that an interior designer can work in both residential and corporate sectors. In the Indian context, they have a great demand. If you have completed your course in interior designing you can become a good professional in this field. How can you become a successful interior designer? Here are some of the steps you need to follow.

  • In the first step, you have to learn the basics of interior designing. You have to creative, but you should be organized and disciplined. These are the essential qualities you need to follow. As an interior designer, you have to meet several persons and clients. It is a challenging field that requires a perfect concept of budget, management, and professional certification. You should have love and respect for the subject.
  • You need to be well-aware of the formal concepts, methods and, theory. Here legal concepts signify various terms that are associated with giving shape and design to the room. On the other hand, design models are the streamlined frameworks that you should be properly implement on the project. The design theory concept will let you know why a specific design works successfully and why not the other ones.
  • You have to build a strong portfolio in this field. It is one of the critical steps in the interior designing world. You can do it by taking the recent photos of your recent projects including sample sketches, CAD drawings and many other things. It will help you to build a strong brand and a portfolio at the same time. Always try to make an impressive portfolio. This will assist in the long run of the profession. You can go ahead quickly and will never look back.
  • Stay in continuous touch with your work. It is only possible when you will keep updated with the recent developments and inventions. It would help if went through the journals or the articles that are published on this subject. You can also visit various sites that continuously deal with these topics. Go through your previous work and try to learn from it. You can also have a glimpse of other interior designers who are again doing the same job. It will help in enhancing your knowledge to a great extent.

Prospects of an interior designer:

The future or prospect of an interior designer in India is excellent. Once you acquire the degree, you can get a good job in any corporate sector. Many interior decoration firms always look for a competent designer. However, if you want to work independently, you can open your firm. This will give you comprehensive options and exposure. Besides working independently, you can also earn money. An interior designer can start their salary with four lakhs per annum to 50 lakhs per annum. The sky is the limit for these professionals.


An interior designer job is lucrative because you can be responsible for enhancing the beauty or look of a room. If you are willing to select a different job, you can choose this profession. Let every house get a creative touch with your finger. You will feel proud of it. You can give a wonderful touch to your room with the help of an interior designer.

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