How To Become Air Traffic Controller In India

As a kid, Aviation Industry is one of the most fascinating career options for most Indians. Guiding the planes for the right path and ensuring that they are on the right path make the job of Air Traffic Controller a great one of all those enthusiasts who are willing to serve the aviation industry of India and are looking for a promising career that is full of challenges and possibilities to grow.

The Air Traffic Controller is an excellent career choice for the enthusiasts and if you are really willing to work in the Government sector and get great job satisfaction, ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is the right kind of job for you.

In the article, we will be talking about every single thing that you need to know about becoming an ATC. The job profile, qualification, responsibilities, and several other things. In other words, if you are also looking to apply for Air Traffic Controller Job profile, this article can be extremely beneficial for you.

Job Profile of an Air traffic controller

Air Traffic Controller

Before digging deeper into the eligibility and selection procedure of the Air Traffic Controller, let’s have a brief look at the job profile. This is going to help you know whether this is the right choice for making a career in it and whether you should be investing time in this option or not.

In the simplest terms, Air Traffic Controller is responsible for managing the airplane’s route. Also, he manages the difference between every flight and the distance between them for smoother and safer operations. The ATC is liable for providing the airplanes to take off and land at the airport. Along with these, there are numerous other roles that an ATC needs to fulfill. Depending on the specializations and skills, ATC can be divided into several other categories. Some of them are

  • Air Traffic Controller Specialist, Terminal
  • Air Traffic Controller Specialist/Certified Professional Controller
  • Air Traffic Controller (Enroute Option)
  • Air Traffic Controller (Tower Option)
  • Control Tower Operator
  • Radar Air Traffic Controller

In all, ATC a great responsible job profile that plays an important role for every major airport. So, if you are looking for such a job where there are lots of responsibilities on you and is a reputed job profile, this can be an excellent career for you.

Eligibility Criteria for applying as an Air traffic controller

Now, let’s talk about the educational qualifications and other prerequisites for applying for the Air Traffic Controller. Have a look at this information to know whether you are eligible for applying for the post or not.

In order to apply for the post of Air Traffic Controller, you need to be an Indian National and have one of the following educational qualifications with a minimum of 65% marks.

  • B.Sc. In Physics or Mathematics from a recognized university
  • BE/BTech in any discipline

Talking about the minimum age criteria, the candidate should not be more than 27 years (for general category), 30 years for OBC, and 32 years for the ST/SC students.

Examination pattern for Air Traffic Controller

Airport Authority of India (AAI) conducts an examination for the recruitment of Air Traffic Controllers and other related posts. For the added details and other information about the exam, you can refer tothe advertisement from the AAI.

Typically, the selection procedure has three phases. The first one is the written examination which is broadly divided into two categories, Technical and Non-Technical. The paper has 120questions in total. The Technical Section of the paper focuses on the ability of the candidates to solve the Mathematical and Physics problems, while the non-technical section of the paper contains the verbal and no-verbal reasoning questions.

The second phase of the section procedure is the Voice test. As the ATC needs to give voice commands to the airplanes and pilots, it is essential that you have a clear and loud voice that can easily be understood without any major issue. Here, you will be given a piece of a written assignment and you will be judged by the quality of voice and clarity.

Once you clear these two phases, you will be forwarded to the next test which is a medical test. Here, they will check your eyesight and other issues with vision. If you clear the test, you can then be confirmed for the training period at AAI.

Courses that can help you become an Air Traffic Controller

Though you can apply for the examination after completing your B.Sc or BTech in major. But there are a few courses that can be treated as an advantage for the ATC field. In this section, we are going to talk about these courses and know how you can enroll in them.

  • M.Sc (Physics+Mathematics): The minimum educational qualification for entering M.Sc in Physics+Mathematics is to have BSc in the desired stream along with a minimum of 60% marks.
  • M.Tech (Electronics): if you have done your engineering, then opting for the postgraduation in Electronics will help you get a better understanding of the ATC field and management. Also, you will be able to handle the operation with ease after having a good knowledge of Electronics Engineering. This is a postgraduate degree that you can enroll in after completing your graduation in Engineering
  • B.Tech (Aeronautical Engineering):If you are looking to gain enough knowledge of the Aviation Industry and the possibility to work for other job roles, you should opt for the BTech in Aeronautical Engineering. This is a 4-year undergraduate course, which you can opt for after completing your schooling with a science stream and a minimum of 65% marks.

How to prepare for Air Traffic Controller Examination

Talking about exam preparation, there are numerous books available in the Indian market that are specifically written for the AAI examinations. By choosing these booksyou will be able to get a good judgment of exam pattern and syllabus. No matter which book you choose for yourself, just make sure that you choose the latest edition of the book to get the best results and better information about the upcoming AAI examination.

Another way to prepare for the AAI ATC examination is to join the preparation classes. There are local coaching institutes that prepare students for competitive examinations. You can join any one of these coaching institutes and know the best way to crack the exam with the best possible marks.

How much you can earn as an Air Traffic Controller

ATC is a great career for earning great money along with availing various other exclusive services. Apart from this, you also get a stipend in the training period which is around 40,000-50,000 per month. After the training period, you will be appointed as Junior ATC whose pay scale is 8,600-250-14,600.

In other words, ATC Is a great rewarding career and you will be able to get numerous benefits while working as an ATC.

What are the ideal characteristics you should have to excel as an Air traffic controller?

There are a few ideal characteristics that you should possess as an ideal candidate for AAI ATC. If you are looking to earn a better reputation and success as an ATC, these behavioral characteristics and qualities will help you achieve it.

  • Interest in Aviation Industry
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Quick Decision-making abilities
  • Ability to learn things quickly
  • Ability to work under stress

With these qualities other than educational brilliance, you will be able to get better results as an ATC and get a better reputation atyour job.

Step by step guide to become air traffic controller in India

Here’s the step-by-step guide that can help you secure a job at AAI. Have a look at them and then follow them to have a sure-shot selection as an ATC.

Step 1: Clear the AAI ATC test with better marks. The paper consists of both technical and non-technical fields. So, prepare accordingly and get the best results by preparing the right way.

Step 2: Once you have cleared the written test, you will have to clear the second phase of the selection procedure, which is the Voice test and personal interview.

Step 3: Next step is the training period. After clearing the written test and interview, you will be sent to the training center of AAI where you will be trained about the technical things you should know as an ATC.

Step 4: After successful completion of the training, you will be appointed as the Junior ATC and after a certain period, you will be promoted as ATC.


In all, if you are after a promising career option in the Aviation industry and are looking to invest time in learning new and exciting fields, the Air Traffic Controller job is a perfect one to try. The job profile is not only challenging but is also greatly paid. So, you won’t have to worry about the job assurance and want a healthy income, ATC as a career can be a worthy choice for you. By keeping the things listed in the article and preparing for the examinations accordingly, you can fulfill your dream of serving the Indian Aviation Industry as important personnel.

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