How To Become A Python Developer In India?

Python developers are huge in demand in the past few years. The investment in websites based on Python is rising, and it is the primary reason that phyton developers are in demand. With the high demand, a high supply is required, but India is not getting enough Python developers. Due to this, companies are paying impressive salary packages to their developers. If you are not familiar with Python then it would be great to learn about this programing language in detail.

Python is a high-level interpreted programing language widely popular for reliability factor. Python is currently used in several fields and some of them are – Data Science, Finance and trading, Web development, System automation and administration, Security and penetration testing, Computer graphics, Basic game development, Mapping, and geography (GIS software), General and application-specific scripting and Scientific and mathematical computing.

Hence the higher demand ensures a secure and big buck future. The primary question after learning about the demand is “How to become a Python developer in India,” and “How can I get a job in a prominent company?” Well, it might be tough to learn Python but if you are a tech geek and love programming, then this is the perfect field for you. Here, we will walk you through the eligibility, how you can apply, what are the top recruiting companies, career options, and salary packages. Let’s get started with the eligibility.

Things to Learn Before you Start learning Python

How To Become A Python Developer In India?

Candidates with no connection with programming language might have a hard time learning Python. Directly jumping to Python language is tough, and it would be better to learn the below-mentioned things –

  • Basics of computer
  • Learn language C
  • Hyper-text markup language (HTML)
  • Must have Patience and Attentive attitude

These are three basic requirements that you should complete before learning Python. Some people might say that you should learn Java or JavaScript, but you can skip such suggestions and look after clearing the basics of a computer.

Eligibility or Qualities to get Python Developer Job

A Python developer has several skills that make him/her a perfect candidate for the job. It doesn’t matter which industry you choose for earning, Python is a flexible and versatile language. The candidate must have these qualities to become eligible for the job –

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Skill
  • Deep Learning
  • Good Understanding of Multi-Process Architecture
  • Analytical Skills
  • Skills of Data Scientists
  • Object Relational Mappers
  • Sound Knowledge of Web Frameworks
  • Expertise in Core Python

If a candidate has the above-mentioned qualities, chances of securing a job enhances. Even, experience is an important part that you can get during internship.

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Syllabus of Python Developer

While pursuing Python course, candidates will study range of subjects. The syllabus might vary with the interval of course but most courses are for one year. And, you will learn –

Python Fundamentals and Programming:

  • Strings, Tuples, and Lists
  • Functions
  • Conditional Execution and Loops
  • Dictionaries and Sets
  • Scopes and Namespaces
  • Modules

Intermediate Python

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • File Handling
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Iterator, Generator, and Decorators

Advanced Python

  • Closure, method chaining, and function factory
  • Metaclasses, Introspection
  • Python in C#
  • Python in Java
  • Building Framework
  • Writing Library
  • C code in Python

These are all the subjects that you must study during the entire course. But, if you are learning online from video streaming platforms, then the syllabus is different. They might choose a different approach to teach Python programming language.

Benefits of Learning Python Programing Language

Learning Python language offers a complete list of benefits that are hard to expect from other programming languages. If you become a Python developer, then you can avail these benefits –

  1. Better Earning Potential

Compared to other programming languages, Python developers are getting impressive salary plans every year. The best part is, Python is the second highest paying programming language to most employees. You can expect a 20 lakh average salary after getting recruited at a top company. However, experienced Python programmers are getting more than 36 lakh per annum.

  1. Ease to Understand

Despite the tough codes and confusing basics, Python is comparatively easy to understand and learn. The basics include learning codes, logic, and how things work. But, if you go through the basic part, things get easier at higher stages. Handling complex code is simple, and getting rid of errors won’t be important that you can easily find with C and such other programming languages.

  1. Used in Various Industries

Python is one of the popular programming languages that is used in various industries. If you become a Python developer, you can find jobs in the below-given industries –

  • Security and penetration testing
  • Mapping and geography (GIS software)
  • General and application-specific scripting
  • Scientific and mathematical computing
  • Finance and trading
  • System automation and administration
  • Web development
  • Computer graphics
  • Basic game development

These are some of the highest paying job fields, which ensure that you get excellent salary packages in the future.

  1. Best for Startup

From running your own business to helping others with their startup, Python is powerful enough to come in handy. This programming language is used in all kinds of services that ensure higher chances of getting success soon. Python is also reliable, and it provides a bunch of additional features for startups.

  1. Incredible Security

Even though Python is an interpreted language, it offers incredible security, and webpages designed with the use of Python provide better credibility. Most businesses are opting for Python for better usability, and you will be able to get all kinds of benefits. Making custom web pages with Python will be helpful in several ways.

Top Colleges that offer Python Course in India

There are plenty of ways to learn Python programming language, but going with top institutes seems effective and a reliable choice. Here are some of the leading institutions that you can choose –

  • Manipal ProLearn, Bangalore
  • NIELIT- National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology Delhi
  • IIHT Howrah
  • GY Pathrikar College of Computer Science and IT, Aurangabad
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Mohali
  • NIIT Limited
  • Appin Technology Lab
  • Boston Institute of Analytics, Mumbai
  • ISM- University of Skills
  • Techdata Solution, Pune
  • TGC Animation and Multimedia, Delhi

Choosing a top college that offers an excellent record of successful Python developers would be a better choice. You can get an impressive salary after getting your Python certificate from a leading college or institution.


The fees to learn Python programming language is all about the institution you prefer. E-learning is affordable whereas a complete python course from a college will be expensive. Most colleges in India charges 20,000 to 40,000 fees for the six months Python course.

If you are not willing to get selected in the top institute and get a certificate from prominent institution then the fees might be high. Top institution charges 50,000 to 100,000 for the complete course. E-learning is also an effective option to look after.

Top 6 Career options for Python Developers

No doubt that Python is a versatile programming language, and learning Python can land you several career options. If you have an excellent score in 10+2 and got your graduation in BCA or computer science engineering, then you can find excellent salary packages in these jobs –

Web Application development

Python developers know that how to develop apps. And when it comes to web applications, then Python developers can work on the server-side. They have to work on frameworks such as Flask, Django, and others.

Scientific Computation

There is no doubt that Mathematicians and scientists need Python developers to calculate large data and get accurate results. Doing everything with programming language help designing an application that gives accurate results all the time.

Data Science/Machine Learning

Building machine learning models and working on data science is tough without the use of programming language. When you have a complete framework, then things get easier, and you can expect better usability. Due to this, Python is the most reliable programming language for such jobs.


When it comes to building software, which can come in handy to track delivery or deployment then automated apps come in handy. All those handy programs are developed with the use of Python languages.

Desktop Application

Creating GUI-based programs or applications with the use of Python is easy. Making small codes and controlling a large task is simpler with such a desktop application.


Making tasks automatic and simple is the primary purpose of the Python language. Due to this basic quality of Python language, everything is getting better for developers. Working on large tasks seems easier with python, and it ensures that there are no flaws in the code also.

These are the popular job opportunities that you can secure easily. Make sure that you learn the basics effectively to get better with time.


Python developers are getting excellent salary packages in the past few years, and each year is bringing more opportunities to them. In case, you are willing to be a full-time Python developer, you should look after a reputed institution that has a good record in producing excellent Python developers. With this in mind, you should pass class 10+2 in the science stream which will make you highly versatile for several kinds of jobs in the upcoming future. We hope that you get the desired job stream and you get excellent salary plans.

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