How To Become A Professor (Lecturer) In India

Teaching is always a respectable profession in India. If you look back you will find that the students used to stay in their teacher’s house to attain complete education during the early period. They used to call the teachers “Gurus”. The tradition continues till this date with slight variations in the pattern of education. The concept of Gurukul also prevailed during the early days. It is excellent if you have the passion for becoming a professor. It will open wide avenues and scope in your life. A professor builds the future of our generation.

It will be a great choice if you decide to become a professor. It is a motivating profession. To become a professor, you have to attain the minimum qualification. It is essential to see that you have completed your master’s degree in the said subject. Candidates with master’s degree will be given particular preference to become a professor. You will feel great in the sense that the responsibility to teach and make the students educated will lie upon you. It is also required to see that you create a friendly relation with your student. This will make the path simpler and better for both of you.

Requirements for becoming a professor:

How to Become a Professor

If you were aspiring and determined to become a professor, you should have specific qualities. Here are some of them.

  • You have to complete your post-graduation degree from recognized universities to become a professor. It is okay if you pursue M.Phil or P.hd degree. This will increase your scopes to a great extent.
  • You have to score a minimum of 55% marks at your post-graduation level. Below this score, you will not be entitled to the position of a professor.
  • To get a reliable and secured job as professor, you can also apply and clear the UGC NET exam. The position through this process is much secure and better.
  • However, there is no age bar for the position of Assistant Professor. You can apply it at any time.
  • GATE, SLET, UGC NET are some of the reliable, competitive exams for getting professor’s job. Suppose you clear it once, you can get a secured professor job. This will make your career safe and sound at the same time. Many colleges and universities also conduct exams for the position of Junior Research fellow. You can try to give it.

Best competitive exams for the position of the professor:

Some of the competitive exams are vital for getting the job as a professor. You need to clear the exam to get a secured job of a professor. Here are some of the essential exams.

  • NET or National Eligibility Test is a competitive exam that National Testing Agency conducts for selecting the candidates to the post of professor. To appear before this exam, you have to complete your Master’s degree with 55% of marks. In the case of backward classes, the marks required are 50%. If you clear the exam, you can apply for the position of Assistant Professor all over India.
  • SLET or State Level Eligibility Test is another exam that the National Testing Agency conducts. Once you clear the exam, you will be eligible to work in all the colleges within your state.
  • GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an exam that the GATE committee conducts. The faculty members of this committee comprise of best lecturers. If you score well in GATE, you can also pursue P.hd program.
  • CSIR NET is a national-level exam that the National Testing Agency conducts. The exam is conducted with subjects like Chemistry, Physical sciences, Mathematics. Elementary sciences and other subjects. It is the exam conducted to check the student’s eligibility for the post of Junior Research Fellow.

Skills required becoming a professor in India:

Apart from academic qualifications, you require specific skills for becoming a professor in India. Below you will get some of the best skills.

  • It would help if you were passionate about teaching. It is okay if you love to teach other students.
  • You should have a deep interest and knowledge about the subject that you intend on teaching.
  • It would help if you had some creative ideas to make the teaching much interesting and exciting.
  • Your desire to learn new things will add some good qualities.
  • It is excellent if you have good communication skills. This will help in easy interaction with the students and other people in this field.
  • Try to do a thorough research of the subject that you intend on teaching. It is vital for you. If you get some extra time, try to devote it to doing some fruitful research work. This will enhance your knowledge to a great extent in this field.
  • You should possess the ability to solve the problem. It is one of the best qualities that are required for this profession.
  • It would help if you were confident about your teaching and experience. Your positive attitude can solve a lot of issues among the students. Try to maintain a smiling face so that the students love it.
  • Try to maintain complete-time management. Maintaining good time is one of the best qualities of a professor. It should start right from the beginning of your career.

Essential duties of a professor:

The role of a professor is vital because he is entrusted with lots of duties and responsibilities. Here are some of the essential ones.

  • You are being a lecturer; you have to prepare lectures and a syllabus for the course. If required you have to prepare for the lab classes.
  • You have to grade the class assignments as and when required. It is a vital task that is assigned to a lecturer.
  • While you are taking exams, you have to prepare the exam paper and other things required for the program’s smooth functioning.
  • As a professor, you have to calculate the grades of the students during the exam. The assessment should be fair. It would help if you did not make any types of discrimination between the students.
  • Try to be friendly and maintain a good relationship with the students to discuss issues outside the class.
  • Try to do good research work on the mode of studies. If possible try to introduce those among the students. This will help the students in growing interest towards studies. It can be a great way to draw attraction in studies.
  • In many situations, we may advise you to guide the junior professors in this profession. Try to show them in such a way so that they do not face any issues while handling the students. It would help if you remembered that a difference exists between the students of a college and school. While a student is in college he has attained much maturity. You cannot scold them and teach.
  • Another important part of a professor’s responsibility is to do counseling to the students if so required. You have to keep your patience while carrying out the counseling work.
  • You may have to evaluate the P.hd written and oral exams. You should have the capacity to do the evaluation work.
  • In the present situation, the mode of teaching is changing. You have to cope up with the current case. Suppose you may have to conduct a presentation of your subject in other colleges and universities. You should make the presentations through digital mode. You have to be well-aware of the modern tools and devices.
  • Giving lectures in public is the most common responsibility that is to be done by a professor. To do this, you have to be fully informed and updated. It is only possible when you follow the recent journals and newspapers. They will help you to stay notified from time to time.

Prospects of a professor:

If you start your life with a professor, you can reach the peak of success within less time. From professor, you can be promoted to senior professor based on your skills and performance. After some years, you can be upgraded to the post of professor of Eminence.

However, with the time you will increase your performance and knowledge. This will take you to the position of Dean or Director of a University. Now once you become the dean of a university, you will get a chance to serve as Pro-Vice -Chancellor. Then you will be promoted to the position of Vice-Chancellor. As you know, there is no end to success. The top and premiere post in the faculty position is that of a Chancellor. You can also get this highest position through your hard work, ambition, and passion. The prospects in this field are high. The sky is the limit, and you have to grab it.


Your dream to become a professor and reach Chancellor’s seat is possible with a good and sound academic background. It would help if you tried to go to the depth of the subject in which you have passion. Try to be the best in your academic field. You will ultimately achieve your goal.

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