How To Become A Para Commando In India

Indian Army is a prestigious field to work on. And there are tons of ways to serve the Army. You can either apply as an officer or a commando. The only thing that matters is your urge to serve the nation. The salary of the Indian Army may not be as per the expectations, but if you are looking for better opportunities rather than the salary, the Indian Army can be a worthy choice for a career for Young aspirants.

In the article, we will be talking about the different aspects of becoming a para commando in the Indian Army. If you are willing to work as a commando in the Indian Army, this article is going to be a worthy read for you.

What is a Para Commando?

Para SF or Para Special Forces is an elite category of the Indian Army and if you are after a challenging career in the Indian Army. Para SF is one of the most prestigious special forces of the Indian Army and if you are looking to serve the Indian defense sector. Depending on your skills and your services you are given badges through your service.

Para Commando India

However, you should know that there is no direct recruitment as a para commando. That means you need to serve the Indian army as different job profiles for the Indian army. Let’s have a detailed look at the recruitment procedure, prerequisites, and others to become a Para commando in the Indian Army.

How to prepare to become a Para Commando?

Para Commando is a part of the Indian Army. And you should apply for the Indian Army recruitment. This is like a normal recruitment drill and is followed by a physical and medical test.

After going through the normal recruitment process of the Indian Army, you can prepare yourself for the Post Commissioning and enter the Para SF as an officer. The recruitment may require you to pass the extra tests depending on the skills you have and how long you are serving the Indian army.

Educational qualifications for becoming the Para Commando

With the perfect opportunity to serve the nation, Para SF is a worthy option to look for if you have a special respect for the Indian Army and the Nation. However, like any other occupation, this also needs the candidates to fulfill a few prerequisites that are essential to serving the nation. In this section, we will be discussing the educational qualifications that you must fulfill along with the age limit to work as a Para SF Officer. Have a look at this and then decide whether you can apply for the post or not.

  • The candidate should have completed his 12th from the recognized board. Graduation will be preferred.
  • The candidate must pass the Stage 1 medical test
  • The candidate must be a part of the Indian Armed Forces
  • The upper age limit is 32 years

The Para Commandoes aren’t recruited directly on the basis of exams (expect the brilliant performers). So, be sure that you have these qualifications to serve the Indian Army as a Para SF commando.

Selection Procedure for Para Commando

As said, there is no direct recruitment to the Para Commando, there isa special recruitment drill for those candidates who have scored 100% in their physical fitness tests and at least 50% in their written examination of Indian Army recruitment. Additionally, they have to undergo a separate test to join the Para Commando SF.

There are three major exams for serving the Indian Army as an officer.  IF you are really looking forward to serving the Army, you should prepare for one of these three examinations.

Once you have entered the Indian Army, you can prepare and get a recommendation to work as a Para SF officer or commando. The selection of Para SF is done in two categories

  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Post Commissioning

After going through the normal Army services recruitment like the written test and clearing the medical tests, you will be able to join the Indian army and after this, you can apply for the Para SF under one of the two categories.

Skills as a Para Commando

As a complete Para SF, you should know about complete survival under adverse situations. Some of these skills are

  • Demolitions
  • Excellent Communication
  • Combat Survival
  • Weapon handling and Assembling
  • PTKE (Unarmed combat skills)
  • Language and Cultural Knowledge
  • First Aid and Trauma Management

In all, as a Para commando, you are supposed to have great communication skills and brilliant survival skills.Experience in working in the Indian army will help you get these skills naturally.So, being a Para Commando is a challenging job and you should be attentive every minute to survive and serve the nation.

Different Badges for the Para Commando

Depending on the skills you have and the accomplishments, Para commandos are rewarded with badges. Some of these badgers are

  • Para Wings
  • Regiment Badge
  • Headgear
  • Jump Indicator Wings
  • Diving Badge
  • Combat free falling badge
  • Commendation Card
  • Tiger Hill Badge

There are numerous tasks that must be accomplished in order to achieve these along with many other badges as a Para Commando. So, serve the nation and be attentive to earn these rewards.

Salary Expectation for the Para Commando

The salary of the Para Commandoes varies according to the sector they serve and the rank they are at. Typically, you can earn over 25,000 per month as a para commando. Though it is not ahigh-paying job, the medalsand other rewards make the job extremely commendable and respectable than many other high-paying jobs.

So, if you are looking forward to getting into the job that is more respectable than paying, the Para Commando will be a worthy choice to gowth.

Should you opt for the Para commando?

Let’s talk about the most important question now: Whether you should opt to work as a Para Commando or not. The answer is rather simple. IT is not a highly paid job, and it is full of challenges and life risks. So, if you really wish to serve the nation and want to join the Indian Army special forces, the Para Commando field is the right choice for you. And if you are not, you should opt for the other government/private jobs that pay you well without risking your life.

The choice is completely yours. For us, Para Commando and Indian Army job is a passion that the students who have a special feeling to serve the nation opt for. SO, if you have this in you, Para Commando SF would be a great choice for you.

Preparation tips for Para Commando recruitment

For those readers who are looking for the preparation tips for the Para Commando Recruitment, here are a few tips that can help you clear the exam and physical and medical test and get the desired recruitment.

Tip 1: Get the preparation book for the Indian army recruitment

Tip 2: Make sure that pay attention to the current affairs and national and international news

Tip 3: You can join an online/offline group of students who are preparing for the same examination.

Tip 4: For the Para commando, it is essential to have physical and mental fitness. So, exercise regularly and try to be as fit as possible. This will help you clear the physical test with 100% marks and you can get a chance to be recruited as a Para Commando as per your performance in the exam

Tip 5: Try your hands on mock test papers and sample examination paper to evaluate yourself and mold the preparation likewise.

BY keeping these tips and tricks in mind and prepare accordingly, you can be assured of getting good marks in written as well as the physical test of the Indian Army recruitment. YOU r preparation can help you achieve the results you are looking for. So, prepare with all your will and you are going to be recruited intothe Indian army.


This was the complete information that you should be looking for while applying for the Indian Army and prepare yourself to be a Para Commando. Just make sure that you are both physically and mentally strong, and you can excel as a Para Commando. This is a prestigious as any other Indian Army Job and if you are looking for great respect and serve the nation, you should be looking for Para Commando in the Indian Army.

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