How to become a News Reporter in India

Are you aspiring to become a news reporter? It is one of the most challenging and promising jobs that can give you prestige and honor. You will feel proud when you will come to know that you have revealed the truth of any incident. A news reporter actual job is to collect the news and submit it before the people or the common man. You have to work under a news channel where you will submit the information. The news channel has news anchors who will offer the news to the people.

It would help if you remembered that the life of a news reporter is full of challenges and adventures. You have to risks of life while doing this job. This is because you have to deal with and come through many situations that may endanger your life. You should have the mindset to fight against all the odds and bring the truth before the people. A news reporter is said to be the backbone of any newspaper company or TV channel. The company works upon their performances. If you become a news reporter, you have to take the challenge to save society from everything.

Educational eligibility to become a news reporter:

How to become a News Reporter in India

You have to attain some academic eligibility for becoming a news reporter. It is vital for this profession. In the next following lines, you will know about the criteria.

  • You must complete your 10+2 from a recognized board with a good percentage of marks. It is okay if you are from an English medium background. This will help you to a great extent.
  • You have to complete your bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Mass Communication. It is mandatory to complete these degrees to get a job in this trade. It is a three-year course. Soon after this, you can also opt for the Master’s degree or post-graduation course.
  • You must have a good command of the English language. Try to increase your skills by going through various types of English magazines and books.
  • You must have know about media and production. It will help you.
  • It is also okay if you have excellent verbal communication skills. You have to interact with people who may not understand the local language. In such a situation, English can be the only language of communication.

Skills required becoming a news reporter:

Apart from all this, you need to have some additional skills for this profession. This can make you successful and a great achiever. Here is the list.

  • You must always focus on increasing and upgrading your general knowledge. This will help you to perform in a better manner in this profession.
  • You must have the curiosity to deal with the news. Instead, you must have the eagerness to collect information about any event.
  • Always try to vocal and outspoken. It is the critical quality for becoming a news reporter. It would help if you tried to speak to the masses.
  • You must have strong writing skills. This will help in expressing your opinion and thoughts among the people.
  • Try to be positive. Your positive vibes will create new hopes among the people.
  • You must have strong presentation skills. It means that you should try to present the news in a better way among the people.
  • You must be confident, have patience and enthusiasm for the job. It is the crucial quality that should be present before you.
  • On the other part, you must have the ability and capacity to differentiate between fact and fiction.
  • It would help if you had an investigative mind for becoming a news reporter. Try to be adaptive even under changing situations. It is required for becoming a successful reporter.

Steps to become a news reporter:

The job of a news reporter is essential because they are the persons who bring news before the people. You cannot become a news reporter until you attain the minimum educational qualifications. In the following few lines, we will discuss the steps for becoming a news reporter will be discussed.

  • You have to complete your 10+2 level with a good percentage of marks and take admission in a reputed college to complete the graduation in journalism or mass communication.
  • If you wish, you can also move to the post-graduation course. This can open new avenues and prospects.
  • You must always insist on going for an internship program after completing the courses. Through this internship program, you can gain experience about the profession. You can also achieve confidence in the subject.
  • In between this time, you should try to keep a constant watch on the recruitment process. If you get a chance, you must try to accept it. It would help if you got a scope.
  • You can achieve something more through your experience and performance. The more senior you become, you will get much more openings and exposures. Most popular news channels like Aaj Tak, Times Now, and NDTV look for news reporters. You should take these options and openings should be taken seriously.

Duties of a news reporter:

The moment you get the job, you will be given some duties. You must try to maintain the responsibilities nicely. Here is the list.

  • You will have the duty to present all current news and events before the people. To do this, you have to stay updated from time to time. In the present time, you have many platforms that can help you to do so.
  • Your main goal is to keep the general public updated about the country’s political, social and general changes.
  • You must always try to bring the truth and facts before the people. This should be your primary duty.
  • You will have the duty to analyze the news to the depth.
  • You have to monitor the events daily on the national and international levels. It is one of the significant tasks that is assigned to you.
  • You have to collaborate with the news editor to improve the presentation of the news.
  • You will have to coordinate with the graphic designer for the news.
  • You have to manage the staff photographers for the report.

Salaries of a news reporter:

You must know that the role or contribution of a news reporter is vital in the newspaper industry. As a reporter, you have to contribute a lot to the company. Most newspaper and TV channel companies pay decent salaries to the reporters. It is found that the average salary structure of the news reporter ranges between INR 18,000 to INR 80,000 per month, depending on the experience and performance. Apart from this, a reporter is given other facilities. It is a good thing.

Job prospects of a news reporter:

It has been seen that a news reporter has good prospects in their career. If you are determined to become a news reporter, you should stick to it. This will take you to the peak of success. In the present time, news reporting is dependent on various electronic platforms. This has made the job of a news reporter much more accessible and enjoyable. You can learn a lot of things that will bring a good impact on your career. If you start your career as a news reporter, you can go to a great position within a few years. The only thing required is tenacity and love for the profession.

You can also move to the part of news editing. This will create new scopes for you. In India, you will get several reputed media companies that offer good jobs to reporters. You can join these companies and make a better future. These companies provide good opportunities and decent salary package to the employees. You can also meet various personalities who are already in this profession and have earned fame and positions. The job of a news reporter is something different from the other professions.

You can work in advertising agencies, educational institutes, newspapers, publishing houses, magazines, and portals of publications. These places always search for talented and professional reporters. If you are dedicated and passionate about your work, then news reporting can be the best choice. With these qualities, you can win the race of professionalism. These jobs can also open many lucrative options before you. It would help if you grabbed it.

Best Indian institutes on journalism or mass communication:

To become a good and eminent news reporter, you should pursue a reputed institution’s degree or course. In India, you will get several such places that offer quality education and training to the candidates. It would help if you tried to take admission to the best ones. Here is the list of some of the best ones.

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Management, Pune
  • University of Hyderabad
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Xaviers Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • SCM Sophia, Mumbai


Your dream to become a competent news reporter is only possible if you are a hardworking and dedicated person towards the profession. The life of a news reporter is tough, but the satisfaction will get after the work is above all. It is a prestigious and dignified profession. If you are a news reporter, you have the social responsibility to give accurate report, or news to the ordinary people. The whole world depends upon you for the information. You should be a man of power and a strong personality. No one should defeat you, nor will you get inclined to anyone. Instead, it would help if you were genuine and faithful to your profession.

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