How to Become a Jewelry Designer in India

Most women prefer or like to wear jewelry. It is a common thing that is found in every woman. You must know that the jewelry is designed so that you get a better look. A lot of people are engaged while making jewellery. The design is made in the first case. It is approved by the higher authorities. Most jewelry companies allot and recruit designers to design the jewelry. They are given the task of designing the jewelry so that it gets a unique look.

You can also become a jewelry designer in any jewelry industry. However, it would help if you had a good conception of fashion and accessories. If you have a passion and the right taste, you can become a good jewelry designer. However, after some time, when you gain proper knowledge and experience, you can start immediately. The demand for a jewelry designer is increasing day by day. If you become a competent jewelry designer, you will reach the peak of success within a few years’ time. Some jewelry designers make every piece of jewelry that you see in the shop, or any store. It is made uniquely and with special care.

Educational qualifications to become a jewelry designer:

Jewelry Designer

You have to attain specific academic qualifications to become a jewelry designer. To achieve the goal of your life, you must complete the minimum academic eligibility. It commences from the school level till  graduation. Let us discuss some of the essential ones.

  • You have to clear and qualify for your 10+2 examination from a reputed board. You can become a jewelry designer from any stream. No need to come from a science background.
  • You must also complete your graduation from a recognized university with minimum mark of 55%.
  • After completion of the course, you can opt for a class on jewelry designing. The graduation course on jewelry designing is a three to four years course. You have to complete it to move further in this industry. The duration of the internship course ranges between 6 months to one year. You have to appear and complete the program.
  • You must go for an internship program under a reputed brand. The apprenticeship program from a reputable brand is necessary and mandatory. You can learn a lot during this period.

Skills required for becoming a jewelry designer:

Apart from all this, you must have specific skills for becoming a jewelry designer. In the following lines, you will know it.

  • It would help if you had a perfect taste of fashion and design. This taste can help in becoming a successful jewelry designer in the future.
  • To become a good jewelry designer who should have hands-on knowledge. It is required in this industry.
  • It would help if you had the interest to learn the subject.
  • It is okay if you have the patience to know the subject in a better manner.
  • You should have basic knowledge of cutting, measuring, and forming. This will help to know the subject quickly. You can grab the topics smoothly.
  • Try to be positive. This will help you greatly in this industry.

Steps to become a jewelry designer:

You need to follow some steps to become a jewelry designer. If you follow these steps, you can make a massive success in this trade.

  • If you have completed 10+2 from any stream, you can opt for the graduation course in jewelry designing. The course is named Bachelor in Jewelry designing. It is a three to four years course. To know more about the subject you can also opt for the Master’s degree.
  • You can also try the diploma course in jewelry designing. It is okay if you opt for these courses from recognized boards and colleges.
  • After completing you can join a good jewelry brand to gain further knowledge and experience on this subject.
  • Prior knowledge and experience can help to open your independent company. It is a lucrative option.
  • If you perform well, you can get an excellent job in any jewelry company with decent pay.

Qualities required becoming a successful jewelry designer:

To become a successful jewelry designer or to perform well in this subject, you must possess some qualities. However, the two things that are required are better communication and branding or marketing.


You must know that communication is the primary requirement in any trade or business. If you do not have proper communications skills, you cannot work correctly in the market, or you interact with people. You have to come in contact with various people who may not know the regional language. In a big company or a brand, internal communication between the designers and the artisans is much required. So, you have to prompt in the interaction section. It would help if you were well-aware of the regional language. In a bigger brand, the chance of competition is high. To gain success in this profession, communication is the primary key to success. You must have a good command of the local or regional languages of the place.

Branding and marketing:

On the other part, branding and marketing are another thing that you must consider to do something good. In between marketing and creating, you must try to concentrate on the marketing or the branding part. It is much essential if you work in a big organization or start your business. Start marketing yourself to get something better. This will also help in hiring people for the company. You should never forget that if you want to gain something good, you must focus on marketing your industry right from the beginning. It would help if you made every attempt to brand your product and company. In the present time, you will get various platforms for advertising. You can hire them for a better result.

Responsibilities of a jewelry designer:

Once you are in the profession, you have immense responsibilities and duties on your shoulders. It would help if you made every attempt to make it successful. In the following lines, you will learn about some of the critical responsibilities of a jewelry designer.

  • As a jewelry designer, you must carry out extensive research, drawing, and study of the designs. It would help if you always attempted to make innovative designs in each case.
  • It would help if you also attempted to identify the works with expertise. Each of your works and creation should be unique and innovative.
  • You should thoroughly learn the process of jewelry making. It is an important part of your profession.
  • You must also gather good knowledge about metal technical grasp. It is always required in the jewelry industry.
  • It would help if you also tried to develop and modify new features in the jewelry-making process.
  • It would help if you also tried to analyze research and forecast the recent market trend of the jewelry. This will assist you in arranging the materials accordingly.
  • You will also have the responsibility to manage and maintain the workflow and track designs of the jewelry.
  • If you are an eminent jewelry designer, you must attain a strong color sense. It is required in both the national and international markets.
  • You have to comply with the datelines and time of the project. You have to be particular about the timely submission of the work.
  • You will be given the responsibility to develop new ideas and present them wisely.

Salary of a jewelry designer:

You should have proper information about the salary of a jewelry designer. You can start your career with a salary of INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 per month. This may increase with your experience and performance. However, if you start working independently, you will have no limits. You can earn a lot of money while working independently. If you become successful, you can make more. Your income in this industry depends on your capabilities and performance. You must have excellent marketing skills required in this industry.

Top Indian institutes on jewelry designing:

In the next part, you will learn about some of the premier colleges in jewelry designing. You will be lucky if you get a chance to study in these colleges. These colleges have a set of trained faculties who can give you the best lessons. Here are some of them.

  • ARCH College of Design and Business, Jaipur
  • Indian Institute of Jewelry, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion, Noida
  • Aastha Institute of Gemmology, Pune


Jewelry occupies an integral part of Indian society. You must have seen that even during the ancient period, women preferred to put jewelry. However, with time, there have been changes in the designs and looks of jewelry. In the present time, you may notice that people prefer to wear stylish and trendy jewelry. Thus, choosing the job of jewelry designing can be exciting and challenging at the same time.

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