How to become a Bank Clerk in India

You must know that the banking sector is one of the fastest and growing sectors of India. It has a lot of prospects. Most young people dream of getting an excellent job in a bank. If you dream of getting a better job in a bank, you should start the preparation right from the early days of your life. A banking job is one of the most respected and lucrative professions in the world. If you go through the records, you will find that several Indian women prefer to get a banking job or  work in a bank.

If you want to make a professional career in the banking sector, you have two ways to get the job. One is the job of a bank clerk, and the other is Probationary Officer. You have to clear the entrance examinations that are conducted for these jobs. You can take admission in many professional coaching centers to crack the entrance examination and get a better job. The position of a bank clerk is that you have to do all the clerical jobs of the bank. These jobs play a crucial role in the banking industry. The position is highly prestigious and promising. You have to play the role of customer service in this job.

Educational eligibility to become a bank clerk:

Bank Clerk

You have to achieve some academic qualifications to become a bank clerk. In the following lines, you will know about it.

  • You have to complete your graduation from a recognized board and university. It is the minimum educational eligibility that you must attain.
  • You must be proficient and have good command of the regional language. If you are good at English, it will be an added advantage.
  • You should have basic information and knowledge about computer science. It is okay if you take an introductory computer course from a reputed place. It can help you in the job.
  • To get a banking clerical job, you have to be aged between 20 years to 28 years. However, relaxation of 5 years of age is given to the SC and ST candidates, and relaxation of 3 years is given to the OBC candidates.
  • You must have a clear conception of mathematics. It is highly required in a banking job. It is also okay if you are from a science background.

Skills required in becoming a bank clerk:

In addition to this, you need to have some additional skills and knowledge. It will help you in this profession.

  • You should be polite and have soft-spoken skills. It is much required in a banking job.
  • You must not have any criminal record. If it is so, you will not be entitled to get a banking job.
  • You must have patience to deal with the ordinary people. It would help if you remembered that a different set of people will come to you.
  • You must have good command of the English language. You should also have a positive approach and attitude.

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Steps required for becoming a bank clerk:

You have to follow some steps to become a bank clerk. In other words, you have to clear the entrance examination that is set for a bank clerk job. Please take prior preparations from some reputed places. In the following lines, you will learn about the process of getting a bank clerk job.

  • You must know that the recruitment in the Government banks is done through some examinations and they are IBPS (Clerk), SBI (Clerk), and IBPS (Gramin Bank clerk). You have to qualify for the exams held for these jobs.
  • The exam is based upon some subjects and they are reasoning, English language, and numerical ability.
  • On the main level you have to face other topics: logical reasoning, computer aptitude, general awareness, quantitative aptitude and English language.
  • All these questions are objective-based, and you have to tick the correct one. To get this, you must have a thorough knowledge of the subjects. The questions can come from any side.
  • In some cases, you may get negative marking for incorrect answers. Please attempt the correct ones or the ones which you know.

Tips to crack the bank clerk job in one chance:

You must be dreaming of becoming a bank clerk. It is now possible with some simple and easy steps. At the same time, you must also remember that it is not that easy to get a bank job. You have to clear the exams that are conducted for these jobs. You will learn about the steps or tips required to get a bank clerical job in the following lines.

  • It would help if you were well-aware of one term, “Practice practice and practice”. It is the main mantra of cracking a bank job. The more you will practice, the more you will be confident.
  • The syllabus of a bank clerk job covers a large area. It means that you have to focus on the books for clearing the exam and getting the job.
  • You may start by preparing and following the previous year’s bank clerical papers. This will give you a better idea and pattern of the questions. You can prepare as per the syllabus. This can prove to be fruitful.
  • You can also purchase various books written by noted authors on competitive exams. You can follow and start practicing them for a better result. These books can also show the easiest way to solve the problems.
  • To stay updated about the current affairs you have to follow the newspapers and magazines regularly. They can inform you about the latest news.
  • However, the best thing to get a bank clerical job is to join a reputed coaching center that prepares candidates for these exams. You will get proper guidance and advice from the experienced faculties of these centers.

Duties of a bank clerk:

Once you get the job and join the office, you will be entrusted with some duties and responsibilities. You have to maintain them at any cost. Here are some of the responsibilities of a bank clerk.

  • You have to manage the demand and requirements of the bank’s customers. You have to take care of the customer’s data and services. It is a primary job of a bank clerk.
  • You have to stay updated about the RBI guidelines. If required, you have to inform the same the bank’s customers. It is a mandatory duty.
  • You have to carry out the job of passing the customer’s cheque and withdrawal of the bank slips.
  • As a bank clerk, you have to look that the accounts of the customers are updated and valid. If there is any requirement of documents, you have to inform the customer as a bank representative.
  • You have to help and assist a customer while opening a bank account or updating the passbook, or issuing debit and credit cards. You have to be prepared for all these types of requirements.

Domains of a bank clerk:

As a bank clerk, you will be entrusted and allotted with a domain. You have to handle that part with complete dedication and sincerity.

  • As an interest clerk you have to record the interest accumulated in the savings account of the customers and the interest that is owed to the bank through investments and loans.
  • As a loan clerk, you have to record and organize the loan information.
  • As a statement clerk, you have to prepare monthly balance sheets of the customer’s account.
  • As a security clerk, you have to record, file, and look after the stocks of the bank.
  • As an exchange clerk, you have to look after the international accounts and transferring the foreign currency into pounds and vice versa.
  • As a bookkeeping clerk, you have to take care of the records of each customer’s account. This role of the bank clerical is crucial.

Salary of a bank clerk:

A bank clerk of any bank get’s a good salary along with some lucrative perks. The bank clerk’s basic salary commences from INR 11,000 and it may extend to about INR 50,000 based upon your experience and performance. In addition to this, you are entitled to get a special allowance, travel allowance, house rent allowance, dearness allowance, city-compensatory allowance, and other things. Together the amount is much lucrative and suitable.


It is expected that in the coming years, we will generate more banking jobs. It will create huge vacancies. If you are looking or trying to get a decent job, you must grab the bank jobs. It is secured and promising in many ways. You will get comprehensive options to make a better career in the banking sector. The banking sector and industry are related to the economic growth of a country. The demand for banking jobs will never decrease in any situation. Thus choosing this job can bring success and achievement in your life.

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