How to become a Gym / Fitness Trainer in India

In modern time, people are cautious about their health and fitness. To keep yourself active and fit, you must follow specific fitness schedules. You should include it in your daily life. You must know that excessive fat or obesity is always bad for your health. It not only makes you look ugly, but you can face many health issues. Daily gym work can help you stay sound and fit for a long time. However, it is also okay if you consult or get in touch with a fitness trainer.

The role of a fitness trainer is essential and vital in a gym. He is the person who is in overall charge of the gym. You can also become a fitness trainer if you love it. As a fitness trainer, you have to guide the people who are coming to the gym. You have to show them in the best possible manner to get good health and an active life. It is assumed that there will be an abrupt growth of the fitness centers within few years. The demand for a fitness trainer will also increase to a considerable extent.

Skills required becoming a fitness trainer:

Fitness Trainer

You need to have some skills for becoming a fitness trainer. In the following lines, you will know about the skills.

  • You must have a fit body. If you are unfit, you cannot teach other people to stay fit and healthy. It is the first requirement.
  • It would help if you were well-aware of the current fitness trends. To do this, you must stay in constant touch with health magazines and books.
  • You must have the patience to deal with the clients. Not all the clients need to have the same ability to understand the exercises.
  • You must have a good command of the English language. You will require it while interacting with the clients.
  • It would help if you always tried to introduce practical exercises to your clients, so they get better results. Let them understand the matter and get well-accustomed with the activities.
  • Always try to keep a positive attitude towards your clients. If you teach them with a smiling face they will catch it quickly and get better recognition.
  • You must also have the skills to maintain the exercising tools. If required, you should take prior training.

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Steps to become a fitness trainer:

If you have a good and sturdy body, it does not mean that you can become a fitness trainer. It would help if you acquired specific qualities for becoming a fitness trainer. Here are some of the steps for becoming a fitness trainer.

  • You need to acquire some necessary skills to become a fitness trainer. It is not a cup of tea for everyone. Thus you need to practice and gain the required skills. As a fitness trainer, you have to motivate other people to opt for this training program. You must also possess good interpersonal skills to communicate with people.
  • You have to undergo a certification course. This can help to become a good trainer. You can search for organizations or institutions that offer fitness training courses for the learners. At the end of the course, they offer both written and oral tests. The course has duration of two or three months. The approximate cost of the course is about INR 10,000 to INR 30,000.
  • Now, if you wish, you can also move for a specialization course. Many institutions also offer it. Suppose you may be interested in fields like weight lifting, boxing, and other things. You can also opt for this option.
  • Work experience is always essential to become a fitness trainer. If you are a fresher, you can join as an Assistant in the fitness center. Once you earn knowledge and experience, you can become a trainer.
  • Once you acquire the experience and other knowledge about this subject, you can open your fitness center. To start with, you have to buy some essential fitness equipment. You must also learn the techniques to handle and maintain them.

Which can be the best certification course on fitness?

To become a fitness trainer, you must have some certification courses. You might get confused about choosing the best one. Most of these courses are taught through online mode. It can be better to go with these courses. In the following lines, you will come to know about the best courses that can help you in this field.

  • A Diploma training course can be the best choice in this case. It is a course that will give you a complete overview of fitness and understand the importance of fitness training. After completing the course, you will be given the scope and chance to go for a training program. During this training session, you will learn a lot of things.
  • Apart from all this, you will also get a chance to opt for a certified fitness courses. These courses are much fruitful and better in many ways. You will get a complete idea about the fitness issues. You will also get some practical tips to stay active through regular fitness programs.

It is important to complete these courses to get a complete idea about the fitness programs.

Prospects of a fitness trainer:

If you are passionate about fitness, you can select this profession. It would help if you remembered that by becoming a fitness trainer, you can teach other people to stay physically active and good. The changed lifestyle has bought severe changes in our health. Most of us are suffering from various health issues after a specific age. It is much essential to stay fit right from the beginning. Thus, you need to consult a fitness trainer for this.

As a fitness trainer, you will have the option to get a job in a fitness center or gym. You can also choose the profession of a personal trainer. It has a good demand. Apart from this, you can also open your fitness center and start a job. However, for this business, you need to gather some experience and knowledge. You need to buy the fitness tools that are also required for exercise. Even many aerobics centers also search for fitness trainers. It is a good job. The fitness experts are well-paid in these places. You can also open your site and provide suitable lessons on fitness. You can earn good popularity and fame through this work.

What are the salary prospects of a fitness trainer?

You must be confused about the salary part of a fitness trainer. You must definitely want to know about the salary that a fitness trainer earns. To be specific, a fitness trainer can earn depending on the experience and knowledge. At the initial level, you may earn up to INR 30,000 per month. This will increase depending upon your skills, experience, and performance. A senior fitness trainer may earn up to a salary of INR 1, 24,000 per month. It can even be unlimited if you have your fitness center.

Is it a competitive profession?

It is found that most people are indulging themselves in opening a fitness center or a gym. The demand for a fitness trainer is also on the rise. A fitness trainer is an expert who can guide you about the steps to be taken to get a healthy body. Considering all the aspects, it is found that this profession is highly competitive. It would help if you were best in this profession because people will get ample options.

It would help if you stressed using new techniques and ways to keep the body fit. You need to utilize new systems of carrying out the exercise.

How fitness experts keep you mentally fit?

If you are physically unfit, you can also suffer from various mental issues and depressions. To keep these things away from your body, you need to consult a fitness trainer. He is the only person who can guide you from time to time. If you follow some simple exercises, you can stay mentally fit.

Our body is attached to our mind. Instead, both of them are inter-related to each other. A fitness trainer can also keep you mentally fit with counseling. Through proper exercises you can change your negative mood, increase your self-esteem and get relief from depression and anxiety.

Best fitness centers in India:

 Here you will know about some of the fitness centers of India that are performing well. They have well-trained and experienced trainers who can guide you in the best possible manner. Here is the list.

  • CrossFitOM, Mumbai
  • Gold’s Gym, Delhi
  • Fitness First, Gurgaon
  • Reebok Crossfit, Delhi
  • Steel Gym, Hyderabad
  • Muscle and Beach Gym, Goa


The job or profession of a fitness trainer is challenging and exciting. You will be entrusted with bringing back the good health of a person through a proper fitness program. Besides this, as a fitness trainer, you must also stress on the mental development of the person. If you are mentally fit, you can quickly get back your fit body. Take the pledge to make your body work through a good fitness program under a trainer.

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