How to Become a Cosmetologist in India?

Who does not want to look beautiful? Everyone wants to look their best, but not everyone is perfect and looks beautiful. But there are ways to correct of the flaws on your skin and make yourself look beautiful. There are professionals who will be able to help on this process and they are called as Cosmetologists are such professionals who do this job of making your face, hair, or your overall body, look beautiful and best. If you also love doing something like this, then you will have to complete a course in Cosmetology.

In India, we have many courses that can help you become a Cosmetologist like B. Sc., Diploma courses, certification courses and post diploma courses as well. You can pick any course of your choice. But here we have provided details about how to become a Cosmetologist by completing B. Sc. in Cosmetology.

Who is a Cosmetologist?

A Cosmetologist or a beauty Cosmetologist is a person who is expert or a professional in beauty, make up and skin related issues. This is a study of that can help you understand how to focus on the physical appearance of people and help them look better, by correct their flaws. The study can be related to body, hair or face. A Cosmetologist will work on the treatments and beauty therapies that can help people look better.


As a Cosmetologist, you will be able to work in many different organizations and earn good. If you wish, you can even start an institute of your own to get started with the services. Continue reading if you wish to gather some more information about how to become a Cosmetologist and start your career.

Eligibility Criteria:

Here are the details about the eligibility criteria if you wish to get admission into B. Sc Cosmetology course in India. Only if you meet all these requirements, you can apply for it.

  • You should have completed your 10th standard from a good institution.
  • You must have completed your 12th standard or its equivalent from a recognized college in India.
  • Make sure that you are having Biology, Chemistry and Physics as your main subjects.
  • It is important that you score at least 50 percent marks in your 12th standard if you wish to get admission in B. Sc in Cosmetology course.

Admission Process:

Here is the admission process for admission into B. Sc Cosmetology in India:

  • Most of the colleges give admission based on merit. That means, you score in the qualifying exam will be taken into consideration against all the applications received.
  • Some colleges also conduct an entrance test every year for providing admission to the right candidate.

Course Duration and Fee:

B.Sc Cosmetology is a graduation program and is a three-year course. It is a semester-wise course and it has six semesters of six months each. The course fee is going to be somewhere around Rs 20,000 to Rs 1,50,000.


Here is what you will be able to learn when you enroll yourself for the B. Sc. Cosmetology course:

Semester I

  • Communication Skills
  • Comprehensive Study Of Professional Hand, Foot Care With Nail Enhancement
  • Customer Service Relation For Beauty And Wellness
  • Fundamentals Of Makeup
  • Fundamentals of Professional Hair Dressing
  • Introduction To Human Nutrition
  • Introduction To The Beauty And Wellness Industry

Semester II

  • Basics Of Hair Designing
  • Basics of Professional Makeup
  • Comprehensive Study Of Hair Removal And Ancillary Services
  • Comprehensive Study Of Skin Care
  • Introduction To Diet Management
  • Physiology Of Human Body
  • Writing Skills

Semester III

  • Classic Hairdressing Methodology
  • Comprehensive Study of Face Aesthetics
  • Disaster Management
  • Fundamental of Food Science And Nutrition
  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Introduction to Latest Trends In Cosmetology And Professional Make up
  • Nutrition Through Life Cycle
  • Electives-(Any 1 out of 2)

Semester IV

  • Business Accountancy And Book Keeping with Occupational Health & safety
  • Comprehensive Study of Body Aesthetics
  • Geriatric Nutrition
  • Introduction To Body Therapy in Fitness industry
  • Nutrition for Weight Management
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Salon Essentials to Hair Dressing
  • Salon Professional Make up Artistry
  • Electives-(Any 1 out of 2)

Semester V

  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Fundamentals of Spa Therapies-I
  • Makeup Techniques -I
  • Maternal And Child Nutrition
  • Salon Hair Creatives
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Therapeutic or Cosmetic Nutrition Part-1
  • Electives-(Any 1 out of 2)
  • Electives-(Any 2 out of 3)

Semester VI

  • Advanced Hair Creatives Internship And Project work
  • Health & Wellness Coaching – Internship & Project work
  • Introduction to Fitness With Yoga Aerobics And Strength Training
  • Introduction to Public Nutrition – Nutritional Deficiency Diseases
  • Make up Techniques -II Internship And Project work
  • Spa Therapies-II Internship And Project work
  • Therapeutic or Cosmetic Nutrition –II Internship And Project work
  • Electives-(Any 1 out of 2)
  • Electives-(Any 2 out of 3)

You will be given a chance to decide the elective subjects on your own. It can depend on the subjects you like. Some colleges decide the electives based on the availability of the faculty. So, almost all the colleges have the same syllabus.

Other available courses to become a Cosmetologist:

Apart from the B. Sc course in Cosmetology, you also have other courses. If you wish to choose a course that can be completed in short duration, then you can choose from the courses that are listed below:

Diploma Courses (1 year):

  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Fashion Media Make up
  • Diploma in Makeup
  • Diploma in Hair Dressing

Certificate Courses (6 Month):

  • Certificate Course in Massage Therapy
  • Certificate Course in Herbal Beauty and Therapy
  • Certificate course in Beauty Culture

Master Courses (1 year):

  • PG Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC)

Career Opportunities:

The career opportunities for a Cosmetologist are very good as the career is booming and developing. There are many sectors from which you will start receiving opportunities. The demand for any Cosmologist or beautician is very high. Some of the most common career options that you will receive are:

Hair Stylist: As a hair stylist you will be responsible for providing the right hair treatment. You will be responsible for conditioning the hair and making it better. You should also be helping in reducing any problems that are related to the hair due to the use of harsh chemicals.

Spa Therapist: As a spa therapist, you will have to take care of the spa treatments. They include body massage, waxing, facials, pedicure and manicure and that has to be done in a very comfortable way for the clients.

Apart from this, you also have options like Manicurist, Brand Manager and beauty consultant. You can also start a clinic of your own. This is also a very good option for those who want to earn good.

Salary Structure

When it comes to salary, you will be able to earn pretty good income when you complete your B. Sc Cosmetology. If you are a hair stylish, you can earn Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 3,00,000 per annum. As a spa therapist, you can earn Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 3,00,000. Being a brand Manager, you will be able to earn more and it is going to be somewhere around Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 5,50,000. If you choose the profession of Beauty Consultant, then you can earn from Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 2,50,000. If you want to start your own clinic, then you will be able to earn pretty good. But in the beginning you will be able to earn less. As you gain more reputation, you will start getting more and more clients and that will help you earn high. Salary is never a problem as you will start earning more when you get more experience.

Some best colleges for becoming a Cosmetologist:

When looking for the best education in Cosmetology, you will have to make sure that you are choosing the right college. In India, we have several colleges that offer you education in Cosmetology. So, if you are looking for the best colleges in India for becoming a cosmetologist, then here are a few for you:

  • Central University of Jammu, Jammu
  • ISAS International Beauty School, Pune
  • Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Academy, Pune
  • London School of Trends, Delhi
  • LTA School of Beauty, Mumbai
  • Make-up Designory, Mumbai
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • Pearl Academy, Mumbai
  • Pearl Academy, Noida
  • Sandip University, Nashik
  • Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • Eves Beauty Parlour and Academy, NCR Delhi
  • Anoo’s International Beauty School, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
  • Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, S.V. Patel Road, Borivli, Mumbai
  • Radio Bhuvan Career Supermarket, Colaba, Mumbai

So, these are some of the best colleges you can apply for. Apart from this, there are many other colleges as well. You can check the details on the official websites of the colleges before you apply for them. They provide the complete details about the Cosmetology course and how to apply for it.

We hope that the information provided above is useful to you and helps you understand better about how to become a cosmetologist. It is one of the good careers to choose from when you are interested in beauty and making others look beautiful. So, check out all the details and enroll yourself for the course if you think you fit in right.

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