How To Become a Business Analyst in India

Are you dreaming of becoming a business analyst even if you are from the sales team? Can you become a business analyst if you are associated with a bank? The answer is yes because IT does not discriminate against people irrespective of their academic backgrounds. The role of business analysts is gradually increasing because of the growth of digitization. As a business analyst, you have to look upon matters like analytical tools and predict these tools future. The role of a business analyst is vital and essential in a true sense.

If you look back, you will find that the scope was much limited in ancient time. The students had limited contents after completing their education. If they have pursued and completed professional courses, they could get a job. The situation was difficult for ordinary students. They had to move from door to door to get a simple job. The situation changed only after the introduction of some new concepts and subjects. You can say that the scope of a business analyst is nice and lovely. People are making a promising career in this subject. They have better prospects.

Eligibility to become a Business Analyst:

Business Analyst

Suppose you are looking to become a business analyst, you need to have specific educational qualifications. Here are some of the essential ones.

  • You should have completed your 10+2 from the science stream. Soon after this, you have to enroll in an engineering college. It is okay if you are admitted to a premier engineering college. You will have better prospects and scopes after passing the engineering course.
  • In many cases, it is found that if you have completed your MBA from a reputed college after the completion of an Engineering degree we will much prefer you.
  • If you want to become a business analyst, you must possess sharp analytical skills. The recruiting companies check this by conducting tests. If you pass the examination with high marks, you will be allowed to proceed further.
  • If required, you can make prior preparations by gathering more knowledge about the subject and doing good research work on the subject. This will help you to get a clear conception of the subject.

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Skills required becoming a business analyst:

Apart from all this, you should have specific skills that can help you to become a business analyst. Here are some of the essential ones.

  • You should have better verbal skills. It is okay if you can speak English well, this will help in better interaction with the clients.
  • Good listening skills are also required to become a business analyst. However, mere listening will not do, but you have to understand what is being said in the discussion. It is equally vital.
  • It would help if you also tried to understand the delegated objectives in the subject of discussion.
  • You should have the potential to meet the stakeholders and conduct a meeting. It means you should be well-aware of the subject.
  • You have to maintain the time. Instead it will be correct to say that time management is the main thing.
  • You must be well aware that the work of a business analyst requires writing down the reports, plans, and documentation of the story. You should have the ability to write on various topics. The topics may be related to any subject and issue.

Steps to be followed while becoming a business analyst:

You have to follow specific steps to become a business analyst. In the following few lines, you will know about the steps.

  • The first thing that you should mention here are you should have the skills that are required for a beginner business analyst. You must have the four skills. They are holding the ability to conduct system testing, have both oral and written skills, and properly understand of the domain and requirement analysis and modeling.
  • If required, you have to upgrade the skills. You can do it by acquiring soft skills and getting a certification from a reputed place. At the entry level, you can go with the IIBA ECBA certification courses. They are better and found to be helpful.
  • The next thing required is that you have to constantly focus on reading and enhancing the knowledge. There is no end to know. It is better if you always prefer to learn and visualize the same. Good presentation skill is also appreciated. Everything depends on how you will present the matter to the clients.
  • Resumes are the doors to your skills and personality. An employer can know after viewing the resume. If you plan to make a resume for a business analyst, you should try to consider few things. Core skills that you must have customer handling skills, problem-solving skills, and projects in which you have already used the skill. These are some of the essential points that need to be mentioned.
  • If you are honest about your profession, you can win the race. Always focus on your future and dreams. This can take you to the point of success. If you have prepared your resume, you should start preparing for the interviews. You can do this by going through several books and journals. You can also visit several sites that will provide you with complete information about the type of interview.

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Responsibilities of a business analyst:

If you are appointed for the job of a business analyst, you have to perform specific responsibilities. It would help if you were well-aware of the role of a business analyst at the time of joining.

  • The primary role or the responsibility of a business analyst is to understand the stakeholder’s requirements and translate the same to the developers so that they can work as per the demand. But before this, you need to understand the job role. This is the essential part of the job that you should follow. As a business analyst, you may have to spend specific time n attending meetings. This is a part of your job.
  • You have to work with the stake-holders as well as the business people. You have to develop a relation between these two groups of people. What should be your ultimate goal? It will be to finish the project and handover the same to the client. You have to create the plot for business or the project. This is one of yours very essential functions. It would help if you tried to fulfill it as early as possible.
  • To extend the business and make it good, you have to be a good presenter. You must have the skills to present a company in the best possible manner. It would help if you remembered that your presentation will be heard by the Senior Manager and IT management people. Keeping this in mind you have to prepare and make the presentation. If required, you should undergo good training on display as and when needed.
  • Elaborating the details of the project is you’re another key responsibility. You have to elaborate the details of the project so that anyone can understand it. To do this, you might have to work with the company’s stakeholders so that you can acquire sufficient knowledge. In the present time you may be entrusted with the task of preparing the functional specifications and other requirements that the organization accepts.
  • You must know that the technical job of a business analyst is to prepare the documents. The documents that you will qualify as a business analyst must be informative and usable. It should help the other people to understand the business in a much better manner.
  • When you are working as a business analyst, you may have to handle a team. This is the primary responsibility of the professional.

Prospects of a business analyst in India:

If you are choosing this profession, you should be well-aware of the prospects of the job. In the present time, you can find a good scope in this field. As a business analyst, you have to mend the gap between an IT professional and the business. It is an excellent prospect for the company. It is expected that within a short time, we will recruit more people to this profession.

If you wish or have decided to become a business analyst, it will be a wise decision. A present survey has revealed that a business analyst requirement will increase by 14% within 2023. This can be great news for people like you who are dreaming of doing something good in the business analyst.

Best business analyst institutes in India:

Here is a list of some of the top business analyst institutes in India.

  • Amity Future Academy
  • Shiv Nadar University
  • Techcanvass
  • ECBA
  • CCBA


The job of a business analyst is exciting and fabulous. You will feel good while working on this subject. It will help to develop some excellent skills that can help you in the future. If you are willing to become a reputed business analyst, you should start preparing for Standard 12.

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