Air Hostess Courses in India: Eligibility, Fees, Training, Salary, Career, Scope

Most of the girls at pretty young age decide to become an air hostess. It is one of the best careers that you can choose. But to achieve your dream will not be an easy job. There are certain skills, role, and responsibilities that need to be adhered to become an air hostess. To be a part of this aviation family, you must have a good knowledge of how the flying industry works.

Flying is the dream of many and if you have that zest to achieve your dream and convert it into profession then certainly, this is the right time for you to take action.

Understanding More about Air Hostess Career

There is no doubt that the growing scenario of aviation industry all across the world has made it pretty clear on how the scope of an air hostess in today’s time has increased. Different professional education courses in India offer the air hostess a great way to achieve a dream. Since the primary career line of the airline industry is air hostess, you need to understand that it includes an individual to be friendly, pleasant and even enthusiastic with a good environmental solution.

Also popular by the name of flight attendants or cabin crew members, the air hostess is a growing career. Those who want to opt for this career in the aviation industry needs to have certain certifications and diploma courses once they finish the 12th standard. Those women or men who want to choose the career of air hostess here is great new. This career is growing and offers ample scope in the same industry. Once you enroll for the courses such as cabin crew training or ground staff training, you are all set to be part of reputed airlines.

Air Hostess Courses in India

Eligibility Criteria

If you are aiming to be a part of the aviation industry in the air hostess sector then understand that there is certainly an eligibility criterion on which the selection is being made. If you fulfill or fall under these criteria then to achieve success shall be not the problem for you.

Here are a few things that you need to know

  • Whether you will be working nationally or internationally, it is important to have a good command on English and some basic foreign languages that are spoken widely.
  • You must fall in the age criteria of 18-26 years old since that has the highest demand in today’s time.
  • If you have a degree in the hospitality, commerce or art graduation or any good reputable graduation degree from a reputable college then your scope to be part of this industry will get doubled up
  • There is also a height criterion. At least 157.5 centimeters with an appropriate weight matching to the height needs to be met.

Other than this, in some countries, it is expected for a person to be an air hostess to be unmarried with good eyesight, good health condition, no air sickness, and fair to clear complexion as well. Once you meet the above criteria, you will be called out for the initial screening that will be later followed with a written test, personal interviews, and group discussions. Those candidates who get accepted will be put in the important yet required training in the selected process.

Responsibilities of Air Hostess That Needs To Be Fulfilled

The first flight attendant was the German personality whose name was Heinrich Kubis who became part of the industry in the year 1912. The first female cabin crew member was 25 years age lady Ellen Church who was hired by the United Airlines in the year 1930. It is expected from such cabin crew members to be well dress and groomed all the time. There are so many airlines that don’t even let the air hostess have a piercing or tattoo being made. An air hostess needs to work with different people belonging to different cultures and background.

You may find this job quite fancy and easy to perform but there are certain roles and responsibilities which an air hostess needs to follow. An air hostess is the one who will be taking certain tasks such as:

  • To welcome the passengers with a warm greeting and smiling face. The air hostess must guide them till they settle down at the seat comfortable as some passengers are generally scared of attending flights.
  • An air hostess needs to give report flight briefing to the passengers. The information needs to be rightly delivered and for which the training on the same is also given.
  • To serve refreshments and meals to passengers on the desired time of lunch, snacks or dinner is important. It is needed for an air hostess to quickly attend the passengers when they seek for one.
  • Other than serving passengers, an air hostess also needs to create a strong flight report, induct and offer medical care to the passenger and ensure that they have the safest and stress-free flight under them

Understanding Training and Courses

As said earlier, once there is an eligibility criterion that you fulfill and if you clear the screening test, you will be asked to attend certain courses. Such type of courses comes with a blend of practical training and classroom training as well. This way, you will be able to understand the different process that the aviation industry generally follows along with things which a person needs to keep in mind when it comes to flying.

This type of career although is quite powerful for women but nowadays even men don’t hesitate to be a part of it and besides, there is no such restriction on the genders to not choose such type of career. In the end, this type of career is meant for all those potential candidates those are the right fit for the job and have the enthusiasm to be a part of this industry.

  • There are different types of degree courses which an air hostess is expected to achieve such as emergency management, managing skills, navigation skills, hospitality management and a piece of general knowledge about the aircraft and catering training which may seem basic but is extremely crucial. Besides, there are so many reputable institutes across the world that can help be the part of aviation leading to the flight steward or even air hostess. Those candidates who want to apply for this career can directly apply to the individuals who offer the right diploma and certifications needed.
  • Selection of the course is done right after the screening process in which the aptitude and communication skill of the candidate is first checked. There will also be an entrance exam which an institute or airline generally before starting with the program. Those candidates who clear the exam get selected for that particular program.
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew Training, Certificate Programme, 6 months to 1 year Air Hostess Diploma, Air Cargo Documentation Diploma Programme of 1 year, Travel and Hospitality 1-year Diploma Programme and Professional Ground Staff Services to name a few are some the air hostess courses that are expected to be fulfilled.
  • Generally, the duration of such courses can vary between 6 months to a maximum of 2 years depending upon the type of course you choose. You need to understand that such courses have different levels from beginnings to intermediate that are expected to be cleared out with flying colors.
  • It would be good for a candidate choosing this career to understand that admission in BBA or MBA program can be an added advantage since it gives a good idea about the emotional interview, group discussion, and even the management entrance exam system and the way it works.

Career Prospects

This is one never dying industry and scope of the same in modern time is as important as it was earlier. The pay is good, this job is reputable and you get to enhance your personality in a much better manner. There are so many career opportunities for air hostess and it is certainly the permanent field that one can choose. To be a part of this flight crew team and serve the customers in the right manner, there are certain roles mentioned above which need to be followed. Airlines such as Delta Airlines, Jet Airways, Go Air, Indian Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, United Air, Alliance Air, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airlines, and Air India to name a few are some of the reputable ones hire a candidate can apply.


Generally, the pay that an air hostess gets at the starting of her career may vary from Rs. 16000 to Rs 30000 per month. But gradually it gets increased with good experience and hours that are generally spent on flying which in this field matters the most. If an air hostess completes two years in this industry then there is a good scope for the individual to get a hike up to Rs 75000 per month. An air hostess is loaded with ample of role and responsibilities but certainly the pay they get is worth for the hard work, dedication, and commitment which they show for the passengers during their travel.

Different companies would have different PayScale to offer. Some at the beginning may pay less while some may pay high but when it comes to growth of the PayScale for later part it could be slow. It is an air hostess who needs to make a thoughtful decision on which one should be chosen.

Quick Tips To Become An Air Hostess

After what you have read from above, it must be so far quite clear to you on whether you can be a part of this aviation team or not. In case you are looking out for some quick guidelines then given below may certainly help you.

  • You must maintain a pleasant personality all the time. Make sure you work on all your personality traits and try to impress the people since that are the most important role of an air hostess.
  • Right from serving the food till dealing with the customers who may get hyper during the flight, an air hostess has to ensure that the flight journey goes smoothly while the pilot does his job to safely land the plane to the desired destination
  • A candidate who decides to apply for this job role needs to be well qualified, must fulfill all roles and responsibilities mentioned above. Besides, it is important to act quickly and wisely when any kind of emergency arises instead of being hyper.
  • You need to understand the fact that this is a vast career and to take it easily does not make any sense. So make sure you speak or choose a career counseling before you plan to opt for the same.
  • You must be super confident while speaking with the passengers. Besides, it is important to be well aware about the flight in which you will be a cabin crew member towards your passengers.

It is one of the highly reputable careers in which the rate of application is more among women over men but there is no doubt that such career can only lead to success and great confidence with good pay as compared to regular IT jobs. Of course, there are other perks like you get to explore the world, meet new people every time and be on the sky all the time instead of being stuck up in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Air Hostess Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum educational qualification to peruse air hostess courses?

the eligibility criteria of air hostess courses could vary based on the institution, however, the basic educational qualification remains the same everywhere. The candidate should have completed the 12th with a minimum of 50% marks. Apart from this, he/she could be from any stream of commerce/arts/science.

  1. Which is a better diploma or graduate air hostess course?

Both diploma and graduate air hostess courses have their advantages and disadvantages. However, instead of asking us, you should decide for yourself. While diploma courses are shorter than graduate courses, diploma courses will always be considered inferior to UG courses. Therefore, if you could invest some money and time, it would be better to peruse UG air hostess courses. This is what we recommend. Remember, this does not mean that diploma air hostess courses are worthless, but, they should not be compared to graduate or UG air hostess courses.

  1. Is it important that a candidate needs to peruse a specific air hostess course like a B.Sc. air hostess to become an air hostess?

If you aim to become an air hostess and nothing else, then perusing a B.Sc. air hostess course is recommended. However, if you peruse this course, you cannot switch to any other fields. On the other hand, if you peruse courses like B.Sc. aviation, Bachelor of travel and tourism management, BBA in tourism management, etc. you could become an air hostess, and also if you do not succeed in becoming an air hostess, you could peruse other job opportunities.

  1. To get admission for air hostess courses, are there any entrance exams?

As far as we know, some of the universities and colleges demand entrance exam scores for applying, however, some institutions do not demand entrance exam scores. Such institutions enroll candidates based on their score in the 12th board exams. There could be a personal interview and donation in such institutions.

  1. Is it true that air hostesses do not get any weekly leave?

First of all, you should not compare the air hostess profession to any other regular courses. While most of the jobs have fixed working time and leave, the aviation industry especially pilots and air hostesses does not have fixed working time and leave. But, it does not mean that there is no weekly leave for them. Unlike other jobs, an air hostess could decide when he/she needs a leave in a week.

  1. What is the maximum salary of an air hostess?

The salary of air hostesses would differ based on the company he/she is working in, if the company is international, they tend to pay more than what Indian companies pay. However, in general, the average salary of an air hostess is around INR 40000 to 60000. Some airline companies pay almost close to 10 lakh per annum.

  1. Is there a maximum age for perusing air hostess courses?

Yes, there is a maximum age for perusing air hostess courses. While the minimum age is 18-years, the maximum age is 26-years.

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to take a serious decision about your career. The role of air hostess can be crucial but if you maintain and follow it well, then there is no looking back and success will, of course, be there with you always.

Make the most from this incredible career and make sure you apply it at the right time. After all, the demand for the same is quite a lot and it would make sense if you follow the right course and tips give on the right time.

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