ANM Course Complete Details: Eligibility, Fees, Syllabus & Career

There are multitude of courses that a person can pursue for in their life as part of the professional and academic path. When the talk arrives of different courses that are in line with the career, medical stream is quite famous for. And out of that medical stream is quite famous for. But its not as if everyone goes for the doctor course or more. There are many who prefer the nursing courses also. ANM or Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery is one such field which intrigues many.

This is a course that is part of the nursing course and anyone who wants to pursue nursing can go for this course in their life. It is offered by a wide range of institutes across India  and it is one of the courses that is keen on the students list once they are done with the class 12. This is also a good career choice and allows a person to learn so much ahead that they can make a good earning and living out of it.

We here look into the complete details of this course and seek the eligibility, fees, syllabus and career scope of Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. Let’s read down below on the vital information regarding the ANM course.

What’s Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) course?

This is a course which is based on nursing and is basically a two year course which is also known as certificate level course. This course is a undergraduate program and a person can take this course after they have completed the class 12 exams. This course is offered by plenty of institutes and they cite this course from anywhere between 1 to 3 years although generally it is of 2 year period.

A willing person who wants to go into this course needs to have a marks of 45% minimum and they need to have completed the course from a recognized board.This course is often one of the major choices for students who want to go for a nursing career ahead in their life.

How the need for Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery started?

Nursing as a profession looks into creating an aptitude for caring of the sick and the maternity. It also seeks focus on providing care of maternity and the healthcare during the days of pregnancy. It also looks into making sure that the smooth functioning of the hospital wings and more can be done.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery looks into the aspect of integrating these functionalities into a practical knowledge that will come out useful for the people. This program for ANM makes sure that the benevolent nurse learn about the aspect of flexibility, empathy, organizational skills, time management, physical fitness, alertness for the patients car and implications of the care policy.

This course is vital in making sure that the health organization and other aspects of nursing run as efficiently as possible. And the demand for nurses and midwifery is always on the high so having this course helps facilities the demand and supply base market for all.C

What is the eligibility for the ANM course?

A person can become eligible for this course and then start it if they adhere to a certain few things and conditions. These are listed down below for you:

  • The candidate must have completed the class 12 and should have done the same from a recognized body of education.
  • The candidate should possess at least and aggregate marks of 45% at the class 12 levels and if they belong to the SC/ST genre, then they can have a minimum aggregate of 40%.
  • The candidates should be from science background and should have completed the class 12 in science stream.

What is the admission procedure for ANM course?

A person who wants to go into this field can do so by completing the eligibility criteria and then going for the relevant based entrance tests and more. They can do so by passing and completing good performance on the entrance test which is in form of objective and aptitude. Then there is always a personal interview round where the candidate is awarded marks based on the performance. At the end all these marks are tallied and then the candidates will be given admission for.

There is also procedure where if a person has good marks in the class 12 exams, then the person can also get admission directly in the institute. The admission procedure revolves around entrance tests and there are different entrance tests conducted in India. We will look to list some of them down below for you.

List of entrance tests for ANM course

  • Jipmer Nursing Entrance Exam
  • Adesh University Nursing Admission
  • PGIMER Nursing
  • AIIMS Nursing Entrance Exam
  • Indian Army Nursing and GNM
  • BHU Nursing Entrance Exam

Top colleges to go for ANM Course and fees

There are many colleges that you can opt foerir while going for the ANM course. Out of which we will list a few of them down below for you:

  • Noida International University
  • Swami Vivekananda Subharti University
  • Arrdekta Institute of Technology
  • Parul University
  • UP Rural Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
  • Bhava Institute of Medical Science and Research
  • Ambika College of Nursing
  • Bengal Institute of Health Science

Normally as of the least, the fees for ANM courses revolve around anywhere between Rs 10,000 at a minimum to a high of Rs 5 lakhs. The colleges and the facilities and the college or the institute also decides the fees and hence there is a bit of difference in fees. But you can be eligible for some concession also if you tend to pass on the tests and the scholarship exams. Depending on the fees, once you complete the course then you can go for the high endsalary on the basis of your learning and more.

Syllabus for ANM course

This course is divided into two parts in form of Year I and Year II where the person learns different aspects of course of ANM. The subject matters are divided as follows:

Year I course

  • Community Health Nursing
  • Health Promotion
  • Primary Healthcare Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing

Year II course

  • Midwifery
  • Health Care Management

There are further other parts and other minor details of the course along with the practical knowledge that is taught upon here in this course.

Career Prospects after ANM course

There is quite a demand for the nurses these days and if you happen to be on the side of the skilled one, then you get to go for the best opportunity that is there to gain for. This ANM course is a diploma course and going for this course will give you opportunity to work in the health sector and reach out to various job opportunities. You can go for the private sector or the government sector or old age homes or even for the armies with this course qualification.

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You can get the job profile in form of various roles which we will list down below

  • Home Nurse
  • Health Visitor
  • Rural Health Worker
  • Community Health Worker
  • Basic Heath Worker

The major employment regions for ANM qualified nurse are:

  • Government Hospital
  • Private Hospital
  • Old Age Home
  • NGO’s
  • Medical College
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical Labs
  • Medical based content writing

Different job profiles and the relevant salary

There are different job profiles that a person can go for when it comes to ANM course. We here will outline different profiles and the salary stipulated within

1. Clinical Nurse Specialist

This profile is for people who tend to work in the health care center and the clinics. They generally work for in the doctor’s clinic, medical centers and much more. They are given quite a good salary base and average is around Rs 3.5 lakhs per annum

2. Legal based nurse consultant

This one is a specialist position and is about the people who are registered nurse and are able to provide knowledge to the legal entities or any expert about how to press on a medical case. They also help out in arranging of the medical care and then preparing reports and outlining medical records. This job pays around Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum.

3. Forensic Nurse

A similar profile to that of the legal based nurse consultant this one looks into the aspect of forensic things. Forensic nurses have quite a different role to that of the normal nurse and the person needs to go for the role of assessing the crime impact and even caring for the victims. They are major source of gathering evidence for crime. This pays around Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum.

4. Travelling Nurse

Travelling nurse is a job profile which requires a person to travel in order to care for the health bound patients. Normally the nurses travel to different rural and other areas and they also happen to go for the hospitals, clinics, schools and much more. This pays around Rs 2.5 lakhs per annum.

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Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery or ANM as we call it is one of the practical career oriented courses around and is known to offer good career lineage to people down the line. You can further progress ahead with advanced courses also down the line and then go for the advanced post graduate diploma programs. This course is a good choice to make in life and is a great starting point for a nursing career.

ANM Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is ANM? Is it really useful to peruse this course?

ANM stands for Auxiliary Nurse Midwife and they are different from general nurses. ANMs are those village-level health workers, especially female workers in India that act as a contact between a community and health services. In simple terms, ANMs are the grass-root level health workers in the health organization of India.

  1. What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining ANM courses?

To join the ANM course, there are both education and age criteria to follow. When it comes to education, the candidate should have passed 12th with a minimum of 45% marks and he/she should be from a science stream. On the other hand, when it comes to age criteria, the applicant should not be younger than 18-years and older than 35-years.

  1. The job responsibilities of an ANM is important?

Yes, as of today, the job responsibilities of ANMs are very important. As they are grass-root level health workers in a health organization, they are the only people who could record the situation on the ground and then pass the information to the seniors for evaluation. The same ANMs would also have to respond to provide allocated medical care and test to people around.

  1. Which is better ANM or GNM?

In terms of course duration, ANM is shorter and GNM is longer and in terms of skills and knowledge, GNM is better than ANM. The same goes for salary and job opportunities, yes, GNM is better than ANM. However, a person could peruse GNM even after ANM and not vice-versa. Remember, ANM is a diploma course and GNM is not.

  1. Is it possible to peruse the ANM course after 12th commerce?

No, to peruse the ANM course the candidate needs to have basic knowledge of biology. This is why we recommend commerce students avoid perusing ANM courses. On the other hand, some colleges, universities, and institutions allow commerce students to enroll, but the course could be comparatively tougher to peruse.

  1. Is the ANM course difficult to peruse?

No, as you know, the ANM course is a diploma course, and therefore, compared to other nursing courses, ANM is easy to learn. In terms of passing percentage, the number of candidates who pass ANM is comparatively more than general nursing.

  1. Is it possible to peruse any other nursing jobs after completing an ANM course?

No, the ANM course is different from most of the other courses, since it is a diploma course focussed on ANM topics only, the level of skills and knowledge acquired through this course is limited, it is not useful for any other nursing jobs. Therefore, if you peruse the ANM course, you could work only as ANM and nothing else. However, if you want to switch to another job, then you could peruse UG nursing programs.

  1. Why is the number of colleges and universities that offer ANM courses comparatively low?

First of all, ANM courses are more focused and designed for female candidates only. Therefore, the number of candidates that enroll each year is very low. This is one of the reasons why the number of colleges and institutions offering the course is less.

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