Bio Engineering Courses in India: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

Bio Engineering Courses is a relatively newer career option in India. However, if you are looking to try something new and worthy, Bio Engineering will be the right course for you. The Course itself is extremely vast and the specializations make it even more entertaining and grasping for the students who are looking to gain knowledge.

Basically, the Bio Engineering course deals with Biology and technology concepts side-by-side which makes the students have a technical approach towards the traditional concepts of Biology. This not only develops new planning and strategy to deal with the consequences but also provides the students with a unique and new way to deal with the bio-emergencies.

With the advent of technology in the medical field and the way the computers are taking up new roles in every single field, it is important for the biology and medical field to cope up with this, and the Bio Engineering is what that is going to help you achieve this.

In the article, we will be discussing every single aspect that a student should know about the Bio Engineering course and how he can enroll in the course, and what are the job prospects for the course. So, if you have an interest in Biology and technology, this article is going to be a worthy read for you.

Bio-Engineering Course India

Eligibility for Bio Engineering Course

First of all, let’s discuss the eligibilities and other prerequisites of the Bio Engineering course that you should fulfill. The first thing that you must know is schooling. Unlike the other Biology and medical graduation courses, Bio Engineering needs the students to complete their schooling in any Science stream. However, if you are a biology student, you can have the added advantage of knowing some basic concepts that will be discussed during the first semester of the course.

Additionally, like any other engineering course, Bio Engineering also needs students to clear the entrance exam for engineering. Depending on the colleges you are targeting, and the state you live in, these exams may differ. So, be sure that you fulfill these prerequisites and then apply to the college list according to your preferences and budget.

Course Structure of Bio Engineering

B.Tech Bio Engineering is an under graduate course which like the other engineering streams has a duration of four years and is divided into eight semesters.

During the first year, you will be learning basic engineering skills like mathematics, structures, and others. The core Bio engineering starts from the third semester where you will learn more about the industry and the technologies that are meant to enhance the skills for the field.

As the course advances, you will be learning about the more dedicated subjects. These subjects include artificial internal organs, machines that can help you achieve better efficiency and results to deal with the human body. Also, you will make researches and projects that can help you earn better marks in the course and a better understanding of the human body and how to deal with it technically.

In all, the Bio Engineering course is a greatly designed course for the students who have an interest in Biology as well as technical things and want to learn both fields simultaneously. So, if you think you are in love with the course, you should opt for this without having a second thought on this.

If you are looking for both graduation and post-graduation, we will suggest you opt for the integrated course of 5 years after which you will get the post-graduate degree in Bio Engineering. This is an excellent choice for the students who aren’t too keen to search for the colleges and appear for the entrance exam repeatedly. This also saves a year than the traditional graduation and post-graduation courses. So, the choice is total yours, and you can easily find a perfect course for yourself.

The only thing that you should keep in mind is that not all colleges offer an integrated course for Bio Engineering. So, if you are after an integrated course, make sure to check the college list properly before filling the enrollment form. By choosing the integrated course for yourself, you can save a year and start earning in a better company at a better profile. The course teaches subjects of both graduation and post-graduation. So from the second year onwards, the course structure of the integrated course may differ from the normal course. So, check the syllabus for the courses and then choose the right course for yourself.

The fee structure for the Bio Engineering course

As discussed, B.Tech Bio Engineering is a semester-based course, and depending o the college and university you are considering to complete the course, the fee structure differs. Though it depends on the state and universities to decide the yearly fee of the course, you can easily expect the course to 2.5L to 4.5L for the course. This estimation is for the undergraduate course in the field. You will have to contact the college for the exact semester-wise fee for the program.

The integrated course fee is higher than the normal graduation but is lesser than the total fee for graduation and post-graduation. This makes the integrated course a better choice for the students who are planning for the complete course and post-graduation.

The scholarships may help you enter a college at a relatively lesser fee than usual. So, keep this in mind too.

For the postgraduate and doctorate, the fee will differ with institutions and you need to contact the admin department to get the legit information on this.

Future options in studies

After completing your graduation in Bio Engineering, you can opt for the post-graduation course in the same field and if you are willing to learn more and want to work in the field, you can go with the Doctorate in the course.

Several colleges offer Post-graduation (M.Tech) in the field and Ph.D. in Bio Engineering. So, try your hands on them and ensure a better position in the companies and the private sector. By choosing further studies and a better college for the courses, you can be assured of getting a better job in the health sector.

Availability of good colleges and universities for Bio Engineering

As said earlier, Bio Engineering is still a new course for Indian colleges. However, there is a good number of private colleges in India, including the top-notch engineering colleges and universities like the IITs and NITs. Along with these, many private universities and colleges also offer a great opportunity to learn Bio Engineering with better facilities than the other colleges. By choosing a better college for yourself, you can be assured of getting good placement and opportunities. So, if you are looking for an ideal job after course completion and gain better knowledge about the subjects, we will suggest you choose the best college for yourself.

You can prefer numerous colleges to others when it comes to Bio Engineering. We will suggest you go with the best college in terms of placement opportunities and facilities to learn the subjects. Another important thing to look for while choosing a college for Bio Engineering is the library. Make sure that the library has a good collection of biology books from different authors when it comes to the course. By referring to multiple authors and study material, you can easily enhance your knowledge about the subjects and field without being too dependent on the teachers.

Job opportunities after completing the course

Job opportunities are something that every student look for while choosing the engineering stream and when it comes to Bio Engineering, the course offers brilliant job opportunities to the students. After completing your graduation, you can opt to work as a Bio-medical engineer, Instrument engineer, or maintenance engineer. Additionally, you can choose to work as a researcher independently after completing your course.

After completing the course, you can opt to work for MNCs and healthcare companies that need highly qualified engineers for their companies who have both theoretical and practical knowledge about the industry. Some companies that offer top placements in the industry are Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, and many others. So, you won’t have to worry about the placement or salary after choosing the course.

After completing the graduation in Bio Engineering, you can easily earn upto 5-6L per annum in a reputed healthcare company. In case you have done your post-graduation in the field, you can earn up to 13-14L per annum by working in a healthcare company with a better job profile than the graduate candidates.

So, if you were looking to earn more and have a better designation in the industry, we will suggest you do post-graduation and then seek for the jobs. Additionally, you can opt for post-graduation while working for a company too. Choose a more suitable path for yourself and then start earning a good amount to make a comfortable living.

Should you opt for Bio Engineering course?

So, if you are in love with the medical and technology fields and are looking for a perfect course that can be a bridge for your studies, Bio Engineering is going to be a perfect choice to go with. Try finding the best colleges in your area and be assured of getting a perfect future and a financially stable job.

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