10 Best Courses after Mechanical Engineering in India 2023

One of the popular disciplines in engineering is mechanical. The course is top-rated, and the course has a good scope in India. The number of manufacturing units and similar organizations is rising that employ fresh graduates after mechanical engineering. Many students opt for mechanical engineering, and the problem is that there is a lot of competition in the market. Because of the competition, many students wish to opt for some value-added courses after mechanical engineering, and we receive many such queries.

Since you are on this page, we assume that you have also completed B.Tech or B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, and you are now looking for an additional course that can improve the prospects of getting a job. To help you select an additional course, we have listed some of the best courses you can pursue after mechanical engineering. Check out the list in the section below.

Top Courses after Mechanical Engineering in India

Below are some of the courses that you can pursue after Mechanical engineering. You can choose the course from the list below depending on your interest. So, without wasting any further time, let us check out the list below.

1. 3D Modelling & Designing

If you are from a mechanical background, then you can exploit your knowledge for creating the models. Such jobs are in huge demand because everything that is being manufactured is modelled before the actual production. In this case, you can opt for 3D modelling, and you can use the tools like Simulink to model the object in the real world. With the knowledge about concepts around mechanics, you can progress in this domain and enable a better designing process for your organization. If this domain interests you, then you can opt for short term courses in 3D Modelling. We also recommend researching Simulink as that is one of the trendy applications used in the industry.

2. CAE Analysis

The next on our list is a course related to CAE Analysis. The full form of CAE is Computer-Aided Engineering, and this domain has found a place in technology-related jobs. During the course, you are taught about material strength, structure and other such topics. You are taught about the use of computers to test the materials and designs. This domain is quite crucial for mechanical engineer students, and you can explore the same. There are certification courses available for CAE Analysis, and the duration can be anywhere between 2 months to a year. This option is certainly worth a try.

3. Industry Management & Quality Control

The industries often employ mechanical engineers to look after the assembly lines. They are often responsible for maintaining the assembly line, quality control and safety of the people working on the assembly line. If you would also like to work in the same domain, you can opt for short term courses on industrial safety, quality control and industrial management. These courses will teach you the basic concepts around these job roles, improving your chances of getting a job.

4. M.E. in Tool Design

We are not sure if you know this, but the industries these days employ specialized tools designed to accomplish specific tools. Consultant firms develop these tools, and top mechanical engineers are behind these designs. To get into a similar domain, you can opt for M.E. in tool design or CAD. You can even opt for a course in Mould & Die Design, or you can go for a certification course as well. These courses will teach you to work on computer models to design the tools or program the CNC machines. The demand for such courses is usually very high, and if you want a role that is a fusion between computers and mechanics, you should pursue a course in Tool Design.

5. M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The next option on our list is M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. This option is very common, and a lot of students opt for M.Tech. The way to pursue M.Tech is by giving the GATE exam. Many students get a job after GATE, but if you are not interested in the job, you can also find a college for M.Tech. We recommend opting for a good college like NIT, IIT and other elite institute. The course is a proper PG program, and during the M.Tech, you have to choose your field. You can select the elective subjects according to your area, and this way, you can specialize as a production engineer, automobile engineer, thermal engineer or another role that you like. You can even get into the teaching domain after completing M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

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6. Masters of Business Administration

MBA Corporate Management Course

Many students wish to change their domain after engineering. These are usually the students who think that they have made a wrong choice during graduation. So, if you would like to move towards the business and the management domain, you can also opt for MBA. You can get admission to an MBA after you appear in CAT. The total duration of the course is two years. There are many specializations available, including finance, marketing, operations, HR, and a few other options. You can opt for the specialization according to the interest. The course can help you get a job in a managerial role, so you can go ahead and explore this option too.

7. Mechatronics

If you would like to diversify and are looking for a course that can help you achieve that goal, you should opt for a course in Mechatronics. You will be happy to know that Mechatronics combines five different domains. You learn about mechanics, electronics, informatics, robotics and automation during the mechatronics related course. There are PG programs available in this discipline. After you complete the course, you can get a job in the automobile industry, mining industry, electronics industry, gas & oil extraction, aerospace domain, defence forces, and many other places. This domain opens up a lot of options for you.

8. Operation Management

We have talked about MBA in this list, and we also mentioned that you could opt for MBA in operations after mechanical. We also understand that MBA is a capital intensive course, and it requires a good amount of investment. This is also the reason why some students avoid opting for MBA. In such a case, you can opt for certification courses in operation management. The sector is very lucrative, and you can find a job in the manufacturing or service domain. Generally, the positions available after this course includes operation manager. Many pharmaceutical companies also hire graduates after mechanical engineering, and the preference is given to the students with added courses in operation management.

9. Piping Design & Engineering

If you are looking for a job-oriented course, then something related to piping design can prove to be very beneficial. There are short term certifications available in this course, and the course is related directly to mechanical and civil engineers. During the course, you are taught about the piping systems, their design and their maintenance. The course is mainly for the students who would like to work in the merchant navy, chemical units, refineries and other manufacturing units. All these organizations hire piping specialists, and they are paid very well. The typical duration of piping design and engineering courses can vary between 6 months and two years.

10. Robotics Course

Robotics Engineer india

The future is going to be about robotics, and today, you will find many organizations in India that deal with robotics. You might be thinking if robotics is actually in use presently, and the answer is yes. Today, most assembly lines employ robots instead of humans as the robots can perform the risk and repetitive tasks with maximum accuracy. This is an opportunity for you, and the field certainly offers excellent career opportunities. In such a case, you can opt for a certification course in Robotics or even opt for a PG program in robotics. This way, you will get into an R&D organization, Manufacturing Unit or other similar organizations.

Software Related Courses

IT domain is very glamorous. Most of the jobs after mechanical engineering are field jobs, whereas there are students who would like to sit in a cubicle and pursue a relaxed career. Such students often wish to migrate to the IT domain, and that is certainly possible. To do that, you need to learn technology and specialize in one domain. You can learn about the database or learn Java/Python/C++ or any other coding language. This way, you will be able to open the doors of the IT industry for yourself. There are many certification courses and online courses that can teach you these subjects.

Final Verdict

We have tried to cover the courses at different levels. In the list above, you will find PG courses, and you will also find the certification courses. One thing to note is that you should choose the course based on your interest and the domain that you would like to work in. Ensure that your fundamentals are clear, and this will help you crack interviews. If you need any other career-related advice or wish to know more about any of these courses, you can let us know in the comment section, and we will get back to you shortly. Thank You, and before logging off, do share this page with your batch mates so that they can also acquire skills and improve their chances of getting employment.

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