Tool and Die Maker Course Details: Eligibility, Fees, Career and More

After 12th and graduation, students have a tough question in mind. That is, which course should they choose to get a perfect career opportunity and a safer future that is both financial and emotionally stable. Though you can opt for the numerous courses for yourself, it is essential that you opt for the course that is easier to learn and has better career prospects along with better colleges in your area.

In the article, we are going to talk about such a course that is not too popular in India but has wide possibilities for the future. If you are planning out for a course that you can opt for after completing your schooling and get a secured future after the course completion. The course we are talking about here is Tool & Die making Course. The course can be extremely beneficial to the industries that deal with the different kinds of molds and machines in their business. This offers the candidate a wide spectrum of industries to work in without making too many changes in work ethics and culture. The course is slowly getting popular in India, and you can opt for the Diploma or have a 3-year vocational degree course for this.

Course Details of Tool and Die Maker

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Tool and Die Maker 3 to 4 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate

If you also think that it is a great career opportunity, we will suggest you to be with us until the end of the article as we are going to talk about every single thing that you should know about the course and the opportunities after the course completion.

Course details of Tool & Die Making

Course details mainly depend on the type of course you choose. The Tool & Die making Course can be done in two ways. One is after 12th, that is Diploma in Tool & Die making Course and the other way to do the course is through the vocational training, which is B.Voc in Tool & Die making Course.

The course offers basic and advanced details of the die making and maintaining process that help the students to know the chemical and foundational properties of different elements used in making the die and using them for different tools and industries.

Both courses offer almost similar subjects and knowledge, but the thing that differs here is the course duration. The Diploma in Tool & Die making Course has a duration of four years, while on the other hand the B.Voc in Tool & Die making Course is a semester-wise course having six detailed semesters which will last for three years. So,depending on your qualifications and needs, you can easily choose one of these courses and master the skill of Tool & Die making.

Tool and Die Maker Course

Availability of Study material

Though the course isn’t too popular in India, you can easily find good study material and research papers according to your specialization. There are numerous Indian as well as international writers who have deeply researched the topics and subjects in the field. So, whether you are looking to gain knowledge or are looking to clear your exam, you won’t face any major issues regarding the study material. Depending on your thirst for knowledge, you can opt for the publication, or go with the recommended publisher for the course material during your diploma.

Eligibility for the course

Students should have completed their 12th. So, right after their schooling, students can apply for the course. So, if you were looking for a course that can assure your job after schooling, the Tool & Die making Course will be a worthy course to opt for. Additionally, students should have basic mathematical skills especially trigonometry and algebra. Additionally, the computer skills along with the creativity will be an added benefit.

In all, the eligibility for the course is not too hard to fulfill. If you have the courage to try something new and want to earn better in the future, you can opt for the Tool & Die maker course for yourself after your school.

Course complexity

Though the course may look complex to some students, if you have the creativity and basic skills for the course along with a broad perspective for the design industry, you won’t find the course too difficult to deal with. You are going to learn about the tool sketch, designs, and making the blueprints along with the fundamental machine drawing. The basic industry knowledge and knowledge about the different tools used in the industry is going to help you a lot in scoring great marks and get better job opportunities after the course completion.

In other words, if you have basic knowledge about the tools and industry needs, you are not going to find the course difficult. Additionally, the brilliantly designed course structure makes it easier for students who are looking to make a good career in tool making.

Fees structure

Both the Vocational course and Diploma in the course are semester based. It means you have to pay fee based on semesters. Depending on the college you have taken admission to, the fee structure can obviously vary. So, if you are looking to have an affordable course structure, you should choose the college accordingly. Premium colleges and universities charge some extra money for development and other things that may not be the case with normal colleges. So, make sure to choose the college carefully whether you are after a diploma or Vocational course.

Depending on the college you have fee per semester can go easily up to 10-15,000. So, the total course will need 70-80000. The fee is not way too much, and some colleges also per scholarships on the basis of your performance in studies.

Future course perspective

Though the courses are self-sufficient to get a job in the reputed industries, the students who are looking to gain more knowledge and industry trends can opt for the technical training in the specified field. The students can easily get admission according to performance in their diploma or just by clearing the entrance test (depending on the college). So, it is totally up to you which path you choose for yourself and which course you opt for.

The specialization makes it easier for students to choose companies with better future and salary expectations. Try finding the best course opportunity for yourself and get a stable future and financially stable life after course completion.

Regardless of the course you are choosing, we will suggest you go with a reliable and reputed college. There are numerous private colleges that can help you get a degree and diploma in the field. Just choose the best one for yourself and get assured of getting better perspectives.

Career opportunities

Talking about the career opportunities after the completion of the Tools and die making course, there are numerous fields and industries you can opt for. After completing the course, you are eligible to work in the core area of the manufacturing division of the industry and get a high salary according to the industry standards and the company’s reputation.

Though you can start searching for a job after completing your diploma, the additional education can help you get a better position in the same company. So, if you are looking to make a career in the same field, then we will suggest you to opt for a higher degree before applying for the company. This will not only enhance your knowledge about the field but will also offer better opportunities in the future.

After completion of the course, you can apply for the position of machine technicians and machine room operator. The course is well-sorted out for the students and even if you don’t have much knowledge about the field, you can learn the subjects and working of the industry like a pro.

After completion of the course, you can also apply abroad for the machine technicians’ posts. This makes the Tool & Die maker course a worthy course to go with for both categories students who want to live and earn in the country and those who are willing to settle in abroad. So, if you were looking for a better course that you can opt for right after your schooling and get the perfect career opportunities, you should once try the Tool and Die maker course. Both Diploma and vocational training courses can help you get the same opportunities and with better colleges in the country, you can easily be assured of the best future.

Choosing a reputed college can help you get better knowledge and exposure to the industry and this is going to help you a lot in getting better job opportunities.


In other words, if you are fond of machine and engineering and want to make a career in this, the Tools & Die maker course and diploma make it easier for you. The excellent course structure and brilliant opportunities after the course make the field an interesting and financially stable way to choose for life. So, if you have just completed your 12th and are looking for better career opportunities, you should once try hands on the course.

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