15 Best Post Graduate & Short-Term Courses after BHMS

BHMS is a popular bachelor degree in homeopathy, and it is quite an important and popular field across the globe. The best thing about homeopathy is that there are no side effects, and the medicine works well. This field of alternative medicine helps the body to make use of natural healing power. If you wish to practice homeopathy, then you need to get a BHMS degree. With this graduate degree, you can pursue a career, but it is often observed that a graduate degree is not enough in today’s time.

To excel in your field and offer more value to the patients, you need to opt for a postgraduate or other value-added fields. We are sure that you would be confused about what course should you follow after BHMS to improve the chances of getting a job & to serve the patients better. We understand the confusion, too, and to help you, we have listed some of the postgraduate and short-term courses that you can pursue after BHMS.

Best Post Graduate & Short-Term Courses after BHMS

Post Graduate & Short-Term Courses after BHMS

In this section, we have covered all the short term and postgraduate courses that are very popular. Many universities are offering these courses. In addition to this, we have also listed a short description of the courses that you can pursue after BHMS. Check out all the details below.

1. Diploma in Food & Nutrition

With the pandemic hitting the globe, people have realized the importance of good health & nutrition. You can take this up as an opportunity and opt for a diploma level course in Food & Nutrition. The course will teach you about the link between medicine, food and chemistry. It will teach you about the nutrients required by the human body. The main focus of the course is also on food microbiology, sports nutrition and weight management. The duration of this diploma level program varies between one and two years, and admissions are offered on a merit basis.

2. Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy

If you are looking for a doctorate level course, you can also opt for M.D. in Homeopathy. The course will teach you about homeopathy and its underlying science. There are multiple specializations available for M.D. in Homeopathy, and we have already covered some of those in this article. There is no such specific duration of the course, and it depends on how soon you can complete the research work and thesis. Many universities are offering M.D. Homeopathy. Overall the course is top-rated among the students who are looking for specialization in the homeopathy domain.

3. Doctor Of Medicine In Organon Of Medicine And Homoeopathic Philosophy

Here is another doctorate level course that you can opt for after BHMS. The course also specializes in homeopathy. You can also opt for integrated programs that offer P.G. degree and M.D. degree together. You are exposited to the aspects of organon and homeopathy during the course, and it can help you if you are primarily focusing on homeopathy. Universities offer M.D. courses based on merit, and you may also be asked to write an exam before admission is granted. Overall, an M.D. level program is a great way to boost your career, and you can consider the same. Many colleges also offer a stipend when you are pursuing M.D.

4. Fellowship Programs

Many universities in India also offers fellowship after you complete the BHMS. You can opt for the fellowship program if you would like to learn about the field. You won’t get a degree after fellowship, but you will be getting a certificate of completion. You will often be given the option to work in medical institutes, universities, research centres, rehabilitation centres and hospitals during the fellowship program. You can choose between advanced homeopathy, predictive homeopathy, counselling or Homeopathic dermatology when you opt for a fellowship program. This gives you practical experience, and the duration varies as per the institute.

5. Master of Hospital Administration

If you have completed BHMS and wish to change your domain, we recommend you opt for Master of Hospital Administration. The course is open for all, but a special preference is given to the medical students. The duration of Master of Hospital Administration is two years, and the admission is given based on the entrance test. The course teaches you about important things like I.T. management, financial management, CRM, bed management, epidemiology and other such skills. After this course, you can get a job in the hospital administration department, and the growth rate is pretty high.

6. Master of Science Applied Nutrition

We have talked about the diploma level course in nutrition, but we also understand that some of you might not be willing to opt for a diploma level course after BHMS, and you might be looking for a post-graduate-level course. In such a case, you can opt for a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition. The course is split into four semesters, and you get to learn about sports nutrition, exercise & fitness, weight management, food microbiology and other such important subjects. Many nutrition-based organizations, health centres, gyms, weight loss clinics hire students after this course.

7. Master of Science In Clinical Research

Another popular option for the BHMS students is the Master of Science in Clinical Research. The course is a P.G. level course, and its focus is on assessing the safety & effectiveness of the medicines. The course teaches you about the clinical research procedures, and it teaches you about the research involved in diagnosis, prevention and curing the diseases. Many companies hire BHMS graduates, but you can improve the job prospects if you opt for this course. The duration of M.Sc. in clinical research is also two years, and the graduates after this course are hired as research associates, physicians, analysts, project managers and coordinators. Overall, it’s a promising career option in India.

8. Master of Science In Epidemiology

The next option that we have for you is a Master of Science in epidemiology. This is also a P.G. level course with a duration of two years. The course focuses on controlling the spread of diseases and other health practices. Governments and private institutes have been investing heavily in this domain. Many BHMS students opt for a Master of Science in Epidemiology, and you can apply to work with hospitals, colleges, research labs, defence forces, government departments, clinics and universities after you complete your M.Sc. in Epidemiology. Overall, the course has proven to be a trendy choice in the last few years.

9. Master of Science In Endocrinology

You can also consider a Master of Science in Endocrinology, and this field studies the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases that could be because of the glands. It also focuses on the diseases that can impact the glands. You can link BHMS to this course, and you can use homeopathy to treat patients suffering from any such issue. The link is very appropriate and popular. The total duration of M.Sc. in Endocrinology is two years. If you wish to change your domain, you can also work in hospitals, diabetic clinics, and research centres after completing the course.

10. Master of Science In Regenerative Medicine

For the students in regenerative medicine, there is a course available as Master of Science in Regenerative Medicine. The course teaches you about the regeneration process of the tissues, organs and other specialized cells. You can build up an understanding of cell biology and the treatment in regenerative sciences. The duration of an M.Sc. in regenerative medicine is also two years, and you can get a job in hospitals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries after you complete the course.

11. Master of Science In Yoga Therapy

Imagine that you are able to offer homoeopathic treatment and yoga therapy to the clients. It is a sure shot recipe of success in the path of alternative medicine. If you are interested in a similar combination, then a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy can be an excellent choice for you. The course will teach you about yoga techniques and the benefits of the different yoga forms. It will also teach you about the natural diet and treat the patients with this alternative medicine. The total duration of M.Sc. in Yoga Therapy is two years.

12. Master of Science Neuroscience

Another popular program among the students is the Master of Science in Neuroscience. This deals with the neurological disorders, brain and rest of the nervous system. You can take advantage of BHMS if you are pursuing M.Sc. in neuroscience, and you can offer medication to treat neurological diseases after you have completed the course. The total duration of an M.Sc. in Neuroscience is two years, and admission is usually offered based on an entrance test. You will find this to be a very niche segment, but if you can specialize in these two fields, you will be able to make a promising career.

13. Master of Science Programs

You can also opt for a generalized Master of Science program if you do not wish to specialize in any field.  The program will help you get more knowledge about the field and help you develop a career in the medical research field. Master of Science programs are very important for the people who wish to be in the research or academics domain. The total duration of M.Sc. programs is two years, and the admission criteria vary from one university to another. This is one of the best-generalized courses that you can opt for after BHMS.

14. MBA in Hospital Management or Healthcare Management

Another popular option among the students is the MBA in Hospital Management or Healthcare management. It is a full-time and a part-time P.G. degree, and you can also opt for a PGDM program in this specialization. The course duration is two years, and you need to appear in competitive exams like CAT to get admission to an MBA in Hospital Management. The course teaches you about working in a hospital and managing various departments. It also teaches you about crisis management, and it helps you build strong communication skills that enable you to connect with patients, doctors and even insurance companies. During the BHMS, you would have learned about medical functioning, and you can use that knowledge during the MBA degree. The course is somewhat better than Master of Hospital Administration, and it offers you great value.

15. Masters in Acupuncture

Since we are talking about alternative medicine, we can’t leave acupuncture out of the list. As you know that acupuncture is a field where you use needles to treat a specific disorder. In such a case, it has become a very popular choice in India. Since there are no side effects, people often prefer acupuncture as a treatment. You can opt for a master level program in acupuncture, and the duration of the course would be one year to 2 years. You can also opt for short term courses inacupuncture which has a duration of 6 months. Universities can offer admission based on merit or the entrance exam. Apart from this, you can combine homeopathy and acupuncture to treat the patients. If you are inclined towards the natural treatment, you can consider acupuncture and BHMS as a combination for your career.

Final Verdict

These were some of the best options available to you. You can now make a decision based on your interest. In addition to this, you can opt for a course in homeopathy, or you can choose another alternative medicine like acupuncture. Apart from this, you can go for a business-oriented course like an MBA that would help you in working towards the management side. We recommend you to check out the course according to your interest and opt for something that would help you grow. You can also gain specialization in a particular field and apply homeopathy knowledge in treating the patients in that specific specialization. You can also check out the detailed eligibility criteria specific to the universities by visiting their website. If you have any other questions about Post Graduate & Short-Term Courses after BHMS, then you can leave a comment for us, and we will try to help you.