Polytechnic Courses After 10th & 12th: Career, Scope & Salary

Life often remains pretty much on the stable part when it comes to school life. The journey remains crossing one level to another and then going up the ladder till you reach class 10. It’s at this level that you tend to think of which line to go ahead with, whether its science, commerce or arts. And after that comes a major decision making in form of what to do ahead after class 12.

Although if you were to look upon, there are different courses that come along after class 10 straightaway in form of diploma courses and more. There are also certificate courses for those who want to pursue. We’ve been looking at all these career conundrums and making sure that you get the best of the knowledge and more about what to do going ahead.

As part of such series, today we are looking at the scope of polytechnic courses that can be taken straightaway after class 10 or after completing the class 12 levels. Polytechnic courses are also a major choice among students who want a quick entry into career and more.

So here is us looking at the different polytechnic courses that are there for students right after class 10 and 12 in India.

What’s Polytechnic Courses in India?

Polytechnic courses refers to multiple professional courses that are offered by an institute. These courses are designed to help facilitate the growth of students who for reasons could not complete or partake in the other full fledged courses. These polytechnic courses are one of the most dynamic and progressive courses that one can take along. This course allows a person to start the professional journey pretty quickly in life.

It also paves way to go for the engineering for those people who couldn’t go for it via the normal route.

What are the advantages of going for polytechnic courses and future scope?

As of now there are two different ways to get into an engineering course, either via completing the class 12 levels and then going for the four years of engineering route. And then there is another route where you can go with the three years of polytechnic course and after that then three years of engineering course. This way engineering can be done by the students.

The reason why people go for the polytechnic course is that it is way less costlier than the class 12 fees. This is very good option for people who want to pursue further education and go for engineering even though they have very less backing of finances with them. This is a good course to start of with. And since it’s a technical course, it also allows you to go with straightaway job opportunity. So you can also go for the job after polytechnic education and also earn money so that you can support your family.

Polytechnic courses are one of the best career oriented courses that you can go for. And these courses come along with good scope further in life. These courses allows a student to go into either government sector roles or even in private sector roles. We’ve also seen that many private companies select a polytechnic guy over a normal engineering guy. Apart from that you can also go for the jobs in gulf countries where the demand is quite high these days for these polytechnic guys.

List of Courses in Polytechnic After Class 10

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 3 Years 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 Years 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Electrical Engineering 3 Years 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Chemical Engineering 3 Years 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Computer Engineering 3 Years 10th Pass Diploma

What are the courses in polytechnic after class 10?

There are plenty of courses under polytechnic in India after class 10 for a student. We’ll look to let you in brief about all these major courses and help you out with the guidance and advice.

1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A promising aspect going forth, this one is a major choice of students who look to go for a polytechnic course. The students can take along this Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and get a gear ahead of all these matters.

Here’s the course, scope for this course

Course details

This course is a diploma course and is of 3 years period. Any student who wants to pursue a career in the mechanical field can take on this course and complete it in 3 years. The major focus of this course remains in the topics like working of machines, engineering graphics, thermodynamics and others. Almost all polytechnic institutes offer this course to students. This diploma course is also priced pretty low so all students can afford it. And after you are done with this course you can go ahead to take on straightaway the B.E or B.Tech course in Mechanical Engineering field.


Any student who wants to take on this polytechnic course going ahead should have completed the class 10 from a recognized school or board. After that they can apply for the course. The admission is generally merit based.


A person who has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering can go onto take on jobs related to this field. They can go on to have private sector jobs or government sector jobs also.

2. Diploma in Civil Engineering

Another major choice for students who want to go for polytechnic courses is civil engineering field. This course known as Diploma in Civil Engineering is one of the popular options among students and is taken by many who want to progress into life in civil engineering field and who love to go for construction and more.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

Since this is a diploma course, this course if of 3 years period. Students learn about aspects of civil field like planning, construction and more like maintenance of physical structures and buildings. This course prepares a student for the further ahead journey in the civil engineering field. The students after going for this course can then go on to take on B.Tech or B.E in Civil Engineering if they want and that engineering will be only of 3 years.


This course requires a student to have completed the class 10 levels from a recognized school board. After that they need to apply for this course. The admission procedure will be on merit basis for students.


This course has ample scope going forward in life and students can take along to being a civil engineer and work in construction, designing, field work and more. All of these are needed in both private and government sector fields.

3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Next up we have an electrical engineering diploma course which runs around pretty much in major polytechnic classes and is one of the major courses to choose from. This course is much loved by many people and is one of the popular ones around.

Here’s the course, scope and salary for this course

Course details

This also being a diploma course is a three year program and constitutes of course related to electrical engineering field. Here the student learns about electronic systems, communication systems, electromagnetic fields, equipment and much more. Any willing student can take this course from a polytechnic institute. For students who want to pursue electrical engineering later on in life, they can take on the B.E or B. Tech in this field.


A student needs to have a class 10 qualification from a recognized school board or state board. After that they become eligible for this course. Then they have to apply and appear for entrance. There is admission on the basis of merit system in this field.


This course allows a person to become an electrical engineering capable and allows them to be expert in the field of electronics and communication. They can gain jobs in electronic manufacturing companies and more either in private field or in government field.

4. Diploma in Chemical Engineering

After discussing and seeing the details of above mentioned courses now it is time to look for another prime course under polytechnic. This time it is Diploma in Chemical Engineering. This course is quite fast picking pace these days and it is in line to be one of the most preferred ones also like other polytechnic courses.

Here’s the course, scope and salary for this course

Course details

Another major choice for polytechnic students this course is a good way to go ahead in career. Here the students learn about chemical reactions, chemical processes and different chemical and its production method. Once you complete this course then you can become a good known chemical polytechnic engineer. After completing this you can also go for the B.E or B.Tech later on in Chemical Engineering field.


You need to have completed the class 10 exams and should have done it from a recognized board. After that you can apply for this course. The admission will be on the merit based system so you can to apply quickly for this one.


The scope for chemical engineering is vast and getting this diploma in chemical engineering will allow you to go further ahead in life. It will help you get jobs in the field of chemical engineering and more. There are plenty of private and government jobs that are on offer in this field.

5. Diploma in Computer Engineering

If there’s one course which has grown over the years and has taken a proactive route going ahead it is computer engineering field. Computer are the way going forth and this is seen with such a rise in both the engineering field and the diploma field. Diploma in Computer engineering is definitely a course that you should go for without any hesitation.

Here’s the course, scope and salary for this course

Course details

This Diploma in Computer Engineering is a three year course and students will learn about computer applications, programs, computer usage in the industrial and household usage and much more. They will also learn about the hardware, software and much more. Once you finish this course you can also go ahead to take on B.E or B.Tech in Computer Engineering ahead in life.


With a proper class 10 passing certificate from a recognized school board, you can apply for this course. The eligibility revolves around student being passed in class 10. Once you are eligible you can then apply and then the admission will be done on the merit system.


The need for computer experts is at all time high and the job are quite much in this field. Once you complete the course, you will get into practical exposure pretty quickly and can become one of the good career person.

What are the courses in polytechnic after class 12?

There are quite a lot of courses in polytechnic field after class 12. Many students as we see opt for polytechnic courses right from class 10 and we discussed about that above. Now we will be looking at courses that are offered and one can take after completing class 12. Also many courses also come similar under these after class 10 and after class 12 as people can go for the diploma courses even after completing the class 12 course.

Here’s the list of polytechnic courses that you can go for after class 12. Read along.

1. Diploma in Pharmacy

This is quite a promising career choice and many students go for this course. This course is a bit advanced than other diploma courses that you can normally take along in life. This course since is a more advanced one so is put up after class 12 for students.

Here’s the course, scope for this course

Course details

This course revolves around pharmacy and medicines. We often go to the chemist for taking our prescriptions of medicine. Ever think of how they become chemist? They become after doing this diploma course in Pharmacy. Here you will learn about different medicines that you should use and how to use them and other pharmaceutical things. It is a good career choice for people.


To take on this course you need to first complete the class 12 course from a recognized board. You need to have taken science during your class 12 if you want to take Diploma in Pharmacy going ahead. After this you can then apply for the course. The admission as usual will be on merit basis.


Any person who completes this degree can become a pharmacist and open a pharmacy shop. They can trade medicines and offer basic medical services like blood pressure checkup and more in their pharmacy.

2. Diploma in Modern Office Practice

A good career choice to have, Diploma in Modern Office Practice helps the students to come over and reach out to practice the official duties and make them ready for the work. This course is quite mostly practiced around and is a good option for people. It also comes with a feature of getting into jobs and more quickly.

Let’s discuss about the course in brief down below:

Course details

This course teaches students about the modern office based practices like secretarial practices, administrative and accounting level practices and much more. It also allows people to know how to run an office and how to set up everything so that official tasks are managed. This course is a three year vocational course that is part of the academic curriculum and allows you to garner enough skills to maintain a level and a good job in any organization.


For this course to pursue a person needs to have completed the class 12 levels from a recognized board. Generally some may also go for this course after class 10 but it is more advised that you go for this one after completing class 12 as it would be better. You can then go for admission via the application. It will be done on the basis of merit system.


With Diploma in Modern Office Practices you can be counted to get jobs in the field of office works be it, accounting, administrative and much more.

3. Skilled Technician Certificate Course

This one is a more like a certificate course rather than a normal degree. This course looks into the aspect of making sure that you get into training of skilled technician. This course is also taken by many people who want to go into technician field and want to get into job quickly. This course is a good choice to have for.

Here’s the course, scope and salary for this course

Course details

This is a certificate course that you can take for. It is generally of 6 months to 1 year depending on the institute. A person who has completed class 12 can take this course and then go for it. The students can made a good career in this field as skilled technician are required so much these days and it is a good practical implication based course.


A person who has completed class 12 can join this course and go for it. This course teaches a person about how to get into skilled technical field. It teaches people about technical knowledge and how to apply them in practical usage. It is generally taught as part of skill development series and is majorly geared for making the people’s life facilitated so that they can get good jobs around.


This course is a skill based course and comes with a good reward basis as one can join this course and get into good jobs around. This course helps to get jobs and allows a person to start earning in life.

4. Other Polytechnic Courses after class 12

There are quite a few other courses also that you can take after class 12 and they can be in form of certificate course or part time diploma course or post diploma course that you can do after you have done the diploma courses. These courses help to promote people’s good career outline and helps them to grow in life.

A few such courses are Skilled Technician (Machine Maintenance), Quality Assurance Inspector, Civil Engineering PTD, Electrical Engineering PTD, Mechanical Engineering PTD, Post Diploma courses in Auto and Tractors, Post Diploma in CAD/CAM.

All these courses have similar requirement like completing class 12 exams. After that they can go for these courses. These courses also give good scope and wings to the career of people. It allows them to have a good career in life and reach to the bigger goals, get jobs and helps support a living.

Polytechnic Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of pursuing a polytechnic course after 12th standard?

Pursuing a polytechnic course after 12th standard offers several advantages. One of the key advantages is that polytechnic courses offer a great amount of practical knowledge on the subject and basic training on the subject. The number of job vacancies open for polytechnic completed candidates is large today. Almost every polytechnic course is designed to be job-oriented and therefore, most of the manufacturing and other business firms recruit polytechnic completed candidates for basic jobs.

  1. Diploma in mechanical engineering is considered to be the best diploma course, is it true?

Yes, mechanical engineering is one of the best fields of engineering and the job vacancies are diverse. However, in recent years, the demand for diploma holders in mechanical engineering is higher than for candidates with bachelors in mechanical engineering. One of the reasons is that diploma holders in mechanical engineering have comparatively more practical skills and practical knowledge over B.E/B.Tech mechanical engineers.

  1. Polytechnic course and diploma course are the same?

Yes and no, both diploma and polytechnic courses are almost the same, yet there are few differences. The course duration of polytechnic courses are longer and polytechnic courses focus more on the industry-specific curriculum. On the other hand, diploma courses are focused on a particular field only. In general, polytechnic courses are considered as a higher technical course.

  1. Is it worth it to pursue a polytechnic course after 10th standard?

Yes, the polytechnic course designed for candidates who have completed 10th is worth the time and money. However, we will recommend to rethink and consider completing the 12th and pursue the course after the 12th. If you complete 12th, even if you find it difficult to complete the polytechnic course, you could move on to the next course because you have completed 12th and it is a prerequisite for most of the courses.

  1. Skilled technician certificate course listed above is a polytechnic course? Or is it just a certificate course?

Yes, it is a polytechnic course that is designed like a certificate course, the course duration is also is around 1-year only. However, the certificate received after completing this course has a polytechnic degree value. Most of the students who have completed this course have found the course useful.

  1. Is it possible to pursue a bachelor’s course after all polytechnic courses?

Yes, as far as we know, after completing any polytechnic courses, a candidate could opt to pursue any bachelor’s degree. Most commonly, universities and institutions accept them and admit them in their bachelor courses as lateral entry and candidates could join 2nd year of the bachelor course. The demand and job opportunities for a candidate who has completed polytechnic and bachelors are comparatively higher than candidates who have just completed any one of the courses.

  1. Do other countries like Canada, and the gulf accept polytechnic degree?

Yes, if you have pursued the course from a reputed institution or university, the polytechnic certificate that you receive will be accepted. Even for higher studies in European countries, a polytechnic degree is accepted.

So these aforementioned ones are the courses that any student who wants to take in their life in polytechnic field can go on. Polytechnic courses are a good career choices to make in life for those who want to go for job oriented course in life pretty early on.

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