Paramedical Courses List After 10th & 12th: Eligibility, Career, Job, Scope

Among all the phases of a human life, student phase is the most exciting and daunting phase. In this phase, he has to take a lot of decisions to shape his future. It should not only depend on the trending courses that are available in the market but also should depend on the student’s interest and capabilities. Along this beautiful journey a student must choose a lot of courses based on his interest and eligibility. One of such interesting courses is Paramedical Course. It can be selected right after class 10 or class 12.

Every decision that a student take, needs to be a perfect decision for his life. This cannot be done by most of the students by themselves. They need all the possible guidelines required to take a decision. This can become very difficult if you have a lot of choices in hand.

We are here today to help and guide the students who are in this ambiguous state. Here we present a variety of paramedical courses list that are available after class 10 and class 12. Along with that, the eligibility criteria, career and job prospects are also mentioned.

Paramedical Courses in India

One of the most important persons that are required in health care are paramedics. These are the people who can pre-cure a patient based on the basic symptoms, who are trained very well to examine blood tests, MRI and CT scans, X-rays, Ultrasound results and treat a patient initially. If paramedics cannot solve the case, they are sent to doctors for further examination. Paramedics also assist doctors during fractures, general accidents and burns. So, paramedics are also as important as doctors. The students who are really targeting to become doctors and feel that it is very difficult to land a medical seat, can opt for paramedical courses as paramedics are equally serving patients. As it is comparatively an easy option, there is a lot of competition for these courses.

Let us look at the courses formats, eligibility and jobs for this course. The formats in which these courses can be taken are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – This course can be taken by students who have completed class 12.
  • Certification – Depending on the type of certification, this course can be taken by students after completing class 10 and class 12.
  • Diploma certification – Diploma certification can be taken both by students after completing class 10 and class 12.

List of Paramedical Bachelor’s Degree Courses List

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Bachelor of Physiotherapy 4 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science Dialysis 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science In X-Ray Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science In Anaesthesia Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Perfusion Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Ophthalmic Technology 3 Years 12th Pass Undergraduate

Paramedical Bachelor’s Degree Courses List

The paramedical degree courses are generally suitable for class 12 science students. It generally takes 3 or 4 years to complete these courses. The general eligibility criteria is that the student needs to have a minimum of 60% in the PCB subjects. Below are some of the Bachelor’s programs that are available in India.

1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy is an undergraduate course which stretches for 4 years. The course also definitely contains internship of 6 month duration to get some practical awareness on how to treat a patient. Students mainly learn about basic anatomy of body and how to heal a physical disability. These are learned using different therapies like manual therapy, application of electronic devices for some injuries and majorly therapeutic exercises. The students must have patience to treat patients as most of them come in pain and do not cooperate with the treatment. These skills will be part of the course.

Job and Scope

There are many job opportunities for students who take this course landing with an average salary of 2 Lakhs. The typical jobs include Physiotherapist, Researcher, Consultant and Osteopath. A physiotherapist is a person who helps with the movement of muscles and joints after an injury. They use physical exercises and electrotherapy to help recover from injuries fast. Students may also work as consultant to health care providers helping in movement of non-working body parts. To increase blood circulation in the body, an osteopath uses massage, stretching and touching.

2. B.Sc. in OTT

This is an undergraduate course which takes 3 years. OTT stands for Operation Theatre Technology. As the name suggests, it teaches students for the assistance in operation theatre. This can be both direct and indirect like preparing anesthesia, operation theatre, instrument tables. They can also assist surgeons for the operation purpose.

Job and Scope

The students who get groomed in this course are majorly welcomed at the hospitals directly. They are eligible to work both in government and private hospitals. They can get an opportunity to work in various emergency departments, ICUs, and operation theatres which are very critical and require these candidates to assist. Students can become OT technician, OT assistant, anesthetist consultant, associate consultant and lab technician.

3. B.Sc. Nursing

If you are a person who have a lot of patience and can care for patients, this is one of the recommended courses. “Healing and caring” is dealt in the Nursing course. This requires a lot of patience, dealing with any kind of illness. If you want to take nursing as your career, you need to start with B.Sc. Nursing It is a 4 year course.

Job and Scope

The proficiency should be in problem-solving approach and skills in hospitals. Students can get a lot of opportunities to work in hospitals in nursing field and also have a lot of scope in going abroad too. The several postings available for this course are Military Nurse, Nursing homes, Industrial Nurse, Orphanages, Old age homes, staff nurse, department supervisor, director of nursing, community health nurse and many more.

4. B.Sc. in Renal Dialysis Technology

Nowadays, many people are suffering from kidney damage. For these patients, dialysis is preferred which is the process of removing excess water and wastes from patient’s body by artificial blood purification. The technicians should be able to understand completely about the dialysis machine and monitoring it. This dialysis technology course is mainly related to teaching all about dialysis machine, preparing the patient, equipment monitoring, etc., The course lasts for 3 years.

Job and Scope

There are many job opportunities both in government and private hospitals that are available for the students who take this course. The qualified students will be able to work as nephrologist, lab technician, dialysis therapist, medical technician, dialysis technician, etc.,

5. B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology

B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology is a course which helps in preventing and treating diseases through some couple of clinical tests. People who test the samples are lab technicians and it needs analytical skills. So, those students who thinks analytically can think of this course.

Job and Scope

Students who start working in this field after the course are likely to get a decent salary package. They can work as X-ray technician, technical executive, medical or lab technician.

6. B.Sc. in X-Ray Technology

The popular course that is taking shape these days is the X-ray technology. This is a 3 year course and students learn about different things related to radiology like clinical radiotherapy, clinical chemotherapy, radiobiology, palliative care, etc., X-ray technology mainly deals with therapeutic radiography which helps treating cancer and tumors.

Job and Scope

The students with this degree can get into many job fields like angiography, fluoroscopy, basic X-ray, mammography, bone densitometry, cardiovascular interventional radiography, etc., The job profiles for this course can be as an X-Ray Technician, radiation protection specialist, therapy radiographer, diagnostic radiographer, etc.,

7. B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology

Anesthesia is an important part in any surgeries and operations. Doctors require assistants who can help them with the equipment, techniques and methods. Anesthesia technology is such a course which teaches students these. It is a 3 year course. The curriculum includes Fundamentals of Operation Theatre, Medical Technology and Operation theatre techniques, emergency wards and intensive care unit.

Job and Scope

There are many jobs available for students who take this course like Anesthetist, Anesthesia Technician, Pediatrician, Medical Consultant, Clinical Associate and a lot more. People with these job profiles are earning around 20k to 30k per month.

8. B.Sc. Perfusion Technology

Perfusion is a method of flow of blood through circulatory system to any organ. Whenever there is some problem with heart and lung blood supply, perfusion technology comes into picture. For this, heart-lung machine is used. The students who take this course can take care of the machine. They need to be well trained to operate this lung-heart machine. This is a 3 year course.

Job and Scope

The students who take this course can work as perfusionist or cardiac perfusionist operating the heart-lung machine. Alternatively, they can choose to become lecturers in the same field.

9. B.Sc. in Ophthalmic Techniques

It is an undergraduate program in Ophthalmology with focus on assisting in optometrists and applying their skills to address patients needs. The duration of this Ophthalmic technology course in of three years. Candidates should complete class 12 to enroll into this. Main subjects of this course are Ocular Science, Optics and Refractions of human eye, Ophthalmic appliance maintenance etc.

Job and Scope

Successful completion of this course provides opportunities to work in Optical shops, clinics and government hospitals.

List of Paramedical Diploma Courses List

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant 2 Years After 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Sanitary Inspector 1 Year After 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Dental Hygienist 3 Years After 10th Pass Diploma
Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy 1 to 2 Years After 10th Pass Diploma

Paramedical Diploma Courses List

Based on the requirement of course, there are a plenty of diploma courses that are available. The basic qualification of class 12 students is to score at least a 50% in PCB subjects. It depends on the institute whether they accept class 10 students as well. These courses generally take 2 to 3 years to complete. There are plenty of job opportunities for diploma students and they can earn good amount of salaries too. Below are some diploma courses that are available in the market.

1. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

Diploma in Nursing care Assistant can be done right after class 10. Although, B.Sc. degree has much more value a diploma in Nursing care has very good scope for jobs. For this, student should be completely into humanity. It is a minimum of 2 year course. The curriculum includes introduction to nursing, pharmacology, first aid, nutrition, computer application, psychology, gynecological nursing, family health nursing and related topics necessary for nursing field.

Job and Scope

There are different jobs that are available for diploma students in nursing care assistant like administering medication, communicating empathically with patient and the related members, arranging equipment in patient’s room, etc., Students may choose to do B.Sc. after diploma too.

2. Diploma in Sanitary Inspector

Diploma in Sanitary Inspector is yet another course which deals with sanitation and health problems which may include environmental conditions, health, family welfare and more. It is a short course ranging 1 year. This 1 year includes practical training too.

Job and Scope

There are varied range of syllabus for this course including subjects like environmental pollution, public health and practice, School health, maternal and child health, nutrition, first aid and many more. The students can choose to work in hospitals for keeping the environment and hospital area clean.

3. Diploma in Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist plays an important role in advising about oral healthcare, and performs small tasks in dental field like polishing, performing radiographs, fissure sealants placement, scaling, administer local anesthetic. This course also teaches students on how to care for the teeth and techniques for improving oral health. This is a 3 year course.

Job and Scope

The students who took this diploma will be able to suggest dental patients on different approaches for dental care and hygiene. The course is an amalgam of theoretical and practical performance under supervision. Students after the course may opt Commercial Dental laboratories, Dental clinics, private clinics to work as dental assistants, physical therapist, Surgical technologist dentists, veterinary technician.

4. Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy

Diploma in audiology and speech therapy course needs compassion and patience. It trains students to provide needs for individuals who suffer from communication disorders. Students receive training in identifying easily the disorders and help with diagnosis of the patient. The course is 1 or 2 year long and the students will learn about subjects like speech-language pathology, special education, psychology, community-based rehabilitation, audiology, clinical psychology, language pathology etc.

Job and Scope

Diploma in Audiology and Speech therapy contains both theoretical and practical components helping students easily get into jobs. There are jobs both in government and private sectors as speech therapists and audiologists. Audiologists can work at hospitals, firms producing hearing aids and implants, etc., Speech therapists may work at speech rehabilitation center.

List of Paramedical Certification courses

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
MRI Technician 3 to 12 months 10th Pass Certificate
ECG Assistant 1 Year 10th Pass Certificate

Paramedical Certification courses List

These courses are not valued as much as degree or diploma courses. These courses can be treated as entry level courses. These will help you get jobs at assistant or technician level. Below are some of the courses available.

1. MRI Technician

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI uses magnetic and radio waves to compile images of human body. This helps in disease diagnoses and internal injuries like brain ailments and bone ailments. This MRI technician course takes between 3 to 12 months depending on the institute of study. The eligibility criteria is generally class 12 completion or class 10 completion with experience in CT scan and X-ray.

Job and Scope

After this certificate course, one may land a job in technicians post at diagnostic lab, radiology centers, hospitals and MRI scanning clinics and imaging labs. The start pay for these will be around 6k per month.

2. ECG Assistant

ECG stands for Electrocardiogram. It is an important test for testing cardiac patients. This ECG technician course prepares students to work with patients and collect their heart rates and impulses. They act as assistants. Duration is 1 year.

List of  Paramedical courses for Arts Students

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
HIV and Family Education Certificate 6 Months to 2 Years 12th Pass Certificate
Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare 6 Months to 2 Years 12th Pass Certificate

Paramedical courses for Arts Students

The students who completed class 12 in Arts can also opt for some of the paramedical courses. The eligibility criteria is getting at least 50% marks in Arts stream. The successful students landed into jobs immediately after the course. Below are some of the courses that are available for these students.

1. HIV and Family Education Certificate

This certificate course helps students in getting knowledge about the most intimidating disease HIV/AIDS, education about family life, human behavior, substance abuse, etc., This course teaches students about healthy human relationship, responsible decision-making skills that helps society to avoid HIV. This course can range from 6 months to 2 years.

Job and Scope

Students can join in different jobs once the course gets completed. Some of them are Operations and Planning Assist. Manager, Customer Relation Executive, Overseas Education Counsellor, Educational Sales consultant and related jobs.

2. Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare

This program gives students knowledge about the Nutrition, and the health and development of a child. This course may be taken for general awareness too. Especially women and women who have children for the child early development. The course can be taken within 6 months to 2 years.

Job and Scope

Certificate in Nutrition and childcare course is  mainly vocational. Students after the course may work as functionaries with government or non-Government organizations. They can also get self-employed.

Some of the other certification courses mentioned for science students may also be taken by Arts students.

The paramedics course is therefore a very interesting and important course that any country should focus on to help prospective students land in jobs that are helpful for societies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it reasonable to select paramedical courses after 10+2?

Of course, it is a great subject that will provide you with vast job opportunities. If you are from a science background in 10+2, you can quickly pursue the subjects. The paramedical courses include many subjects. You can select the accurate one.

  • What are the best paramedical courses?

There are many paramedical courses, and out of them, subjects like B.SC in nursing, B.Sc in OTT, B.Sc in Renal technology are the most demanding ones. They have a good demand in the present time.

  • What are the job scopes after the completion of the course?

Students who will complete and pass the course can get a lucrative job in any hospital. It may be private and Government. Most clinics also look for paramedical staff. They are well-paid and given all amenities.

  • What is the importance of a B.Sc in the OTT course?

It will be good to know about this course. OTT stands for Operation Theatre Technology. This course will teach you about the assistance required in an operation theatre. As an OTT professional, you have to prepare the anaesthesia, instrument in the table, and the operation theatre. It is a great responsibility that is being conferred to an OTT specialist. You, as an OTT specialist, will be in overall charge of the operation theatre.

  • What is the duration of the OTT course?

It is a three-year course that includes various practical classes. You have to attend all these classes to gather good information about the course. The practical courses will teach you the exact way to deal with and handle the instruments. It is essential to attend these classes. Apart from all this, the theoretical part is also vital. It will give you accurate information on the entire subject.

  • What is the scope of the B.Sc nursing course?

It is another subject that comes with vast opportunities and scopes. Nursing is such a profession that is always admired and required. No hospital or a health center can run without a nurse. This is why the nursing profession is the essential ones. It is a four-year course that teaches you with various practical and theoretical parts. During this course, you can learn about the different functional aspects and how to deal the patients. It is the nurse who deals directly with the patient. A patient has to depend mainly upon the nurse for proper nurture and care.

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