NSDC Courses List: Details, Eligibility, Fee, Syllabus and Career

National skill development corporation (NSDC) is a non-profit organization established by the ministry of finance in 2008. The mission of this organization is to develop a skilled workforce in the country that meets government standards. It monitors the skill development programs in the country. This program has a high success rate in engaging skilled people in the country.

This non-profit organization follows the Company Act 1956 and mainly focuses on improving and empowering the skill development programs in India. It is registered as a public-private partnership company that helps people to learn different skills and build their careers. NSDC provides funding for the training of candidates registered under this program. It provides quality training for the candidates via vocation centers.

The main motto of this organization is to train more than 40 crore people in various sectors and increase employment in the country. It mainly focuses on youths to provide necessary training and create new ventures in different sectors. Also, it offers training for educated individuals and school and college dropouts. So, if you are looking to learn some specific skills, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

NSDC Courses

NSDC follows different methods to improve the skill development programs in the country. Instead of just operating the skill development programs, it organizes different programs and makes them happen. The objectives of this organization are as follows:

  • The non-profit company aims to help companies, organizations, and enterprises to provide training by providing funding.
  • To create NSDC courses, programs, and provide support for training.
  • To improve training in private sectors by creating effective business models and helps them in multiple ways in skill development programs.
  • To improve the training levels to match international standards.

In this article, we are going to discuss different courses offered by NSDC in detail. If you are planning to join any course of this organization, then you can know about them here.

List of Few Courses offered by NSDC

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility
Industrial Training Institutes 1 to 3 Years After 10th Pass
Apprenticeship Training 6 months to 3 years After 5 th Pass
Technical Intern Training Programs 3 to 5 years After 12th Pass

NSDC Courses:

As stated above, NSDC has many courses in different categories. As per the NSDC website, the following are the different categories of courses offered in different training centers in India.

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  • Industrial Training Institutes
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Technical Intern Training Programs
  • NSDC Fee-Based Courses

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Yojana (PMKVY):

This is one of the government programs launched in India to provide training for youth. The PMKVY program helps individuals to get a job by providing training in technical courses. Here are the details of the courses offered by this program.

What is PMKVY?

The government of India launched the PMKVY program on 16th July 2015 to provide an opportunity for Indian youth to learn technical and non-technical employable skills. It provides training and certificates to candidates so that they can get jobs. This is one of the main programs offered by NSDC to empower youth in the country. The best thing about this program is that there is no fee charged to candidates who get training in this. Therefore, those who are unable to get technical and non-technical training due to financial problems can benefit from this program.

The PMKVY program contains many courses in different fields. The courses listed under this program are as follows:

  • Earthmoving And Infrastructure Building
  • Healthcare Logistics And Life Sciences
  • Beauty And Wellness
  • Furniture And Fittings
  • Automotive IT And ITES
  • Banking, Financial Services, And Insurance
  • Tourism And Hospitality
  • Handicrafts, Textiles, And Handlooms
  • Iron, Steel, Mining, And Plumbing
  • Agriculture And Food Processing
  • Media And Entertainment
  • Electronics And Hardware
  • Construction And Green Jobs

These courses are available under the PMKVY program, and you can choose your desired course to get trained.

Apart from that, PMKVY has several components that you need to know.

Short Term Training:

This training program is designed for school and college dropouts and unemployed individuals. In short-term training, the candidates will learn about entrepreneurship, finance, soft skills, and digital literacy that are according to the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). There is no fee for the short term training program. The duration of this course ranges from 150 to 300 hours.

Recognition of Prior Learning:

This program offers certification to individuals who have a previous learning experience. There are three options for candidates to get certified by RPL – RPL camps, RPL centers, and RPL at the employer’s premises.

Special Projects:

PMKVY organizes special projects to offer special training to individuals of government and private sectors. These projects usually vary from the guidelines of short term training.

Kaushal and Rozgar Mela:

PMKVY conducts this Mela once in every six months with media coverage. This enables individuals to know about this program and participate in it.

Eligibility for PMKVY Courses:

  • Those who have completed 10th and 12th can apply for this course and get employment benefits.
  • Unemployed youth and school and college dropouts can join this course and build their career.

Career Opportunity for PMKVY Pass Outs:

PMKVY has many courses so candidates can apply for jobs as per their field of specialization. It helps the candidates to get their desired jobs after the completion of the course. It also helps in entrepreneurship developments according to the wish of the trainees.

The following are some job posts that can be applied by PMKVY graduates.

  • Field officers
  • Project manager
  • Banker and financer
  • Network engineers, etc.

Industrial Training Institutes

Industrial training institutes or ITI is a technical training program that enables individuals to work in different job posts in industries. This program provides training in different technical and non-technical fields like fitter, electrician, plumber, turner, welder, mechanic, computer hardware, etc. The duration of the ITI course varies from one to three years, according to the fields. This program helps to create a skilled workforce for different industries. So the individuals who want to get skilled and employed in a specific industry can opt for this course.

Eligibility for ITI Course

The candidates who have passed the 10th standard or any equivalent course can join the ITI course. The admission to this course is conducted usually in august of every month. So, if you are eligible for this course, then you can join it to build a bright career. Many institutes in India offer this course, so you can easily avail of this course in any state of India.

Career Opportunities for Industrial Training Institutes Course

After completing the ITI course, trainees can apply for different jobs in private and public companies according to their trade. Also, most ITI institutes provide campus placements for the trainees. Usually, the electronics trade has a broad scope because this is the basic in every trade. The trainees of this trade can apply for jobs in information technology and electronic equipment manufacturing companies. Fitter trainees have a wide range of opportunities, such as gas and oil firms, shipyards, and many more. Electrician trainees also have opportunities in different electricity departments and boards. Moreover, ITI graduates can also apply for jobs in government organizations, such as the Indian navy, railways, air force, etc. They can also make their own fabrication shops, garage, etc.

However, most companies allow ITI pass-outs as trainees. Some companies train the ITI trainees for 6 months while some others train up to 2 years. After the completion of training periods, companies appoint them as permanent employees.

The candidates who graduate from this course can opt for higher studies such as diploma courses. Also, they can join some short term courses, which will improve their skills and make them eligible for higher job posts.

Apprenticeship Training:

This is another skill training program offered by NSDC. In this program, candidates get placed in companies as apprentices learn the theory of the course. This course allows trainees to learn about industry standards and how to work in the company. Moreover, it lets the trainees get on the job training and learn certain skills. During this course, trainees can learn new things from industry experts, which will help them in their job.

In the apprenticeship training course, candidates can select their profession out of agriculture, manufacturing, banking, electronics, etc. and get the appropriate training. Also, companies pay a stipend to trainees during this course. After completion of this course, the candidates get government and industry-recognized certificates and job opportunities in different companies.

Eligibility for Apprenticeship Training:

The duration of the apprenticeship training course ranges from 6 months to 3 years. This course can be pursued by ITI pass-outs, diploma holders, and fresh candidates.

  • ITI pass-outs, diploma holders, PMKVY pass-outs, and ITI and diploma pursuers can learn this course, excluding the theory part. However, fresh trainees need to learn the entire course thoroughly.
  • The candidates applying for this course should be 14 years or above.
  • The minimum education required to join this course is that the candidate must have passed the 5th

Career Opportunities for Apprenticeship Training:

There is a broad career opportunity for apprenticeship students. They can choose different jobs according to the profession they have selected. Some job posts for the pass outs of this course include electrician, carpenter, medical assistant, surgical technologist, laboratory technician, computer programmer, etc.

Technical Intern Training Programs:

This is an international training program offered by NSDC. In this program, candidates will need to visit the partner country to learn different skills and technologies. The main objective of this program is to send the deserved youth to Japan to learn this course. There are many sending organizations in different states of India. Eligible students will need to consult with the sending organization to improve their skill set in Japan.

During this course, candidates will get compensation and health insurance benefit. After completing the course, they can avail of a welfare pension benefit. Apart from that, candidates can learn the work culture of Japan, innovation technologies, and quality management in this course. The TITP program can improve the social status and work productivity of the candidates in India. While pursuing this course, trainees can interact with people from different countries and improve their personality.

Eligibility for TITP Course:

The duration of the NSDC TITP course is 3 to 5 years. Those who want to join this course must be between 18 and 30 years.

  • The qualification for this course is 12th pass, ITI pass-outs, and other graduates in their respective fields. Moreover, experienced candidates can get more benefits.
  • The trainees will also need to learn the Japanese language to enroll in this course. Most sending organizations provide language and culture training to students before sending them to Japan.

Career Opportunity for TITP Course:

In this course, candidates will get training in different fields such as agriculture, textiles, food processing, construction, etc. So after returning to India, the candidates will have job opportunities according to their field. Since they have trained in Japan, they will have high value in industries and can easily get higher-paying jobs. Apart from that, sending organizations provide employment support to candidates after completion of the course.

NSDC Fee-Based Courses

NSDC offers several courses in different training centers across India. If you want to join this course, then you can visit the official website of NSDC and follow the process of joining this course. Also, you can get information about eligibility, fees, and career opportunities for this course on the NSDC portal.

NSDC Courses Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the many courses offered by the NSDC?

Yes, there are more than 50+ courses offered by the NSDC under different schemes. The common branches that offer NSDC courses are Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), NSDC fee-based courses, Jan Shikshan Sansthan, NAPS Apprenticeship Training, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY), Prathan Manthri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK).

  1. NSDC certificate is valid in India? Is it worth spending time and money perusing a course from NSDC?

First, you need to join a genuine NSDC course that is offered by an authorized institute or center. If the course is genuine, then the certificate issues after completing the course are valid all over India. After all, it is one of the few important schemes of the government-private partnership aiming to offer skill and knowledge to all Indians.

  1. How is National skill development courses different from regular courses?

The answer to your question is in your question itself. National Skill development corporation courses are specialized courses that offer a higher level of academic and training programs, in order, to enhance the skills and knowledge of a candidate. Most of the NSDC courses focus on specific fields which, in turn, gives a candidate more chances of getting employed in the same field.

  1. Do banks consider NSDC courses as genuine and offer loans?

Yes, as far as we know, like all the other courses authorized by the UGC, NSDC also has the same authenticity. Even if NSDC is a public and private sector partnership program, when it comes to the value of the certificate, they are no inferior to any other courses or universities.

  1. Is it true that there are different types of skill development programs under the NSDC?

Yes, of course, it is true. There are three different skill development courses under the NSDC. They are knowledge-based, functional or transferable, and attitudes or traits. The courses under each of these three are different and the entire curriculum is designed based on the skill type.

  1. Are NSDC courses expensive or are they free of costs?

While not all NSDC courses are free, some of them have admission fees and exams fee as a minimum expense. Most of the study materials of NSDC courses are available online for download, anyone could download them and use them. On the other hand, there are some free certificate courses under the NSDC that any Indian citizen could enroll and learn.

  1. NSDC courses are available in every state in India? Or do we have to travel to another state to peruse it?

As far as we know, NSDC is spread all over India. While NSDC is just the umbrella, there are smaller branches of NSDC present in every Indian state. For example, ITI centers offer NSDC courses and almost every state has ITI’s. In the same way, a candidate could peruse an NSDC course in their state and does not have to settle in a different state just to peruse the NSDC course. Some of the NSDC courses are offered online.


NSDC courses are an excellent opportunity for youth in India to learn different skills and get employment benefits. Since it offers courses in different fields, you can easily choose your preferred field and build your career. Moreover, it provides funding support for companies that provide training and organize skill development programs.

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