Top 13 Most Difficult Courses In The World 2023

There is no doubt that character, hard-working, and patience are the key to success in life. However, this is not completely true these days, an adequate education is very important today. This does not mean that uneducated people cannot be successful, but, the chances of success are more for an educated or graduated person.

As of today, there are hundreds, perhaps more than 250+ courses all together offered all around the world. In which, some courses are difficult and some are easy. Some people would debate that the complexity of a course would differ based on the candidate studying it. This is true to a great extent. However, in general, some courses are considered tougher than other courses.

List of Most Difficult Courses in the World.

Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Course Type
Engineering Course 3 to 4 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Chartered Accountanc 5 Years After 12th Pass And 4 to 5 Years of Experience Under Graduate
Medical 5.5 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Quantum Mechanics 4 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Pharmacy 4 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Architecture 5 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Psychology 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Statistics 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Law 3 to 5 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Chemistry 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Astrophysics 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Meteorology 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate
Foreign language 3 Years After 12th Pass Under Graduate

Here is the list of Most Difficult Courses in the World.

1. Engineering

Obviously, listing this course here would spark some hot debate. However, we warn you that this course is not as easy as most people assume. Some of the engineering streams would be comparatively easier than other streams. But, some engineering streams are very tough. Chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, biochemical engineering, metallurgical engineering, statistical engineering, nanotechnology, etc. few of those difficult streams of engineering.

2. Chartered Accountancy

No business would be complete without a few chartered accountants. Unlike most other courses, chartered accountancy course is not something that could be easily acquired. The candidate has to work hard, pass several tests, attend exams, and in the end become a chartered accountant with practice and patience. From tallying of balance sheets to checking years-long accounts to make it error-free, requires expert skills. This course makes a person expert do such things.

3. Medical

The medical course is, of course, a very difficult course.  While some streams of medicine are known to be easy. In general, medicine, in general, is not an easy course. Most of the people around the world know this, apart from some basic courses, most of the streams of medicine is very difficult, perhaps more difficult than engineering and chartered accountant. While engineering and chartered accountant courses could be acquired and practiced if the candidate is hard-working and could memorize things, having only these two features will not help in medical courses. To learn and acquire a medical degree, the candidate should have extensive memory, talent, hard work, patience, and a keen interest to study it. An engineering or chartered accountant student could skip several topics and classes, but a medical student cannot do the same. Everything in a medical course is equally important, after all, it’s all about life and death.

4. Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is very advanced in nature, it is one of the most difficult courses and not everyone could peruse this course. Most people might not even understand what quantum mechanics means and what its applications could be. The majority of the people would have a general idea about quantum mechanics gained from movies only. There is more to this course that what you hear and see in the movies. To peruse this course, the candidate should be extremely good in mathematics, problem-solving, fast-thinking, and interested in learning it. Like other courses, medicine and quantum mechanics courses are not some courses that could be forced on a candidate. They could peruse it only if they like it, or else it would be a waste and that is the nature of the course. Find here Microsoft Exam Questions.

5. Pharmacy

While the pharmacy course is related to medicine, both courses are different. The pharmacy course is not as tough as medicine, but, it is tougher than most other courses. There will not be a world without medicine, the future would definitely need more medicine and so does pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. A person could peruse a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate level in a pharmacy course, but, it is not easy as most people think. Pharmacy involves a lot of chemistry-based topics to learn, if you are poor at chemistry, then this course would more difficult than it already is.

6. Architecture

Like engineering, a majority of the people assume architecture to be an easy course that could be perused by anyone with drawing-skill and creativity. Of course, drawing skills and creativity are required, but, this is not enough. Without good mathematical skills and talent, the architecture course cannot be perused. Peace of mind, talent, interest, patience, hard-working, coordination, problem-solving skill, and mathematical skills are some of the key things required to peruse this course and succeed as an architect.

7. Psychology

Psychology is one of the best and most difficult courses in the world today. Yes, Psychology is a very good course, but, if you are not interested in learning it, it would be very difficult. Studying a human brain and the behavior is not an easy task, it is very unpredictable and so does the complexity of course. The course covers different complex topics that make this course one of the difficult courses in the world today. Excellent observation skills, communication, investigation streak, attention to detail, and interest in perusing new levels are the common traits requires for graduating this course. An expert in this field is known to make millions yearly.

8. Statistics

Statistics is a more complicated course that most people imagine it to be. This is true, the level of difficulty of this course could be understood only if you enroll for the course and start learning it. The collection of an extensive amount of data in tables itself is complex in nature. This is true, have you tried to understand the course, it is very complicated. The course demands strong memory power, an extensive number of formulas, theories, tests, etc. All of these together make statistics a difficult course.

9. Law

There are people around the world that think studying law is just like studying any other course. This is not true; the law is different from all the other courses. Even, the most difficult streams of engineering, medicine are different from this course. The nature of the course itself is different, it focusses on thousands of laws written over the years and there are different streams to peruse. While law graduates could refer their books while working. They need to have extensive knowledge on what each law defines and how to apply it to real-life situations. This is not as easy as most people imagine. Presentation, problem-solving skills, communication, and patience are the virtues of a lawyer, which the candidate has to develop while studying law.

10. Chemistry

Perhaps, this course belongs to the big league. While chemistry is almost in everything and every course, specializing in chemistry is a bold thing to do. It is not an easy course. Chemistry in schools is easy, if you peruse it in college, things get very complicated. If you find your school chemistry easy and interesting, then perusing chemistry in college is recommended or else no expert would recommend perusing it. Chemistry is more complicated than most people assume, it is constantly advancing stream of education.

Worth mentioning –

11. Astrophysics

Astrophysics Course India

Astrophysics is considered to be the most difficult course in the world, as it has numerous sub-disciplines. One who eagerly knows about stars and suns will know fluid dynamics and nuclear physics through this course. The course finds difficult because it covers subjects like Biology, Chemistry and classical mechanics, and Physics. People will also have in-depth knowledge of climatology, the structure of planet and geology and exotic objects like accretion discs, gravitational lenses, etc. It is extremely a wonderful course; but at the same time, it requires lots of hard work and intelligence.

12. Meteorology

Meteorology is another popular, as well as, difficult course that involves the study of climate, weather, and environmental changes. The course consists of subjects like physics and mathematics to know about the atmosphere fluctuations. Students will know about the layers of gases, severe storms, tornadoes, climatology, hydrology, agriculture, tropical cyclones and various others during the course period. Along with practical & theoretical knowledge, you must have good communication skills & computer skills, teamwork quality. In addition, you must have strong knowledge of science and mathematics. However, the course is quite similar to the scientific field, but the field requires hands-on experience and proper training.

13.Foreign language

For most candidates learning any foreign language might be a personal interest or necessity to get a job at the international level. It is very difficult to learn a foreign language, that’s why students are opt. for a foreign language course. The course includes reading, learning, and teaching a foreign language or second language other than an inborn language. There are various Diploma, PG and UG courses that offered regular degrees with one special language. These languages includes Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Arabic, Esperanto, Dutch, Bulgarian, etc. No matter how fast you learn things, but understanding a second language is quite tricky.

While the above-mentioned courses are general, each of these courses has sub-streams and specializations. It is not a practical thing to pin-point a specific stream based on the level of difficulty. This is why we have mentioned the parent course and not the specific stream. Remember, all the courses listed have bachelors, masters, and doctorate courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which engineering branch has the highest pay in India?

Computer Science Engineering has the highest average salary. It ranges from 2.4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.  Aerospace and petroleum engineering is also good if we talk about salary.

  1. How many branches of engineering are offered to the students?

There are numerous streams in engineering – Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, etc.

  1. What is the job of a chartered accountant?

The chartered accountants have to do different tasks like- financial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, tax management, and consultancy.

  1. What is the scope of chartered accountancy?

The chartered accountant can work in the following sectors- consultancy firms, capital market services, independent practice, financial institutions, business and industries, and chartered accountant firms.

  1. Which are the leading medical institutions in India?

According to the latest NIRF Ranking, the top 10 medical colleges in India are-

  • AIIMS situated in Delhi
  • PGIMER situated in Chandigarh
  • CMC Vellore- Christian Medical College
  • National Institute of Neuron Sciences and Mental health
  • BHU Varanasi- Banaras Hindu University
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Coimbatore
  • JIPMER situated in Puducherry
  • Kasturba Medical College situated in Manipur
  • King George’s Medical University situated in Lucknow
  1. How is Pharmacy different from medical?

Pharmacy is related to medicine but is different from the medical field because pharmacy deals in designing and studying drugs whereas in the medical we study the disease and use of drugs.

  1. What is the role of an architect?

Architects play a great role while making the building. They assist the client and work on their requirements and budget. They have diverse works, including safety management, design, and material management.

  1. Which is the best college for specialization in chemistry?

The best colleges for specialization in chemistry are the Indian Institute of Sciences, the University of Delhi, the Indian Institute of Technology and Banaras Hindu University.

  1. What are the career options after law?

Best career options in legal format – Civil Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Judicial Services, Corporate Lawyer, Legal Journalist, Legal Advisor, and Corporate Lawyer

  1. Which is the most popular college/university for statistics in India?

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is one of the best institutions for statistics. Kolkata has the headquarters of this institute. The other city centres include the names Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Tezpur.

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