Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology [BMLT] Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees, Duration, Career, Scope

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a medical course. Studying a medical course is a long-term commitment. It is one of the Nobel courses to choose now. Due to medical laboratories, revolutionary medicines are available for curing diseases. It is a field that saves the life of individuals. From testing, analyzing, creating, innovating everything is an essential part of this course. The medical laboratories are the backbone of the medical industry. Without these technologies, the modern medical industry is incomplete. With a course in medicine, the candidate can get a job in any part of the world. The medical laboratory technology course has universal value.

The bachelor of medical laboratory technology is a 3-year undergraduate course. It is a course with 6 semesters with 2 semesters for each year. It is a course that provides exposure to the candidates about various aspects of the healthcare industry. The crucial element of this course is the analysis of body fluids. The candidates will perform diagnostic analysis on hematology, immunology, and bacteriology, microscopic and chemical. The subjects offer extensive knowledge for the students about the laboratory procedures.

The science of medical laboratory technology educates students to treat and identify disease. It is one of the primary fields of the medical science industry. The medical science course has excellent scope. There are plenty of job opportunities for the candidates completing a bachelor of medical laboratory technology course. Now let us take a look at this course details, eligibility, scope and more.

Why study the Bsc MLT course?

Medical Laboratory Technology Course

The bachelor of medical laboratory technology is a top course for candidates who want to choose a comfortable job in medical science. It is a course that will equip the students with the necessary skills to carry the laboratory work efficiently. The graduates will gain excellent knowledge and experience when finishing the course.

  • The medical laboratory technology course is the most in-demand course for candidates interested in the healthcare industry. Also, the medical field needs more laboratory technicians who manage all the lab activities. They play a crucial role in any healthcare lab. The demand and scope of career in the healthcare industry make it worth pursuing the BMLT course.
  • Today most of the labs require expert workers who know well to handle the laboratory technologies. There are many requirements for the technician performing accurate lab tests. The pay for expert technicians is high.
  • The medical laboratory technology degree is a course that prepares students for higher studies. You can choose a promising job or opt for higher studies after graduating. Also, it is a course that allows choosing a variety of jobs in the medical industry.

The medical laboratory technology course details:

The medical laboratory of technology is a three-year graduate course that helps the candidates to develop technical abilities. The candidates who opt for the Bsc MLT course learn plenty of skills. Some of the crucial skills are working under pressure, following protocols, focus, research and development. Some of the common options in this course are:

Sample handling:

Sample handling is an essential skill for any laboratory worker. The medical laboratory technology course trains the candidates to handle and analyze the lab samples. It is a practical skill that every student can develop in this course.


Serology is one of the main subjects in a medical laboratory course. It is a course that educates students about the body enzymes and their testing procedures. It is a study of body fluids helpful for students to pursue higher studies.


It teaches the students about the biotechnologies that are used to analyze living organisms. There are many tools and technologies introduced to the students in this course.

The eligibility criteria for the Bsc MLT course

Candidates applying for the BSc MLT course need to fulfil the eligibility criteria. As it is a medical degree, the criteria to join the course are strict in many colleges. It is crucial to get excellent marks in the 12th exams. However, the percentage may vary for every place.

The first and foremost criterion to join the course is to complete 10th and 12th in the science department. Every candidate should score good marks in compulsory science subjects such as mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. The candidate should have secured at least 50% on the 12th examination or any other course equivalent to that. The candidates must submit the admit card, rank card and other fundamental documents to join the medical degree.

The syllabus for the Bsc MLT course

The medical laboratory technology course has 6 semesters that contain crucial lab subjects. This course’s teaching subjects are Diagnostic Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology & Toxicology Lab and diagnostic Molecular Biology Lab. There is much more main subject in the syllabus listed below.

  • Human Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Physiology
  • PC Software Lab
  • Health Education & Health Communication
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Communication Lab
  • Practical: Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical Haematology
  • Microbiology, Immunology & Serology
  • Histopathology & Histotechniques
  • Clinical Enzymologist & Automation
  • Parasitology & Virology
  • Principles of Lab Management & Medical Ethics
  • Diagnostic Cytology
  • Diagnostic Molecular Biology
  • Diagnostic Molecular Biology
  • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

The BSC MLT course fee and duration

The fee structures for the medical laboratory technology course vary from college to college. Usually, the fees for the course can range from 10000 to 200000. The top colleges provide good coaching and can charge you up to 2 to 2 Lakh. The local colleges do not provide more practical exposure to the candidates.

However, as it is a three-year graduate course the last semester is all about lab practical. If you want to become a successful person in the healthcare industry, then you gain excellent knowledge by choosing this affordable course. The course duration is the same for every college, but it may extend is you take up an additional course with it.

Future scope for the Bsc MLT course

Many do not want to get a job after a bachelor degree in MLT. The best way to choose a successful career is to select a valuable higher studies course. There are plenty of worthy higher courses you can pursue after the Bsc MLT degree. Individuals can gain more knowledge in the field by choosing a higher degree. The following are some of the top higher study options that candidates can pursue after a bachelor degree in MLT.

  • B.Sc Medical Lab Technology

The master of medical lab technology is a smart course to choose after the Bsc MLT course. This course is all about educating the students about diagnostic testing in laboratories. Candidates need to identify and analyze the microorganisms with the laboratory technologies. It is a 2-year graduate course with a fee structure ranging from 20 k to 20 lakh. Organic chemistry and human biology are some of the main aspects of this course. The course equips the students about all the laboratory equipment.

  • B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging is a two-year postgraduate course that is relevant for Bsc MLT graduates. Analyzing, viewing and interpreting the substances in the lab technology is the crucial aspect of this course. Some of the key subjects available in this course are Imaging Physics, radiation physics, microbiology and radiographic procedures. It is a course that trains the candidates to use MRI, X-ray and ultrasonography.

  • B.Sc. X-Ray Technology

The M.Sc in the x-ray is another master degree to do after the Bsc in MLT. It is a course that is closely related to the radiology subject. Candidates will learn about the imaging and radiology technologies in this course. Evaluation and diagnostics with radiology are the key subjects of this course. Also, it is a master course that has a massive scope in India. Candidates doing this course are welcomed in any healthcare organization.

  • The other bachelor’s courses

There are other plenty of diploma and certificate courses after the Bsc MLT degree. The master of medical technology is one such course that has huge value in India. Individuals doing this course will get a high position in the laboratories department. There are many job roles for the candidates who choose the higher studies after medical laboratory technology course.

The career opportunities for Bsc MLT

There are a variety of job opportunities for candidates completing the MLT course. As every healthcare organization needs a department to identify and diagnose diseases, the lab worker is essential in many places. With the BSc MLT degree, you can fulfil various job roles in the real world. If you want to earn more, then choosing a valuable higher study in the same course can help you to make a successful career. Now let us see some of the career opportunities you have after the Bsc MLT degree.

  • Medical record technician

The medical record technician handles the medical records and the procedures in a healthcare centre. Reporting the record, making changes and checking the report’s accuracy are some of the tasks of a medical record technician. Also, they make sure that the patient’s record is available in the time of emergency. For this basic job, the salary is 4.3 lakh per annum.

  • Medical officer

The medical officer will take care of the medical care of a patient. Also, the main job of a medical officer is to supervise the work of medical staff. The officer helps and assists the staff in the medical process. The medical officer will directly participate in the medical procedure if it is essential. The medical officer is a highly esteemed job with a salary rate of 5.12 lakh per annum.

  • The laboratory manager

The laboratory manager performs testing, analyzing and interpreting substances. They directly work to provide accurate test results. The laboratory manager is also responsible for hiring staff. Also, the manager should provide training for the staff. The salary for this job is 2.41 lakh per annum.


The medical laboratory technology course is key to a successful career in the medical industry. If you have a passion for pursuing medicine, then there is no other bachelor course better than this. See the above details about the course to join it.

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