How To Become a Web Developer In India

Web development is becoming one of the best professions in the IT field these days. A lot of people do not understand the basic difference between a web developer and a web designer, yes, it is true, the job role of web designed and web developer is different. So, before going deep into how to become a web developer, we would first explain web development.

Who is a Web Developer?

While the name suggests that a web developer is a person who develops the web, this general definition is right. However, it is more than just developing. In simple words, a web developer is a person who is responsible for coding and programming websites and all the web-based services offered by the website. Most of the work of the web developer happens at the back end of the website and this is why it is not easy to distinguish between the roles of a web developer and web designer.

To understand better, you should know that the role of a web designer is like that of an interior building designer and the role of a web developer is like that of a civil engineer. While a web designer has to deal with the feel and look of a website, a web developer has to deal with all the other functionalities of a website. This is the major difference between a developer and a designer. If you are planning to peruse a web developer career, you need to know that, unlike a web designer career, a web developer career is comparatively more challenging and requires more technical know-how.

How To Become a Web Developer In India

The main job role of web developer –

One of the main roles of a web developer is to talk to the client over the phone or in-person to understand their requirement and then develop the website based on the requirement. In terms of skills and knowledge, a web developer should have the skills and knowledge listed below.

  • Should be able to use CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc.
  • He/she should be able to troubleshoot all the issues related to the website
  • He/she should be able to update and maintain the websites with ease
  • He/she should be able to work with a team and especially with the web designer to fulfil the client’s requirement.
  • As a web developer you should be able to build and test a website and its application within the deadline

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The salary scale of a web developer –

While the salary package of a web developer depends entirely on the firm and the job title of the web developer, in general, a web developer in India tends to draw around INR 25000 to 40000 per month. Some international firms pay almost twice this amount. As far as we know, some web developers draw around 10 lakh per annum today.

How to become a web developer without perusing any specific web development technical course –

Most of the most renowned web developers indeed have a technical degree in web development or related field, it is not mandatory to have a technical degree to become one. To become a web developer it is not mandatory to have a technical degree, even, without one you could peruse this career. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Interested in web development? Learn the basics first –

Yes, of course, to become a web developer you need to be interested in the same. Unlike other jobs, it is not easy to become a web developer without interest, so, if you are interested to become a web developer. You need to start combing through books and the internet to learn the basics.

It is always best to avoid learning everything in a single go, but, instead, look into the entry-level web developer job vacancies and their skill requirements. In this way, you could get an idea of what to learn first. Now, based on what you have found out, you should plan on learning them. Remember, no matter where you are, for front-end web development you would always require CSS, HTML, JavaScript, operating systems, responsive design modern UI frameworks, relational databases. On the other hand, for back-end, web development databases, various frameworks, libraries, PHP, cloud servers, and working with web skills and knowledge are very important.

Once you manage to learn and master basic skills and technical know-how, you could be proud that one of the major requirements to become a web developer is fulfilled.

Step 2:  Master clean coding and programming skills –

While learning coding and programming, you must understand the basics. Remember, if your foundation is strong, it would be very useful in the future. This is why while coding, you should strive to make variables and use English comments so that in the future you won’t be confused. No matter how big a web developer you become, there might be circumstances where you need to look back into the coding you did in the early days. Using comments and having a strong foundation would come in handy then.

Step 3: Attend offline or online classes if necessary –

While attending a technical course just to learn a few topics and skills to become a web developer might be a waste of time and money. However, while learning the basics and practicing coding and programming, if there are any topics or skills that you could not master or understand, then, we would recommend that you attend an offline or online class instead. Remember, today, there a lot of online portals and institutions that offer online/offline classes on specific web development topics and skills attend it and toughen your foundation. If you have a strong foundation, there is nothing more useful.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice –

You might be a genius and you might have learned everything about web development in a short time. However, you should not be overconfident. Once you gain adequate skills and knowledge, you should not enter a job. Soon as you master the skills and knowledge, you need to start developing something on your own. Remember, this would be your stepping stone, if what you develop is good, it could become your sample work. This sample work could be attached with your resume. Apart from this, you must keep practicing and remember, the web development industry is evolving. You need to stay vigilant and keep practicing to master the skills.

As a web developer, you have three options.

  1. Full-time web developer
  2. Part-time web developer
  3. Freelance web developer

Each of these three types of work has its advantages and disadvantages. It is all up to you on which type to select. However, you must understand the difference and all the details.

How to become a web developer through a technical course in computer science or any related field –

If you have just completed 12th and if you are planning on perusing a technical course to become a web developer, then it is good. There are UG and PG technical courses that could help you become a web developer. Here is everything you need to know.

As far as we know, there is no specific course that is designed to offer all the skills and knowledge for web development. However, in general, the courses listed below could be the best.

  1. B/E or B.Tech computer science engineering
  2. B.E or B.Tech Information technology
  3. B.Sc. computer science
  4. Bachelor of computer application (BCA)
  5. Master in computer application (MCA)

Step 1: Peruse a course –

While a person who is not perusing a specific course for becoming a web developer has a lot of time at hand, it is not the same for candidates who are perusing a course. If you peruse a professional or technical course to become a web developer, you need to make sure that you select a course related to computer science and it involves programming. Apart from this, you must concentrate on the course and pass the course.

Remember, while a candidate who does not peruse a specific technical course has to spend a lot of time to research and to make a strong foundation, a candidate perusing a technical course does not have to go through such a tough process. This does not mean that you could neglect hard work and determination, it is just that basic knowledge and skills required could be gained from the course.

Step 2: Front-end or back-end web development –

Once you complete the course successfully, you need to understand the difference between front-end and back-end web development. Remember, the job roles and responsibility of both front-end and back-end web development is different. Understand the difference and then concentrate on the field, master the skills required. Without adequate skills and knowledge in the field, it would not be easy to become a front-end or back-end, web developer.

Step 3: Develop all the adequate technical skills –

Both front-end and back-end web development require a separate set of technical skills. Once you have decided if you want back-end or front-end, you need to start learning and try to master the technical skills required. While a basic idea of the skills and knowledge could be acquired from the UG/PG course you perused. But, it might not be adequate to become a web developer. As far as we know, no UG/PG course offers all the skills and knowledge required. Therefore, it is all up to you to learn and master the skills and knowledge. If you find the skills and knowledge hard to learn, try attending online or offline classes.

Step 4: Practice –

Having a UG/PG degree in a computer-related field could be a bonus, however, without proper practice and determination, the degree would not mean anything. Even if you have both UG and PG, if you lack practice and skills, then you will not succeed as a web developer. This is why you need to keep on practicing.

Step 5: Try to create something –

Once you are confident that you have mastered all the skills and knowledge required, you need to start developing something on your own. While developing you would understand your pros and cons, this would help you polish your skills. After you complete the project, you could use it as your sample work for your resume or develop your project further for your benefit in the future.

Web development is an exciting field that a large number of people plan on perusing, but, most of them do not know the fact that web development is not easy and there are a lot of challenges in this field. As this field is always evolving, the candidate should be determined to acquire new skills and to learn new technologies. If you are such a person, then feel free to peruse it.

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