How to Become a Software Architect in India?

The domain of software development is very wide. You will find a lot of different roles in this domain. In the management roles, there are roles of scrum master, project manager and business analyst. In the technology domain, you can find the roles of developer, system analyst, tester and many other roles. One such elite role on the technology side is that of a software architect. It is considered to be the top of the pyramid role for the developers. The role of a software architect is very impactful, and it is one of the most demanding jobs.

Earlier, Companies outsourced software architect roles, but today, the companies have a comfort level in employing software architect in India. If you wish to know more about the role of a software architect, then let us first tell you what the core responsibilities of a software architect are? The software architect is an expert in software development, and he collaborates with various team to design, develop and implement the software solutions.

Software architect works at a high-level design and helps the team with the framework of an application or a solution. He is responsible for deciding the technology, technical standards and development of the software. In this article, we have listed more information about the role of a software architect and how you can become one. Go ahead and check out the information in the sections below.

What are the primary responsibilities of a software architect?

How to Become a Software Architect in India?

We have listed the significant roles & responsibilities of software architect in the pointers below. Check them out now.

  • Software Architect is responsible for designing the software architecture and defining the software requirements.
  • Software Architect is also responsible for choosing the technology, tools, process and standards for the project or the application developed.
  • In most cases, all the developers in the team would report to Software Architect, and he would also be responsible for managing the team and assigning them the tasks.
  • Software Architect works closely with other teams, and he also works with the end-users to get feedback on the software solutions that have been developed.
  • Software Architect works in implementation and handover of the software to the support team. During this phase, the Software Architect is also responsible for documentation and training the support staff.

Eligibility Criteria to become a Software Architect.

When we talk about any domain or any job family, we always ensure that we guide you about the eligibility criteria associated with that role. This helps you understand if you are eligible for the role. Going through the eligibility criteria will also help you in preparing yourself for the role. Check out the main eligibility criteria associated with the role of Software Architect.

  • You need to have at least a bachelor degree in computer engineering or a related field. Having a Master’s degree is not a mandate, but it is better to get one.
  • You need to understand various software development concepts, and you also need to be proficient with coding.
  • You should understand new age concepts like agile framework, dev ops, system design and other delivery methodologies.
  • You should have good communication skills because a significant part of a software architect’s work includes documentation. Knowing the design application like MS Visio will help you in creating Logical Design Diagrams.
  • There are a lot of skills that you would need to be a Software Architect. We have listed some of them below.
    • You should have good problem-solving skills because you will be presented with many different problems during your tenure.
    • You should have an eye for detail as this is something required not only while debugging the application but also during the designing part.
    • You should be well organized, and you should also have good time management skills. Apart from this, many people would be reporting to you so you should have good leadership skills too.

How to Become a Software Architect in India?

You have been through the major roles & responsibilities of becoming a Software Architect. This would have given you an idea of what you need to do to become a Software Architect. Let us give out the detailed steps that would help you in reaching your destination.

  • 10+2 – The preparation starts at the 10+2 level itself. When choosing a field, it would be better for you to opt for Science with Computers. This will help you in meeting the eligibility criteria for engineering. Having computers in 10+2 will prepare your base as you will be taught programming, and you will understand the basics of application development.
  • Bachelor Degree – The next important thing after 10+2 is the bachelor degree. You have an option here, and the most favourable one is B.Tech. You can pursue B.Tech in computer science, and over there, you will learn a lot about software design and development. You can alternatively pursue a Bachelor of Computer Application as well. Admission to Bachelor Program is offered based on competitive exams like JEE, so you would have to prepare for those. Some universities also have their private entrance test, and you should not skip those. During the B.Tech, you will also be going through industrial training, and this is precisely when you will have your first interaction with the IT world.
  • Master’s Degree – Now, a Master’s degree is an option for you if you have done B.Tech. You can directly get into the IT world and start your career as a developer. Most of the organization offers a chance to their students to pursue distant M.Tech. You can opt for one such program to upskill and get a degree while earning. If you completed BCA in your bachelors, then it would undoubtedly help to pursue MCA. Talking about M.Tech, you can get admission in M.Tech after appearing in GATE. GATE helps you in getting admission to full-time courses. If you opt for executive M.Tech, you can get a direct entry because of the organization’s sponsorship. The choice of a Master’s program depends on you.
  • Programming Language Certifications – You need to be proficient in the development languages. In such a case, you can opt for various certifications offered in the market. One such popular one is the Java Certification. The Java certification is offered at multiple levels, and it is also in high demand. Apart from this, you can opt for OCUP 2 or Microsoft Azure Certification. Under the Microsoft Azure Certification, you will come across nine different exams, and you can appear in those as and when you like.
  • Entering the IT World – Enough of talking about the educational qualification required for the Software Architect role. To become a Software Architect, the most important thing is work experience. You can start working right after your bachelor and gain proficiency in the development space. Side by side, you can keep acquiring skills and reach the position. Usually, you would need a work experience of at least five years to become a Software Architect, but there are many exceptions to the rule. While working in the IT sector, you should also observe the Software Architect in your team and take guidance from him.

Career Path of a Software Architect

The next important thing is the career path of the Software Architect. We will start from the basic, and we will tell you how you can reach that particular role. So, you will be starting your career as a developer. The next level promotion would get you a designation of Senior Developer. During the next promotion, you will become a technical lead known as project lead in some organizations. Now, during the next promotion, you can get the role of a technical architect, and this is where you learn and acquire the skills you will be needing while working as a Software Architect. The level 5 promotion or designation would be that of Software Architect. This is usually the top of the pyramid, but some people can get the role of CIO of the department or the organization.

Pay Scale of a Software Architect

We have already mentioned that you will be starting as a developer. You may not expect a high package while you are working as a developer. You can expect your salary to grow as and when you gain more experience. Between the first and the fourth year as a developer, you can expect a more than 100% hike. Once you reach the Software Architect role, you can expect your package to start at Rs 15 Lakh. Now, this is the minimum that we have observed in the industry. The average salary earned by Software Architects is close to Rs 25 Lakhs. There is no actual upper limit because you can always negotiate for your skills, and you can increase your pay with switches.

Pros of Working as a Software Architect

As mentioned earlier, a Software Architect is considered to be one of the most elite job roles. It is because of the following advantages.

  • Flexible Work – Today, organizations are becoming a lot more relaxed. You can choose your working hours, and you can even choose to work from home. This trend gives you enough flexibility to manage work. There can be stressful times, but such flexibility often promotes a work-life balance.
  • Sense of Responsibility – As a Software Architect, you will be responsible for end to end development and delivery of an application or a solution. You will also be managing the development teams, which certainly gives you a sense of responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Pay Scale – The pay scale of a Software Architect is relatively high, and it will be enough to afford an excellent luxurious lifestyle. If you are looking for a fat monthly paycheck, working as a Software Architect will help you achieve what you need. With a bit of hard work, you will be able to make it among the top-paying jobs.
  • Opportunities & Travel – There are many opportunities you will get while working as a Software Architect. You can switch job easily and get a rise, and you will also get a chance to travel to client locations. A lot of travel opportunity means that you will be able to earn over and above your salary.

Cons of Working as a Software Architect

While there are many pros of working as a Software Architect, there are certainly some disadvantages. We have listed them below for you.

  • Demanding work culture – The work culture in the IT sector is usually very demanding. There will be times when you would have to extend your shift, and there would be times when you will be working on weekends. In case of a bug, you may even spend an extended duration in the office.
  • Need to Upskill – Software Architect is a role where you will be expected to stay updated with the technology. This means that you would have to upskill yourself very frequently. You would need to stay updated, and it can take a lot of efforts as well.
  • Stress – As per a survey, the software development domain is one of the most stressful jobs. You can expect the same while you will be working in the domain. You will have to give you more than your 100% to beat the competition.

Final Verdict

We have shared all the details about becoming a Software Architect. You need to start preparing yourself for the IT field right from school. This would help you in ensuring that you choose the right courses and the right specialization. Also, you would need to get a lot of work experience as a software developer before getting the role of Software Architect. In most cases, the role of Software Architect is achieved by Internal Job Postings. Most of the organization prefers to promote their development leads to the role of Software Architect since those people have good knowledge of the frameworks used in the organization.

Remember that Software Architect is a designation, and it is not a domain. What this means is that there are multiple ways to get a job as Software Architect when you are in the IT industry. We believe that you are now equipped with the correct information if you wish to become a Software Architect in India. If you are looking for more information or have any questions, you can reach out to us, and we will help you with whatever information you are looking for.

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