DNB Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

DNB also stands for Diplomate of National Board, is a 3-year course equivalent to Post Graduate and the Post-Doctoral program. This program is all about practicing medicine field. Among the B. Pharma, B. Sc., and such other graduates, this is a popular diploma course to open more employment fields.

All those students who want to be competent in a specific medical field or to enhance their skills, usually opt for this course. As if you want to be a skilled doctor or work in a specified field where you have various domains of doctor field find this course helpful. Diplomate national board course is opted by lakhs of students every year throughout the country.

Still, the competition is less in this diploma course, and the lower eligibility makes it one of the easy choose field. In this course, the syllabus is well-structured and effective to enhance the overall skills of graduate and post-graduate students.

Scholars of this field will attain data about assorted intricacies and understanding the medicine, their uses, and more.

There will be workshops, discussions, shows, teaching tutorial sessions, analysis projects, case studies, and much more. From writing a thesis to generating them, the research field is more focused on this diploma course. With efficient coaching, scholars will attain skills like running birth prevention clinics, OPD coaching, surgical management, running a pharmacy, and more.

This course opens a wide number of fields to scholars, so there are much more than the mentioned fields. If you want to enroll for this course, the primary question is, what’s the eligibility, what will be the syllabus, are there great career options, what’s the fee, what is dnb course duration, and more. Well, let’s check out the aspects.

Complete Details of DNB Course

DNB Course

DNB Course Criteria

Diplomate of National Board is divided into two different categories. Both are quite similar but have a slightly different field you will explore after the complete diploma. The types are –

  • DNB – Super Specialties
  • DNB – Broad Specialties

In these courses, the syllabus is the same and the students are going to perform clinical work. Over 42 disciplines are recognized till the date of writing this post.

Eligibility Criteria for Diplomate of National Board

Eligibility criteria vary based on the institute you choose. However, if you are opting for some of the most reputed institutes and want to get admission to a well-known institute then the minimum requirements are –

  • Applicants need an MBBS degree, and it must be from a well-known or recognized institution throughout the country. International students can apply, but their institute should be listed.
  • There is one year of internship letter requirement for every student. If a student had an internship somewhere but can’t bring any internship letter, the application won’t be considered for enrollment.
  • There is a common eligibility test that is held every year. Students must pass this test to get selected.
  • The National Board of Education conducts an entrance exam test. The test difficulty level is based on MBBS and previous years’ studies. Applicant must clear NBE to enroll.
  • The private institute has its entrance exam test. If someone is willing to get selected, he/she must pass the entrance exam test.

These are five key requirements for every applicant, that is willing to apply for the DNB course in a reputed institute.

Syllabus for Diplomate of National Course

The syllabus of the DNB course is the same throughout the institutes. However, an applicant can choose the subject of their desire as an additional subject for interests. The subjects you will be studying in Diplomate of National Board are as follow –

  • Paper Presentations
  • Academic Sessions
  • Seminars and Case Discussions
  • Thesis
  • Research Project
  • Conferences/Workshops
  • Teaching
  • Projects

Apart from studying these subjects and writing a thesis, you have other workshops based on the institute you choose.

Thesis Writing Tips  for DNB Aspirants

In case, you have enrolled in the DNB course and going to write a thesis in the upcoming future then the below-mentioned tips will be helpful. Check them out –

  • Applicants must be able to do proper research and he/she should have a great research background. The research methodology is time-consuming in the beginning but proper research with patience can help in getting better.
  • In the introduction part, you should be paying more attention as it must state the research or synopsis. They must be giving a brief and everything written in the thesis should be relevant.

Once you learn about these aspects, getting better at thesis writing becomes easier. Taking help from online resources, examples, and thesis writers can help in it.

Career Options after Completing DNB Course

You get a wide range of career options after completing the DNB course and most of them lead to a high-profile job with an excellent earning. The job options you can expect after the DNB course are –

  • Pediatric

Under this job profile, you will treat disabilities and diseases which are mostly related to children as well as infants. The diagnostic part is also the side aspect of this job and you will be working mostly on infants/kids. The expected salary in this job profile is 28 lakh INR per annum for a professional.

  • Ophthalmologist

All the eyes related diseases, treatment, and diagnostic of any age group people is part of an Ophthalmologist job. Even, under this job, you can perform surgeries related to eye operations and you can prescribe medicines along with eyeglasses or lenses for better vision. The expected salary of an ophthalmologist is 10 lakh per annum.

  • Nephrologists

Kidney-related diseases, their treatment, screening, and ailment of the problem is part of a Nephrologist. The expected salary of a professional nephrologist is 22 lakh and it rises based on experience and quality of treatment.

  • Geriatricians

Most of the old age people are treated by geriatricians and their job is to diagnose diseases and treating them. The expected salary under this profession is 15 lakhs for an expert.

  • Cardiologists

All cardiovascular issues and diseases are diagnosed by a cardiologist. This job profile is all about treating vital organs related issues that occur due to poor health. Spreading awareness related to heart health is the part of this job mainly. The expected salary of a cardiologist is 17 to 19 lakhs.

  • Anesthesiologist

Under this job, an Anesthesiologist will monitor the correct amount of anesthesia in patience during the operation. While managing the anesthesia and understanding the patient history is a part of this job. The most expected salary in this job 12 lakh and more for a professional.

These are some of the popular career choices that you can avail yourself of after completing the DNB course. Make sure that you choose a reputed institution to get higher chances of placement in a reputed hospital.

Top Institutes of DNB Course with their Fees and Average Packages

There are plenty of institutes that are highly reputed for Diplomate of National Board and offers great placement. These colleges are reliable for all those people who want to opt for an affordable fee and better placement. The top five institutions for the DNB course is –

  1. Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical College – It is one of the leading institutions situated in Amravati. This institute is popular for impressive salary packages, lesser fees, and an incredible campus. The admission is entrance based in this institute and the fee per annum is 28,925 INR. The average annual salary for students of this college is between 11 lakhs to 13 lakh per annum.
  2. J. Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre – With the entrance-based enrollment system and a limited number of seats, K. J. Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre is one of the top DNB colleges. The admission fee in this college is 47,890 INR. Average students can expect a salary package of 12 lakh INR.
  3. National Institute of Ophthalmology – This institution is situated in Pune and this one also has an entrance-based enrollment option. The large campus, higher placement rate, and better salary packages are a few of the key things that you can expect from NOI Aundh. The annual fee for this institution is 35,000 INR. Students can expect one of the highest packages after passing from this institution which is 13.5 lakh or more.
  4. National Institute of Pathology – An institute that offers a higher number of seats and gets lakhs of applicants every year is the National Institute of Pathology. It is situated in New Delhi and opts for the same entrance-based examination to test the skills of applicants. The annual fees in this institute are46,000 INR and the average package after placement is 14 lakhs.
  5. GMERS Medical College and Hospital – This institute is quite popular for DNB in the region of Gujrat. It is one of the successful DNB institutions to offer the highest placement rate with maximum paying wages up to 18 lakh per annum. Annual fees for scholars of GMERS Medical College and Hospital is 32,184 INR.

These are some of the most popular institutes that you can find throughout the country. It is easy to claim that getting enrolled in these institutes is tough as the eligibility criteria are high, but if you crack the entrance exam and have more than 60% aggregates in MBBS then these colleges are worth opting for.

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