DHMS Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

The DHMS or diploma in homeopathic medicine and surgery course is suitable for students who are looking to make a career in the medical field, especially in the homeopathic medicines industry. It is a four-year full-time course and includes a mandatory internship program of six years. This diploma course is basically the study of homeopathic medicines. Candidates who are interested in working with different chemicals to manufacture medicines are well suited for this diploma program. The course is also ideal for students who are interested in studying different aspects of surgery and use those techniques to cure patients.

This four-year diploma course mainly focuses on the immune system and different methods to boost the immune system. By pursuing this course, the candidates will learn the best practices in the homeopathic field and use them to heal the patients. The DHMS course includes different studies like homeopathy medicine analysis, surgery, evaluation, and many more. This diploma program makes students eligible for becoming homeopathic physicians. After completing the course, the students can work in different government and private hospitals in the field of homeopathic.

Here are the basic details, eligibility, career, syllabus, and other aspects of this four-year diploma program that you need to know. If you are looking to make a lucrative career in the field of medicine, then this article is for you.

DHMS Course Details

DHMS Course India

Diploma in homeopathic medicine and surgery is a popular course in the field of homeopathic medicines that includes the study of medicine preparation, analysis, and surgery. The course provides complete knowledge about the field to enable the candidates to work as a physician after completing their studies. This course has a duration of four years, under which it offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge about homeopathic medicines. It also includes an internship program of six months which is compulsory for all students. Through this internship program, the course aims to provide practical knowledge about homeopathy medicines.

Course Level Diploma Level
Course Full Form Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery
Duration 4 years (6 months of Mandatory internship)
Eligibility Criteria 10+2
Admission Process Merit/ Entrance Exam
Course Type Semester
Expected Fees INR 1,500 to INR 1,50,000/-
Average Salary INR 2 LPA to INR 10 LPA

Scope of The Diploma in Homeopathy and Surgery Course

The popularity of homeopathic medicines is increasing day by day in India as well as the world. The main reason behind this is that these medicines have no side effects. Moreover, people who don’t like to use allopathic medicines for their treatments prefer using homeopathic medicines for their treatment processes. Allopathic medicines alsocause irritations or side effects in the bodies of some people. All these reasons make homeopathic medicines popular in the market and open up brighter career opportunities for candidates who want to work in this field.

Students who pursue this course will get a wide range of job opportunities in the same field in private as well as government hospitals. Apart from that, they can also start their own clinics and use their knowledge and skills to heal patients. This undergraduate diploma course offers numerous options for candidates so that they can choose the best one for them.

Why Should One Pursue the DHMS Course?

The DHMS course is popular among students who are willing to make a career in the field of homeopathic medicines. It provides deeper knowledge about homeopathy and surgery so that students can work in the same field after the completion of this course. The course also offers a range of options to students so that they can choose the one as per their wish.

The career opportunities of this course are also broad because it offers jobs in different government and private hospitals. The candidates can also make their own clinics if they don’t want to do jobs in hospitals. This diploma course provides the required skills for surgery and other related areas. Also, candidates can earn higher salaries after the completion of this course. So, if you have interests in the medical field, especially in homeopathic medicines, then you can join this course.

Course Fees for The Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery Course

The course fee of the DHMS course can vary depending on the type of college or institute. In government or public colleges, the course fee ranges from 1,500 rupees to 35,000 rupees. On the other hand, the course fee ranges from 45,000 rupees to 1.5 lakh rupees in private colleges.

Eligibility Criteria for This DHMS Course:

If you are looking to join the four-year diploma program in the field of homeopathic medicines and surgery, then you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of this course. The eligibility criteria for the DHMS course are as mentioned below.

  • The candidates must have completed their 12th standard exam or any equivalent exam from a recognized board to be eligible for this diploma course.
  • They should have studied chemistry, biology, physics, and English as core subjects in their 12th Also, the candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in the exam to grant their admission to this diploma course. This can vary from college to college, so you can check it with your preferred college before applying.
  • The minimum age requirement for the DHMS course is 17 years and higher.

Admission Process for The DHMS Course

The admission process for the DHMS course varies from college to college. Some colleges follow the merit-based admission process, while other colleges follow the entrance-based admission process. Here are the details of these two admission processes.

  • Merit-Based Admission Process:

In the merit-based admission process, the colleges consider the score of the candidates in their 12th examination. In this process, colleges give admission to students who have at least 50% aggregate marks. The minimum marks required for the DHMS course vary from college to college.

  • Entrance Based Admission Process:

There are some colleges that conduct their own entrance exams to admission to the DHMS course. They also conduct personal interviews to shortlist the candidates.

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery Course Syllabus

The DHMS course includes various subjects related to homeopathic medicines and surgery. The following are the subjects that you are going to study for the duration of four years in the DHMS course. These subjects are taught in most colleges in India, although you may see a little deviation in some colleges.

1st Year Syllabus:

  • Anatomy Theory
  • Anatomy Viva Voce
  • Homeopathic Philosophy Part 1
  • Pharmacy Theory and Practical
  • Materia Medica

2nd Year Syllabus:

  • Homeopathic Philosophy Part 2
  • Psychology Theory and Practical
  • Materia Medica
  • Materia Medica Viva Voce
  • Hygiene and Public Health

3rd Year Syllabus:

  • Psychology Theory
  • Psychology Practical
  • Pathology Theory
  • Pathology Viva
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Homeopathic Philosophy Part 3
  • Materia Media
  • Materia Medica Viva Voce

4th Year Syllabus:

  • Homeopathic Philosophy Part 4
  • Materia Medica Theory
  • Materia Medica Viva Voce
  • Case Taking & Repertorisation Theory and Viva
  • Minor Surgery
  • Forensic Medicine

Career Opportunities for The Graduates of DHMS Course

The diploma in homeopathic medicine and surgery course offers detailed study about different subjects related to homeopathic medicines. This course enables students to know different aspects of homeopathic medicine and surgery. Moreover, it improves their employability skills and enables them to work in different sectors and earn higher salaries. The candidates of the DHMS course can work in government hospitals, clinics, healthcare departments, private companies, private hospitals, and other sectors. The candidates can also earn higher salaries by improving their skills and experience in the field.

Top Job Profiles for The DHMS Course

The following are the top job profiles for the candidates of the DHMS course.

  • Medical Assistant:

The role of a medical assistant varies depending on the medical facility and the size of the hospital. They usually provide various services like receptionist, technical, and patient care. They also support medical practitioners and other members of the medical team with their respective jobs. In medicals and healthcare departments, the role of a medical assistant is numerous because they are responsible for providing high-quality patient care. Medical assistants earn an average salary of 3 lakh rupees per year.

  • Homeopathic Physician:

A homeopathic physician or doctor is responsible for treating patients and providing appropriate medications to heal them. They also search for different alternative techniques for healing the patients. This is one of the top job roles that the students can opt for after completing the DHMS course. A homeopathic doctor can earn 3.6 lakh rupees to 4 lakh rupees per year.

  • Homeopathic Clinics:

The graduates of the DHMS course can also open their own private clinics and serve patients. Those who don’t want to opt for a job in a hospital or healthcare sector can choose this career option. In this job profile, a candidate can earn depending on the location, the number of patients he/she treats, and expertise in the field.

  • Information Clerk:

The DHMS course graduates can also work as information clerks in medicals or government sectors. The individuals in this job role provide information to customers, collect data using different mediums, and maintain records in hospitals or clinics. They work in various healthcare centers, medicals, and clinics. Information clerks earn an average salary from 2.3 lakh rupees to 3 lakh rupees per year. However, the salary can increase with experience and improvement of skills in the field.

Top Colleges for The DHMS Course

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, [AIIMS] Delhi
  • Armed Force Medical College, [AFMC] Pune
  • Maulana Azad Medical College, [MAMC] Delhi
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, [JIPMER] Puducherry
  • Madras Medical College, [MMC] Chennai
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, [SRMCRI] Chennai
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, [MGIMS] Wardha
  • Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, [IPGME&R] Kolkata
  • University College of Medical Sciences, [UCMS] New Delhi
  • MS Ramaiah Medical College, [MSRMC] Bangalore

DHMS Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get admission into the DHMS course?

Candidates who have a keen interest to pursue a career in Homeopathy and surgery course should have passed their 12th first. In India, numerous private and public institutes have been offering admission through minimum marks obtained by candidates in their qualifying examinations. The minimum marks may vary from college to college. Some colleges conduct their entrance exams required to take admission to the DHMS course. Thus, aspirants need to qualify entrance exam and then clear the PI or GD round.

  1. What subjects are there in DHMS Course?

DHMS syllabus is divided into four semesters. Students are taught subjects like Homeopathic Philosophy, Anatomy, Pharmacy, Hygiene & Public Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Minor Surgery, Forensic Medicine, Case taking and Repertorisation and among others.

  1. Is there any entrance exam for the DHMS programme?

Well, there is no specific entrance test for the DHMS course. Candidates must pass their 12th with science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and obtained at least 50% marks. It May be possible, CET or Common Entrance Test and NEET would be the next eligibility criteria but it depends on the rules and regulations of colleges. Thus, candidates need to prepare themselves for CET and NEET.

  1. Which College/ institute is best for DHMS?

College for science stream is situated at different regions of the country. Candidates can select a college as per their region. Here are some of the reputed colleges in India that you can consider for taking admission into DHMS.

  • Armed Force Medical College, Pune
  • Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
  • All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata
  • University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College of Research Institute, Chennai
  1. What career prospectus comes with a DHMS Course?

There is a wide range of job opportunities is being offered to DHMS holders. Candidates of this field can work in private sectors, clinics, healthcare sectors, private companies, government sectors and other sectors. They can get high salary packages as per their job position and experience. By doing this course, candidates will become professionals and work as Medical assistants, Information clerks, Homeopathic Clinic Assistants, lecturers, Homeopathic Physicians etc.

  1. Can I Pursue DHMS part-time?

Not, DHMS is a full-time diploma level course. Students must attend regular classes and practical sessions during the course period.

Finally, a diploma in Homeopathic medicine and surgery is one of the most popular courses in the field of medical science. The course covers the important topics in the field to improve the skills and knowledge of students regarding the field. This four-year diploma course is available in many colleges in India, so anyone who is eligible for it can pursue it. You can consider pursuing this course if you are willing to make a career in the homeopathy field.

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