Dental Hygienist Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope and More

You must know it very well that dental care is much required. It should be taken a right from the first day of your life. However, the role of a dental hygienist is crucial in maintaining good teeth. A Dental Hygienist course is a two-year course that can be done from any recognized University or College. Through this course, you can become a competent oral care specialist. It is a profession that deals with proper oral care, and a person who is well-trained in this profession can properly advise about dental care. He or she should also have skills of polishing, scaling or taking radiographs.

They should provide good information and tips to the patients in maintaining good teeth. During this course, the candidate has to undergo proper training on how to carry various types of oral treatments and providing the right advice to the patients. However, if the candidate wishes, they can go ahead with this subject by doing other courses related to this subject. A dental hygienist plays a key role in maintaining good oral care.

Dental hygienists always look for suitable jobs in many Government healthcare missions and schemes. That can be the most lucrative and best job that they can get.  A dental hygienist should have good knowledge about handling all types of dental issues in a hassle-free manner.

Details of Dental Hygienist course:

Dental Hygienist Course India

Dental problems are quite common in the present time. It would be best if you often looked for a good and reputed dentist who can guide you in the best possible manner in case of dental issues. However, after completing a dental hygienist course, you will get a Diploma in Dental Hygienist course certificate. Soon after this, the concerned institute will commence clinical skills training through which the candidate can deal with the patients in a better way.

The training session is nice and informative because it will help a candidate in building a strong base in this profession. In the first year, the candidate will build up insight and knowledge in other branches such as law, morals, professionalism, ethics, and health promotion during oral treatment. The second-year is the most crucial year and the student has to spend a long time in conducting clinical trials. The candidates have to treat their patients and they have to demonstrate various types of clinical treatments to the patients. They will be taken to the laboratory for carrying out various types of tests. Thus during the course period, the candidate is made aware of various ways of treating oral problems.

Eligibility for dental hygienist course:

To become a dental hygienist, a candidate has to fulfill certain criteria. Let us discuss some of the important ones.

  • He or she must have completed 10+2 examination from a recognized board or Institute.
  • The candidate must have passed the examination from the science stream comprising of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These should be compulsory subjects.
  • The candidate should have secured a minimum 45% marks in these subjects. Some relaxation is also provided to the SC and ST candidates. It is important to score these minimum marks for getting admission to some good college.
  • It is often found that the colleges conduct screening test and the aspiring candidate have to pass and qualify the test. Once they qualify for the screening test they will be permitted to take admission to this course.

Syllabus of Dental Hygienist course:

It will be great to gather good information about the syllabus of the course.  A year-wise breakup of the subject will make the whole thing clear;

1ST Year:

  • Anatomy general and Dental.
  • Physiology and Histology, General and Dental.
  • Pharmacology General and Dental
  • Pathology and Microbiology.

2nd Year:

  • Dental Radiology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Dental hygiene and oral Prophylaxis.
  • Basic knowledge of Computers.
  • Dental Hygiene and Oral Prophylaxis.
  • Dental health education, community Public health dentistry and Preventive Dentistry.
  • Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence, Orientation in Dentistry
  • Dental materials.

The above-mentioned are some of the subjects that should be studied while pursuing this course.  It is divided into semesters.

Admission procedure of Dental Hygienist course:

The admission process for Dental Hygienist course is mainly done based on 10+2 examination result. However, in many colleges, entrance examinations are conducted through which the candidates are selected. The students must sit for the examination and qualify it. Upon qualifying the examination, the name of the students are published and they have to take the admission.  Thus the minimum qualification to get admission to the dental colleges is to qualify and pass the intermediate examination.  This is the first step.

Apart from this, in some colleges, the skills of the students are given special consideration. They should possess the stamina and the patience for getting admission to the course. They should also have good communication skill.

Career prospects in Dental Hygienist course

In the present time, special care and attention are given to oral health care services. Most people are also suffering from various types of oral problems. A course on Dental Hygienist can help you to get proper knowledge about the subject. You can deal with the patients in the best possible manner. A number of options is open in both Government and Private sectors for Dental Hygienists. They can easily get a good job in various dental clinics, labs and community health centers.

Even huge openings are found in Army forces, NGO’s and similar other places. A Dental Hygienist can also move towards the marketing field. They can start selling and marketing various types of dental items. They can also start working as a salesperson in various reputed organizations for selling dental tools.  In many situations, it is found that the candidate can work independently in many clinics or assist a dentist. Through this job, they can gain good knowledge and exposure. This will help them a lot.

Fee structure of Dental Hygienist Course

This course’s fee structure mainly depends upon the college and the place of the college that you choose. Take, for example if you choose a dental college in Bangalore the annual fee structure may be around INR 5, 80,000 Lakh. However, the annual course fee of the course may start from INR 20,000 and extend up to INR 6, 00,000 Lakh. It has been estimated that the fee structure of the private dental colleges is higher in comparison to the Government colleges. In any case, the candidate can opt for a loan to pursue education. Educational loans can be taken from financial organizations.

The annual salary of Dental Hygienist professional:

While you are pursuing this course you should be well aware of the salary structure. It will be great to know about the salary.

  • If you work as a dental assistant in any organization you will be responsible for carrying out various types of work such as taking care of the laboratory and the patients. He will also be responsible for examining the patients to a great extent. The average annual salary of the candidate is estimated to be INR 2 Lakh to INR 3 Lakh.
  • You can also work as a Medical Assistant. In this job, you will be entitled to look after the clinical and administrative tasks of the clinic. The average annual salary of the candidate is estimated to be INR 2 lakh to INR 3 lakh.
  • The job of Physical Assistant is to supervise the surgeons and other medical professionals to the advice in the medical job. The annual average salary of the candidate is estimated to be INR 3 lakh to INR 5 lakh. It is a great job.  Most of the healthcare institutes and organizations grab the students after the completion of the course.

Job particulars of a Dental Hygienist:

A dental hygienist is entitled to carry out some specific works and jobs. Let us discuss some of the important ones.

  • He can examine the patient minutely.
  • He can also take dental radiographs.
  • He can also provide basic oral education. Rather he can also provide various types of tips to maintain dental health.
  • Scaling and root canalling is also provided by him.
  • He can also assist a dental surgeon in carrying out the operation.
  • He also does cleaning, polishing and whitening of teeth.


The importance of Dental hygienist is vital in the present world. If you want to make a good career in the dental world you should start it right after completing the intermediate examination. A lot of dental colleges are present in various corners of India. You can choose the best one or the one in which you are eligible.

After the completion of the course, you will get ample scopes to establish yourself as a successful dental hygienist. If you are thinking of educating the common people with some best tips to maintain oral health, a dental hygienist can be the best profession.

Dental Hygienist Course India FAQs

Q. What is a dental hygienist?

Ans: A dental hygienist is a licensed oral health professional who specializes in preventing and treating oral diseases. They typically work alongside dentists to provide preventive dental care, including teeth cleaning, dental examinations, and patient education on oral hygiene practices.

Q. What qualifications are required to become a dental hygienist in India?

Ans: The qualifications required to become a dental hygienist in India may vary depending on the institution offering the course. Generally, candidates must have completed their higher secondary education (12th grade) with a science background. Some institutions may also require candidates to have completed a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in a relevant field.

Q. What is the duration of a dental hygienist course in India?

Ans: The duration of a dental hygienist course in India typically ranges from 1 to 3 years. It may vary depending on the specific program and institution offering the course.

Q. What subjects are covered in a dental hygienist course?

Ans: Dental hygienist courses in India cover a range of subjects related to oral health and dental hygiene. These may include dental anatomy, dental radiology, oral pathology, periodontology, dental materials, pharmacology, and preventive dentistry.

Q. Is there a practical training component in dental hygienist courses?

Ans: Yes, practical training is an essential component of dental hygienist courses in India. Students are typically required to undergo clinical training where they gain hands-on experience in performing dental procedures under the supervision of qualified dental professionals.

Q. Are dental hygienist courses recognized by dental councils in India?

Ans: Dental hygienist courses offered by recognized institutions are usually approved by dental councils in India. It’s essential for students to ensure that the course they choose is recognized by the Dental Council of India (DCI) or other relevant dental regulatory bodies.

Q. What career opportunities are available for dental hygienists in India?

Ans: Dental hygienists in India can pursue careers in various settings, including dental clinics, hospitals, dental schools, research institutions, and public health agencies. They can work as dental hygienists, dental assistants, oral health educators, or researchers.

Q. Can dental hygienists open their clinics in India?

Ans: In India, dental hygienists are primarily trained to work under the supervision of licensed dentists. However, regulations regarding independent practice may vary by state or region. It’s essential for dental hygienists to familiarize themselves with the legal requirements and regulations governing dental practice in their area.

Q. Are there any continuing education requirements for dental hygienists in India?

Ans: Continuing education requirements for dental hygienists in India may vary depending on the regulatory body and state regulations. Dental hygienists are encouraged to participate in continuing education programs to stay updated on advancements in the field and maintain their licensure.

Q. How can I find accredited dental hygienist courses in India?

Ans: To find accredited dental hygienist courses in India, you can research institutions that offer dental hygiene programs and verify their accreditation status with relevant regulatory bodies such as the Dental Council of India (DCI) or other state dental councils. Additionally, you can consult with practicing dental professionals or dental associations for recommendations.

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